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Page Edited By: Rebecca M. 

Unique Aspects of Plurk
  • Plurk allows you to easily leave short/concise comments on the main page. After signing in, anyone can view them. This means even people who aren't your friend could answer your questions!
  • Most people use it as a social tool just like Facebook. Although, it can be used in the classroom, like Purdue's Blackboard is used, to discuss topics outside of the classroom.
  • Plurk is unique because while it has a social aspect, it also has an educational value. You can interact with others and leave comments for others to read and respond back to.
  • Plurk is very easy to use, and it shows a timeline. 1

Unique Meaning:

Plurk as an amalgam of Play + Work: Play-Work. Plurk is what scientists do. It is the enthusiastic, energetic application of oneself to the task at hand as a child excitedly plays; it is the intense arduous, meticulous work of an artist on their life-long masterpiece; it is joyful work.  1

Pros and Cons of Plurk


  • Quite unlike Twitter, user names don't take up the text allowance in messages.
  • Messages (or Plurks) allow for a variety of different message types, not being restricted to what you're actually doing.
  • Threaded conversations, similar to Pownce.
  • Use of a time line, which runs horizontally across the screen, with the past to the right.
  • Support for YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket et cetera, all within the time line frame.
  • A quirky, but intuitive interface.
  • Being able to create Cliques, which are small groups of friends, where they can chat privately.
  • All new Plurks and responses are compiled for you.
  • A really slick Private Messaging system a la Facebook style; also when you hover over a Plurk, you'll see a downward triangle beside the persons picture / name, which gives you a Private Messaging option.
  • Plurk uses Karma as a metric for people's activity. As your Karma increases, more options / features are made available.
  • It's possible to use Private Messages in a Plurk page as a separate conversation window, without the time line.
  • Scrolling through the time line supports the scroll wheel on a mouse, as well as the arrow keys.
  • It's possible to edit Plurk messages, but not replies.
  • There's a mobile option, which will be interesting for some. Top


  • There's a bug with the Alert count, where it shows something is there, but when you click it there isn't.
  • As more people come on-line, the whole thing begins to creak quite badly, taking ages to load. Plurk is new, so we'll allow for these things for now.
  • It's not possible to have multiple conversations open at once.
  • Despite support for mobile Plurking, there appears to be no support for geolocation / geotagging.
  • Could do with a "ignore future responses on this post" option (by user, by time frame, or by manual select)
  • Could maybe benefit from a Firefox Add-on, or a desktop client application. 2  Top

Unique Format:

Twitter asks "What are you doing?", but Plurk gives you some preset qualifiers to plurk with. These qualifiers include: loves, likes, shares, gives, hates, wants, wishes, has, will, ask, was, feels, thinks, says, is, and in addition to that you can free-style plurk (i.e., use it identically to Twitter, without qualifiers). 1 Top

*As you can see, there are many unique aspects of a plurk. The simple links, etc. allow other plurkers to easily communicate with each other!*

Plurk's Main Page

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