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Pownce Chapter Created By:

Erik Ledbetter, Michelle Eagan, Jeremy Thomas, Patrick Schultheiss, Ryan Fought, Audrey Johnson, Daniel Suckow, Scott Denney

What Is Pownce?

Pownce is a free, Web 2.0 application in which an individual can use with the internet,
whether through the world wide web or as a desktop application [1].

                                     [screenshot taken from]


In June 2007, one man, Kevin Rose, had an idea: to create a social network in which you can share
files and stay in touch with friends [3].  This network is known today as Pownce.  Kevin added five
more members to the team, including co-founders, developers, and creators consisting of himself,
Leah Culver, Shawn Allen, Daniel Burka, Mike Malone, & Ariel Waldman [pictured left to right][3].

Pownce with a purpose...

Pownce has many different ways of being used.  If you have an account on Pownce, you can upload files, write and post notes, create an event (to remind yourself and others), share links, and have conversations with other Pownce users [1]. It can also be used as a means of networking and social encounters, whether it is with co-workers or family members and friends [1].   "You might send an event out to a dozen of your friends letting them know you're hosting a party this Friday. They'll get the event details, respond with questions or comments and then quickly RSVP.  Say you had a great photo you wanted to share. Add the file and your friends will get it  right away. They'll reply and tell you if it's cool. You can even share your songs with your friends[1]."

Stay In Touch With Friends       Upload Files                      Create Events                      Post Notes                          Share Files

Where do I start? What do I need?

In order to access Pownce, you have to have two things:

1.) A Computer

2.) Access to the World Wide Web (Internet)

Once you have both of these things in reach, log onto the World Wide Web, and go to

Joining Pownce

Step One

After accessing, look at the top right of the current screen (, look for and click "Join Pownce!"

Step Two

Once the next screen appears, fill out all the required forms, then click "Okay, done!"

Step Three

Congratulations, you are now an official member of Pownce.  From here on out, you can upload a profile photo, import friends from other social networks (Facebook, Twitter), and begin your experience by communicating with friends, family, teachers, whoever.  Enjoy creating events, posting notes, uploading and sharing files, and linking websites for you and others to see!


Unique Features Will Have You Jumping

The most unique thing about this program is being able to upload and display files that you want. Most of the Microsoft Office files are able to upload and share through Pownce. One may want to post something as important as a job resume. Doing so would allow businesses to have easier assess to job resumes. Being able to upload files is unique and it is also something one of its top competitors Facebook cannot do [2].  Want an application in which you can send and post messages that are either visible to your friends, yourself, or to the public?  Pownce is your answer [2].  "And it is this [what sets itself apart from others]: on Pownce, you can send a message, or a file, or a song, or an event, to one person; or three of your friends; or only your family; or everyone."[4]  It is possible with Pownce to link your other social networking pages (such as MySpace, Facebook) to your Pownce Profile [2]  One of the biggest things that make Pownce so unique is the fact that it can be accessed by both web browsers and by downloading it as an application on your computer [1].  Downloading it on your computer makes the application quicker and easier to access, and works with any kind of system (Linux, Windows, Mac) [1].

Posting A Note

After signing in to Pownce, make you sure you select "Message" in the box below.

After selecting "Message", you can write your note within the white box.  After writing your message, you can post the note to the public, friends, or just to yourself (private).

Congratulations!  You have now posted a note on your profile (as shown below) using Pownce.

In the box to the right of your profile picture, select "Link".

In the small box with "http://", type in your website starting with "www".  For this example, we will use

After selecting who can see your web link, click "Post It!", and now you can see your posted website on your profile (as shown below) for you and/or others to access it .

Uploading A File

To upload a file onto your Pownce profile, select "File" to the right of your profile picture and select "Browse..."

After hitting "Browse...", a screen will appear (like the one below) and you can select a file from your computer.  For example, we will select a paper titled, "Educational Autobiography".
Click "Open".

After your file loads, it will appear on your Pownce profile for others to view or save to their computer.

Creating An Event

To post an upcoming event, either to remind yourself or to let others know, click on "Event" next to your profile picture.

Next, fill out what the event is, where it is going to be, and the time and date of the event.  Next, select if you want your event to be public, for friends only, or private.

After clicking "Post It!", your event shows up on your profile, either for yourself to see, your friends to see, or for anyone to see. 

Educating Using Pownce

ATTENTION TEACHERS: Not only can Pownce be used for personal use, but it can also be used for educational use.  You might wonder "How?", but we will break down each level of education, as well as giving nod to the businesses/industries that can use Pownce within their company.  To find out more about the ways of using Pownce in "Elementary Education", "Secondary Education", "Post-Secondary Education", and/or "Business/Industry", either scroll below to read about all four or click on "Table Of Contents" to directly link you to just one section within "Educating Using Pownce".

Elementary Education

Elementary students could use this application as an introduction to blogging. In a technology-ran world, you can never learn too much too early. A teacher, for example, could post homework, coloring sheets, and other assignments through Pownce, in which the students could ask for help by posting notes on their Pownce account [1]. The students could use Pownce to become more comfortable with the computer, the internet, and applications they might use later on in their educational experiences.

Lesson Plan Idea

Secondary Education

In high school, most students are introduced to research.  One way, out of many, Pownce can help with this is the fact that you can use Pownce to post information you might be researching for a class (English, Biology) on your profile, or you could link a webpage directly to the information you found, not only helping yourself, but helping others as well.  It could also be used by teachers to post notes and assignments [5].

Lesson Plan Idea

Post-Secondary Education

Pownce is a good place for students to network with people in their same major or field of work. By using this networking, a college student could have a better chance of getting a job.  Another option a college student has is posting their job resume on their Pownce profile. Also, if a student is excited about a paper or project in which they received a good grade, they could post it for others to see.  And if a professor decides one day that he wants to videotape and upload one of his lectures, he could upload the file through Pownce for others to watch.

Lesson Plan Idea


In most businesses and industries today, computers are the main centerfold for company operations for such things development, or communication.  Pownce can be used to store files and/or send files [1].  Such files can be audio, video, photographs, or any Microsoft Office document.  Pownce gives you file storage of 100 MB for free, but you can "Go Pro!" for $20/month, updating the storage from 100 to 250 megabytes [1].  If a business wanted a way to use communication as a way to keep employees updated on events such as meetings, Pownce is a way to do this.  If a business wanted to upload a PowerPoint as a way to advertise their company, they could do this by uploading it to their Pownce profile.

Lesson Plan Idea

Does Pownce offer an International Perspective?

After changing the settings around on any personal account through Pownce, one would find that you can choose almost any country in the world as your residence, but that you are not able to translate to any other language than English [1].  That does not mean Pownce will not be capable of doing so in the future.  Pownce has a wiki page in which you can suggest ways to make the site better [1].  There are quite a few international members on the site, but they (for the time being) will have to use English as the only language.  If the international student is familiar with the English language and lives in a place different than their family and/or friends, the student can use Pownce as a way to communicate (by using Pownce chat) or by sharing photos with their family and/or friends.

The future for Pownce is looking good...just under a new name

"Goodbye Pownce, Hello Six Apart"

"We have some very big news today at Pownce. We will be closing the service and Mike and I, along with the Pownce technology, have joined Six Apart, the company behind such great blogging software as Movable Type, TypePad and Vox. We're bittersweet about shutting down the service but we believe we'll come back with something much better in 2009. We love the Pownce community and we will miss you all.

We're very happy that Six Apart wants to invest in growing the vision that we the founders of Pownce believe so strongly in and we're very excited to take our vision to all of Six Apart's products. Mike and I have joined Six Apart as part of their engineering team and we're looking forward to being a part of the talented group that has created amazing tools for blogging and publishing.We'll be closing down the main Pownce website two weeks from today, December 15th. Since we'd like for you to have access to all your Pownce messages, we've added an export function. Visit to generate your export file. You can then import your posts to other blogging services such as Vox, TypePad, or WordPress. For our Pro members, we'll be emailing you soon with more information about your Pro account.

As for the Pownce team, we'll continue posting on Vox.  You can find me at, Mike at, and Ariel at  The Six Apart announcement can be found on their company blog.

We really appreciate your continued support and understanding. Thanks so much for being part of the Pownce community." [1]

-Leah Culver, Pownce Team


Pownce Chapter Resources

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2]   "Learning Should Be Fun! : Twitter vs. Pownce".  November 2, 2008.

3]   "Pownce - Company Information on Pownce".  November 1, 2008.

4]   "Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away".  November 3, 2008.

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  1. Unknown User (prschult)

    Hey Guys, I am excited about this project and working with all of you.  As for my responsibility in the group, I would like to research but I can also do any of the other parts.  Just an FYI for the future, i MAY be able to get some printing done at a very small cost to the group.  Depending on what we want to do, I can probably work some thing out.

  2. Unknown User (maeagan)

    Hello there. I am pretty excited to be working on a big group project with everyone in this group. Mostly because we will rock this project hard. I would like to be anything in the group other than a presenter because I am a terrible public speaker. I'm decently good at writing and and researching and whatever else that needs to be done.

  3. Unknown User (thomas4)

    Hi, I'm Jeremy Thomas and I will like to be a presenter and I will help out with research and other things until it is time to present....I'm pretty cool with the group the only thing I will be mad about is us not getting an A lol jk....I will work hard and I know everybody will and we will get an A I'm loking foward to RESEARCHING lol (patrick and Michelle) see you guys in class

  4. Unknown User (enledbet)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking forward to working with all of you.  I would like to do writing and editing for our project because I'm good with grammar and spelling.  However, I wouldn't mind helping out with research or anything else if I'm needed.

  5. Unknown User (sdenney)

    Hey guys!

    First off, I would like to tell you how I appreciate everyone's willingness to be a big part in this project.  Without you guys, this project would go nowhere.

    Secondly, I want you all to know that we will make this project easy and affordable, and we will get a grade of 94% or higher.  But in order to get this grade, we all need to be on the same page, work together well, and follow the project schedule.  If these three things are accomplished, we will be one of the groups who DO NOT have to take the final.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me at  Thanks for your time and have a great weekend!


    Scott Denney

  6. Unknown User (cheng17)

    Thank you all for your hard work for this project. I hope you will fulfill your responsibility and get a great grade on this project. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I'll be out of the town this week but I will try to get back to you this Sunday.

  7. Unknown User (prschult)

    This is a suggestion for the anything that we add ad far as information goes, put a link to the source in a comment at the bottom of the "investigate & Answer" page.

  8. Unknown User (cheng17)


    I find a computer at the conference hotel, so I come to see your guys work today(smile) I see you have the answers to the questions, and find resources, that's a great start! I'd like to thank everybody for your contribution to the project. Scott, I appreciate your hard work.

    It is important for you to write a draft chapter this week and we can discuss how to improve it next week in lab. I think you should decide your responsibility of writing the chapter this week in lab and finish the draft by next Monday. I will read it and discuss with you next Wedesday.

    You can discuss your project with TA Shih-Ping in lab this week as well.

    You can also check other groups' work, I think the twitter group is doing a good job.

    Have a good day.


  9. Unknown User (sdenney)

    Please check what I have posted (initial draft for Pownce), new resources, and the schedule handout I gave you.  Also, READ THE INITIAL DRAFT section carefully.  Keep your heads up and keep up the good work!


    Scott Denney

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  11. Unknown User (cheng17)

    Scott, Erik, Audrey, Daniel,Michelle, Jeremy, Ryan, and Patrick,

    You are doing a great job! I like your draft of the chapter.

    I look forward to seeing your showcase plans.


  12. Unknown User (prschult)

    For a presentation idea, I think we can make a presentation board, a pamphlet to hand out, and a PowerPoint presentation (if we have a laptop to use).  I know that this will be the normal during the show case, but it is clean and simple.  We can separate ourselves with the way we put things together.

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    I really like the look of your main menu. Maybe you should add links from each of the pages to come back to the menu! That would make navigating much easier!