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Prezentit is a free presentation application  ( that allows users to work on presentations online.  This means that all work is saved on the interenet and users can access their presentations from anywhere, at anytime. Also, an unlimited number of collaborators can work on the presentation and leave comments, and it's all done online. Give PreZentit's clear, easily navigatible site a try today!



Germán Martinez and Juan Pablo Scaletti

Year Created

July, 2007

Type of Web Application

Presentation creator

I. History

1. Development

The use of web applications in Peru has been slowly but surely growing in recent years. Like in many other South American countries, web users in Peru typically use the internet on a very basic level, mainly for entertainment purposes rather than work. However, two individuals are working to change this. In July of 2007, Germán Martinez and Juan Pablo Scaletti launched their original web application, Prezentit. The goal behind this web application is to make the benefits the internet has to offer more accessible and user-friendly. Victoria Bembibre and Juan Diego Polo also played an important role in the development of the web application with their translations for English and Portuguese. When asked the reason behind creating Prezentit, Martinez explained,

"We realized that Power Point had many shortcoming when we wanted to create group presentations, so we decided to create an on line application that would solve these problems but keeping in mind our own needs.".2


Even thought the website is operational, it is still a beta site, and the creators are working on a new, updated, site.

Germán Martinez 

Juan Pablo Scaletti

2. How it works

PreZentit uses the internet as the "main-stage" of the application. Having an internet based presentation application gives the user more control over the memory and accessiblity of their presentation. This means that the user can retrieve and alter their presentation on any computer equipped with internet access. The benefits of this feature are priceless; the days of forgotten jump drives on the morning of an important presentation have been effectively eliminated.

PreZentit has many good qualities that make it an enjoyable application to work with. PreZentit is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Camino Browsers. Setting up an account is quick and hassle-free. Users interested in PreZentit can access a trial of the application at any time, without creating an account. Interested individuals can easily create an account and have access to all of PreZentit's benefits. Sign up is available at Signing up is fast, easy, and best of all, it is free. There are no hidden costs and all aspects of the application are available free of charge, including storage space. Once an account has been created, it's just a matter of a few clicks to get started and begin creating a new presentation. The interface is quite simple to navigate, and even the most novice computer users will find it very self-explanatory. The creators are in the process of developing a user guide to clarify any questions that might arise during the use of the application.  The link to the user guide (when it is done) is: user guide link. It also has 250 MB of stroage space for images. You can create as many slides as you want, but as for added images you get 250 MB worth of storage. Since there is no limit to the file space on PreZentit, there are no limits to the length or amount of slides in a particular presentation. .". 1 There is also a FAQ on the website for any questions about the application; the link is: FAQ.  #h5. Reference

 How is Prezentit different from other presentation applications?"

  •  "It's online, that gives a lot of advantages, for example, the possibility of editing presentations between several users at the same time or to access your presentations from any modern web browser. Plus, Prezentit is free."
  • "Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite to edit a presentation?
    No, you can invite as any peolple as you want to edit a presentation." 2

Not only is Prezentit free, but it also allows students and teachers to create and present using web browser. Each presentation created in PreZentit has its own web address. The user has the option to make each individual public or private, depending on the preference of the author. Once a presentation has been downloaded to a specific computer, it takes no internet connection to utilize the project.8 

Step by Step Video to the PreZentit:

How to Create a Presentation

1. Navigate to:
2. Click on 'Sign up' on the home page
3. Fill out requested information on registration page and Click 'Create an Account' to continue

Terms of use

What are you agreeing to when signing up?

Basically that your information is yours and our information is ours. And we all have to follow the law.

Also, although all care and precaution has been taken to ensure that this program doesn't cause the end of the world, it's not possible to try all combination of hardware, software or divine act. For that reason, if your PC freezes or explodes after running this software (or tries to build killer robots and take control of the nuclear weapons), please note that it was not our intention and we do not take any responsibility for the damage.

The PreZentit Team.
4. Now you are ready to start creating presentations of your own! Click on 'New Presentation' button to the right.

5. Welcome to the Prezentit presentation interface! From here you can do just about anything you are able to do with other presentation creation software.
6. Add or Delete slides by using the '+' and '-' button
7. Insert text or images by using the toolbar along the top
8. Once you have created your presentation you can add transitions by using the button near the top.

If you have any questions Contact Us in the Feedback tab!

3. Getting More Out of the Application

Currently, all of PreZentit's features of free, and the creators have assured users that this will not change. However, the possibility of introducing premium accounts and business solutions to the basic features has been suggested. 

Many users of PreZentit have expressed concerns regarding the safety of their information. Losing data that has been saved through PreZentit is not something to worry about. All data and presentations are backed up on the application's server. Furthermore, during the process of creating a presentation, the program automatically saves changes to insure that nothing is lost, even if the user doesn't always remember to manually save the project.

The creators of PreZentit realize that while some users find the sharing options useful, privacy is still a key component of a reliable, usable online presentation program. For this reason, all information saved in PreZentit remains private unless the user chooses to make it public. As long as the data meets the terms and conditions of the PreZentit application, the privacy of all information will be upheld.2

There is a blog that is coming to the website. It will include information from the creators and is coming soon.

There is also a user guide that is being developed in pdf format to help users in times of need.

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II. How Prezentit Relates to Other Applications

1. Comparison to Competitors

Advantages of Prezentit Over Competitors:

Prezentit allows users collaberating on the same project to edit slides online simultaneously. Presentations are accesable and can be viewed or edited at any time. Accessing a presentation is very simple. The link to a presentation is compatible with all web browsers. Presentations can be made public or kept private. Users have the option of making their presentations accessable to everyone on the web, or just a select group of people.

Compared to Microsoft Powerpoint

In comparison to Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezentit has some distinct advantages. The layout of the programs are similar, so users accustomed to working with Powerpoint should have no difficulites navigating their way through the Prezentit program. One shortfall of the program is the lack of slide templates that are available in Powerpoint. However, Prezentit allows the designers to upload photos and store them online. The slide transitions that are provided on Prezentit provide users with a wide range of smooth, classy options. For people that are not a fan of some of Powerpoint's more cheesy transitions, Prezentit will be a welcome change.7

Prezentit can be used to replace Powerpoint in the classroom. A major bonus of Prezentit is that since it is an online application, students can start their project in school, and finish it at home without having to buy expensive software or products. This feature also eliminates the possibility of forgetting to bring a jump drive to class or technical difficulties in transfering presentations from students' home computuers to a computer in the classroom. Prezentit can easily be used to give presentations in the classroom as well.8

Another feature that is often overlooked is the ability to post comments directly onto a presentation. This is a great tool that a teacher could use for organized, hassle free feedback. When requiring students to make a certain number of peer reveiws, this comment feature would make it easier for a teacher to make sure the students are completing the required reviews. This is definitley one of the most useful features of PreZentit that PowerPoint lacks. 

Compare to

PreZentit and Prezi are very similar websites. They both serve as presentation programs that can be accessed online. There are some very specific differences in the two websites. The layout of PreZentit is very straight forward. There are individual slides that go in sequence with transitions between. For Prezi, the layout is much different. In Prezi, the presentation is based upon one layout that is on one screen. The whole presentation is based off of this page with texts and pictures being zoomed in and highlighted. The sequence is by space on the background rather than from one slide to another.

Both websites can be assessed through the internet and shared there as well. This allows users to have the access to these websites’ presentations wherever they may be.

2. Unique Uses  
One unique use is that you can comment on presentations. This would be a great tool to use in the classroom. As a teacher, you can present a slide show, and afterwards the students can comment on it and give their opinions over the information covered. All of the data, including the presentation and the student feedback would be saved online, making it accessable not only from the classroom, but any computer with internet access.

A good example we found for how to use Prezentit in the classroom is a teacher explained how she starts off each semester with a "getting to know you" presentation. This way students can not only get familiar with Prezentit and the process of putting together a presentation, but also it offers the opportunity for students to get familiar with one another. What we found interesting is the teacher designates an entire class for the students to present their Prezentit slide shows, where they have the option to commentate during the presentation, or to just sit back and watch with the rest of the class.8
The following links provide a few examples of how teachers are integrating PreZentit into their everyday classroom interactions.
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III. Real World Application  
One useful application of PreZentit in the real world is it's use in the classroom. After realizing the simplicity of the application, teachers have found PreZentit a great educational tool to encorporate into everyday lesson plans. The fact that it is so straightforward to operate makes it a great option for classrooms, especially when introducing younger students to a presentation program for the first time.
1. Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary:

Multiplication Tables.pdf Multiplication tables.doc 

State Capitals Prezentit Lesson Plan.pdf State Capitals Prezentit Lesson Plan.docx

Revolutionary War Elementary Lesson Plan.pdf Revolutionary War Elementary Lesson Plan.docx

Running a Lemonade Stand.pdf Running a Lemonade Stand.docx

ii. Secondary:

Baseball Players in the War (pdf) (doc)Hip Hop Heads (pdf) (doc)Biology/Photosynthesis - S.T.E.M. - (pdf)(doc) 

 Baseball Players in the War.pdf

Hip Hop Heads.doc Hip Hop Heads.pdf

iii. Post- Secondary:

Soldering.doc Soldering.pdf

Educational History.doc Educational History.pdf
 Structural Analysis Lesson Plan.pdf Structural Analysis Lesson Plan.doc
2. Business/Industry  
PreZentit is a valuable resource that can be utilized during any company's business meetings.  A salesperson marketing a new product has the ability to set up multiple “meeting” scenarios using PreZentit. The ability to connect to the same presentation from an infinite number of locations all across the globe can help a company widen their audience from local to international with a few clicks of the mouse. No matter where you are; China, Portugal, the United States, anywhere, as long as you have a connection to the internet, you have the ability to view the presentation. Marketing this way helps the salesperson increase his profits without having to tour the country, or the world, spending  extra money on plane tickets, hotels, or food.
Another benefit of PreZentit that businesses shouldn't forget about is the ease at which multiple editors can work simultaneously on a presentation. It's no longer necessary for people to be in the same office building to share ideas and cooperate on a project. Since PreZentit presentations are accessable from any computer with internet access, it could be a great tool for companies with branches spread out across the nation, or the world. One person working at the New York branch of a company could begin a project, and a partner in China could access the draft of the presentation and contribute to the final work. Two heads are better than one, and PreZentit is paving the way for global interaction and collaberation.
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IV. How Prezentit is Used Internationally  
Prezentit by its very nature is an international product. It was developed in Peru and the fact that it has migrated into the United States market is proof of Prezentit's international status. Prezentit has been translated into three different languages: English, Spanish, and Portugese. This makes the program exteremly versatile in today's increasingly globalized economy, giving users the ability to share their presentations with people all over the globe. Even if English is not the user's first language, they are able to easily navigate and understand the website in their native language.  This is one of the key factors that sets PreZentit's application apart from competitors.2 The creators of Prezentit are also looking for people to translate the website into other languages as well. h5. Reference

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V. Downfalls of PreZentit 
While the creators of PreZentit have done an admirable job at creating a noteworthy presentation program, there are some kinks and problems that still need to be fixed. The main problem that was discovered while working with the web application was the difficulty in saving work. The program supposedly automatically saves any changes made, however this just slows down the creation process. The program is constantly backing up, which quickly becomes frustrating. Also, there's really no guarantee to what work will or will not be saved. Often, problems arise with particular text boxes or pictures simply disappearing when trying to present the presentation. Despite the setbacks of PreZentit, it is a very noteworthy application that will continue to play a major part in the way people create, share, and present information in the years to come.
VI. References 
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Prezentit Lesson PlansMultiplication tables.docMultiplication tables.doc

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