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  1. Unknown User (agrismor)


    Here is a list of Features Prezenit has:

    "•Create, Store, Share and Collaborate on presentations online.
    •Simple and easy-to-use presentation builder.
    •Each stored presentation gets its own web address.
    •Presentation builder is compatible with Firefox, Internet explorer and Camino
    •Download and view presentations using only a web browser. Even if there is no
    internet connection.
    •Get 250 MB of storage space for images.
    •Store and collaborate on as many presentations as you need.
    •Try Prezentit presentation builder now (no resgistration required)."

  2. Unknown User (agrismor)


    PreZentit was created in Peru by Juan Pablo Scaletti and German Martinez. They made it because they were frusterated that it was hard to share and create good presentations. PreZentit allows you to create presentations and edit them on any computer becasue of the online storage space. You can also have multiple people working on projects from different computers. It can also be used in Spanish and Portuguese.

  3. Unknown User (ageromet)

    "Choosing a presentation software is up to you, you're free to choose the application that suits you the best.
    The advantages of PreZentit over other applications are:

    • You can edit your slides online and with others simultaneously.
    • Your presentations are always available for viewing or editing.
    • Your presentation access is as easy as a link, and it can be seen using any web browser
    • You can make your presentations public or private, in that way you can achieve that they'll be seen just by the people you want or anyone else in the web"


  4. Unknown User (jspagnuo)

    A short interview with the developers about heir product and its impact

    "How would you describe your Project, Prezentit , in l0 words or less?
    The most user friendly online presentations editor.

    Why did you create PrezentitWe realized that Power Point had many shortcoming when we wanted to create group presentations, so we decided to create an on line application that would solve these problems but keeping in mind our own needs."

  5. Unknown User (agrismor)


    This might even be helpful to you guys.  These just talks about how to get started on Prezentit.  How to log in, and the basic functions of the application.  There are also other little detail on it.

  6. Unknown User (rodrig29)

    PreZentit uses the web as the main saving area so there is no need to install or download anything.

  7. Unknown User (jspagnuo)

    This site has some good information and links for those whoa re not familiar with the product.

    "Tool: preZENtIt

    Requirements: Computer w/ Internet

    Cost: Free

     Collaborate asynchronously to create presentations online. This tool has basic presentation features plus some cool transitions.

    Example Uses

    • students in class do  a collaborative presentation
    • instructor creates lecture slides and invites students to comment


    Aside from general benefits listed on Intro... PreZENtIt is

    • easy-to-use
    • allows asynchronous collaboration
    • can be embedded on some sites "

  8. Unknown User (ageromet)

    Prezentit is constantly working to update the program and imporve on their weaknesses!

    "Maybe Prezentit needs a sharing aspect to the site where people display their work and get feedback. They say they are working on it now, so hopefully it will be up soon. "

  9. Unknown User (rodrig29)

    Unlike PowerPoint, you can only add pictures and text to the presentation itself also there is no side templates.

  10. Unknown User (jtaulman)

    "PreZentit will always be free. Though, at some point we are planning on also introducing premiun accounts and business solutions.""Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite to edit a presentation?No, you can invite as any peolple as you want to edit a presentation.""Is my information safe?Your data is safe with us, we backup all the information in our server. On the other hand, your data is your data,and therefore PreZentit is commited to it's privacy as long as it fulfills our terms and conditions (read them below). "

  11. Unknown User (ageromet)

    One nice feature of Prezentit is that the transitions are not flashy or cheesy. They are smooth, professional, and efficient (unlike some of the transitions offered in Power Point)


  12. Unknown User (jtaulman)

    • "How is preZentit different from other presentation applications?"
      •  "It's online, that gives a lot of advantages, for example, the possibility of editing presentations between several users at the same time or to access your presentations from any modern web browser. Plus, PreZentit is free."
    • "Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite to edit a presentation?
      No, you can invite as any peolple as you want to edit a presentation."

  13. Unknown User (nehlerdi)

    Prezent it can be used to replace Powerpoint in the classroom. A major bonus of Prezent it is that since it is an online application, students can start their project in school, and finish it at home without having to buy expensive software or products. Prezent it can easily be used to school presentations as well.

  14. Unknown User (rodrig29)

    PreZentit’s interface is quite friendly and simple to use. You can create a online presentation quickly with minimal effort. PreZentit just allows you to upload images from your computer at this moment. Hope that PreZentit will add feature to search and import images from Flickr soon.

  15. Unknown User (pwilkins)


    The page talks about how simple Prezentit is, but also discusses how bare bones the program is.

  16. Unknown User (jspagnuo)

    This site searches the web for details about a website that you might otherwise not be able to find. Legistical sort of things like those included below. More sueful information can be found at the below link.

    "Key People

    Juan Pablo Scaletti,  Founder
    Profile: Crunchbase


    German Martinez,  Founder
    Profile: Twitter   Crunchbase



    TagsPresentation Web2.0 Powerpoint Slideshow Online
    Internet Traffic: Minimal
    Internet Rank : 3,953,487
    Unique Visitors : 130 per month   more?(source:
    (at delicious)
    Few bookmarks
    Count: 483   more?
    Around July, 2007......"

  17. Unknown User (nehlerdi)

    A good example I found for how to use Prezent it in the classroom is a teacher explained how she starts off each semester with a "getting to know you" presentation. This way students can not only get familiar with Prezent it and the process of putting together a presentation, but also it offers the opportunity for students to get familiar with one another. What I found interesting is the teacher designates an entire class for the students to present their Prezent it's, where they have the option to commentate during the presentation, or to just sit back and watch with the rest of the class.

  18. Unknown User (pwilkins)

    This site contains a podcast of a guy explaining Web 2.0 applications.

    He then goes on to talk about where prezentit came from and how it works.

  19. Unknown User (rodrig29)

    In March of 2009 there were 1500 new users in that month alone. However the amount has declined a lot since then.

  20. Unknown User (pwilkins)

    This site is a very Plain Jane PrezentIt presentation done by German, on of PrezentIt's creators.

  21. Unknown User (jtaulman)

    "It also offers a few stock images you can use for your presentations. You can save your documents in your account and edit them to upload again. You get a URL for your presentation, and you can make your presentations public or private. It supports different browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Camin etc."

  22. Unknown User (nehlerdi)

    Not only is Prezent it free, but it also allows students and teachers to create and present a web browser. Each Prezent it has its own web address, and can be public or private, pending on the preference of the author. Once the presentations are downloaded, it takes no internet connection to show your work. Last, there is no file space for Prezent it, so the more information the author finds the better when it comes to their presentation.