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According to Profy,

"But unlike multiple Twitter clones does not simply repeat all the same basic functionality for an enterprise environment with a few tweaks. Instead, goes further and adds functionality that can actually add value for an enterprise customer, like groups, media sharing, and customization." Twitter for Companies, This Time Done Right by Svetlana Gladkova

The New York Times says,

 "Security and privacy — those are the top selling points for, a Twitter-like service that lets employees play in a nice, safe software sandbox." Sells a Workplace Wrapper for Twitter by Gadgetwise

 Authors: Jill Pankow, Jake Sauter, Lilly Wieczorek, Mary Soya, Ben Vernosky, Katie Kazakoff, Melissa Valencia, Sarah Causey 



Twitter: @Presently

I. Purpose

The purpose of is to be used for communication.  It is an internal microblogging web 2.0 application that keeps companies linked in real time.  The main communication is designed for is interaction within businesses. In this aspect, it connects entire companies by allowing employees and users to post updates, share files, exchange ideas, and more. allows co-workers to blog by sending message updates to one another as a company or person to person, either private or not.1* differs from similar Web 2.0 sites in that it supports file attachments and it does not require all users in a group to have the same e-mail domain. can work either as a hosted service or installed in a business, behind the corporate firewall. also allows users to segment out groups, which is useful for filtering the flow of information. One very important aspect of is that users can communicate with one another in quick, informal messages. Instead of writing paragrpahs of information, users can quickly add concise comments to another about anything. can also be used for educational purposes. For example, students can make quick contact with other students in the class if there is a project or homework assignment that requires group activity. Students can also make quick contact with teachers about homework assignments or problems. Teachers can also share files with students so that they do not ahve to waste paper by printing off large amounts of paper for classroom activities.` is free for up to five users in a company. After that, the company charges about $1 per additional user per month, though it may vary depending on the business’ service plan. 2*  


II. History and Development was launched in September of 2008 by co-founders Barg Upender, David Naffis, and Yoshi Maisami.   Just one year later it won a Webware 100 Editors' Choice award. 3* ; David Naffis and Yoshi Maisami partially cofounded Intridia, a software development company that specializes in software for the hospitality industry based in Washington D.C. 4*. Barg Upender is also affilitated with Intridiea and is listed as CEO of  Intridiea has released similar products and services including CrowdSound and Social Spring. 4*

   (Barg Upender)             (David Naffis)         (Yoshi Maisami)


III. Getting Started with

To sign up, a company or organization must create a network that is managed by an administrator using an e-mail domain.  Then choose the security level.  The options that can be chosen are invitation only, needing an access code, needing a certain domain for the email address, or open to anyone.  From there the company or organization can begin inviting others to join their network, design their page they would like, and began communicating with one another in real time. 5*



IV. Relation to Other Applications can be accessed through a number of different applications. There are programs that can be downloaded so that can be used through Twitter, the iPhone, Gmail, and Microsoft Windows. These applications allow to be used more easily and efficiently. The applications make it possible to follow co-workers no matter where they may be.




Adobe AIR

This feature allows the user to keep and see updates while working on other projects on their desktop.  It will keep a small window open that can be placed in the corner of the monitor so that the user can receive constant work updates. Adobe Air is vastly different from the original Adobe Reader in the fact that it can be used on multiple devices. Adobe Air can be used on a cell phone, lap top, Ipad, and Ipod by simply downloading the necessary application needed.

Apple iPhone

People can stay up to date with co-workers on the iPhone. The iPhone version of is based off of the open-sourced iPhone

Google Android

With a Google Android operating system, users of can take advantage of the application anywhere there exists an internet connection.

BlackBerry can be downloaded to BlackBerry devices so that users can take full advantage of it anywhere.

Windows Mobile

Windows can be downloaded to mobile devices in order to remain constantly connected and up to date.

Sharepoint web part can be updated through the Microsoft Sharepoint portal 6*.  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 has an integrated suite of server capabilities.  It can aid in improving organizational effectiveness by providing management of content, speeding up shared business processes, and assisting in information-sharing across boundaries to gain better insight into business.

RSS Feeds

Users can link RSS feeds to their account so that they are able to see updates from those feeds within their account.

V. Unique Uses for sets up its application to work within businesses as a communication tool between co-workers.  Beyond this initial purpose, allows the business and the users to take advantage of the application the way that best fits their company. gives users the tools to make work for them the way they want.  Businesses can even customize their page by putting up their company's colors and adding tools to make their site unique to them.'s Twitter-compatible API makes it easy to create new ways to interact with the system.  Additionally, all of the tools built for Twitter can be adapted to with just a few small modifications. 9*  

Real World Examples:

  • A new business wants to ensure good communication tools are available to employees.
  • Teachers want their students to discuss projects and homework outside of class.
  • A non-profit group wants to share files on an upcoming project.  

VI. Educational Value, just like other 2.0 web applications, is a great educational tool to use in schools. It is marketed towards businesses, but it could efficiently work for students of all ages as well to improve communication, conversation, participation, collaboration, creativity, uniqueness, discussion, and critical thinking. 10*   There are students from all different places, backgrounds, and levels of education who have problems with speaking aloud whether in class or on a larger platform.  Their hesitancy may be due to poor English skills or overall low self-esteem, but whatever the reason has the ability to provide a place for student to communicate confidently without having to speak aloud. Online discussions can improve communication and collaboration, increasing the amount of work that can be completed. Technology is improving and students will need to know how to use it efficiently.  By having them create an account with they are going to have a leg up in the field of business, as well as in the technological, artistic, and social fields.  

VII. Lesson Plans Using

Click here to view the Elementary Education Lesson Plans

Online Discussion

Picture Learning

Weekly Webinar

Simple Machines.doc or Simple Machines.pdf

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Role Play: US History

Plant Progress: Growing a Coleus Plant

Spanish Online Discussion

The Art of Budgeting.doc or The Art of Budgeting.pdf

The Great Gatsby.doc or The Great Gatsby.pdf

Click the following links to view the Post-Secondary Education Lesson Plans  

Geometry Scavenger Hunt 

Making a Myth

Meal Planning

Click the following link to view Business/Industry Lesson Plan

Business/Industry Lesson Plan

VIII. International Use

Internationally is useful because it provides immediate updates for users with an internet connection who are trying to keep up with their company or organization no matter where in the world they are. makes it easy to share media and files with co-workers globally. 9* The multiple applications help companies become more organized even from far away.  Though international use of is amazingly easy to use there are no obvious ways to access this website in another While a user may type in a language other than English, the site itself (titles, menus) does not have a translation option. language. This may make international business more difficult if it is not with English speakers. This may become a problem for this web application in the future.

IX. References












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