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  1. Unknown User (jpankow)

    Hey everyone! This is a place you can use to talk to interantional parters and international partners can talk to us! So definitely feel free to use it!

  2. Hello?

    I answered your e-mail at this page.

    First of all , I feel very sorry to answer your e-mail too late.

    And I tell you that I signed up .

    The homepage is ' ' ( ') . Is it right?

    At this homepage, I use  which is same as my e-mail used in purdue university

    But I am not sure that I' right. 

    Anyway I'll waiting for your answer.

  3. Hello

    I'm gonna tell you what my group in Korea performes and performs now.

    11/3 : Soolim introduced herself at WIKI
    11/4 : Ahyeon introduced herself at WIKI
    11/5 : Eunji introduced herself at WIKI
    11/9 : Seongeun introduced herself at WIKI
    11/13 : Soolim sent an e-mail to project manager and wrote a short text at International Partner Communication Page
               All of members signed up at site.
    11/17 : Seongeun and Soolim made a survey questions
    Nov, 3rd week : All of members surveyed the sites similar to in Korea
                           All of members condected the survey to about 50 persons
    11/22 : Ahyeon wrote the text about and similar sites.
               Seongeun  posted data for and similar sites.
               Soolim made a table of content that will be used when we make a presentation about in our class
               Seoneun and Eunji have make an analysis about our survey
               All of member signed up again at site because we had to make a group using same e-mail
    11/23 : Our group decided the theme, Raising chicken that can show how to use educationally
    From now on , I tell you what we gonna do

    11/24 : Ahyeon will make the group in site
               All of members will perform their role that can be researching data, posting their opinion etc
    11/25 : Seongeun and Eunji will make a graph and performances about  the survey
               Soolim will make an introduction and how to use
    Up to 26 : Ahyeon will make analysis text about and similar sites
    Up to 27 : We will finish making the examples using educationally
    after 27 we will make a ppt for our prsentation in our class

    This is our plan. I tell you again please tell us what we have to do except for what I'm saying

    We really want to help our project

    And I think what we're doing now can be helpful our project.

    When we finish making performances , we will send it to you

    Oh, we signed up again at site using

    Contact us If you want to join or see it , we'll invite you to our group.


  4. Unknown User (jpankow)

    JeongSeongeun says:

    We surveyed korea people.

    < survey> The purpose of is to be used for communication.

      It is an internal microblogging web 2.0 application that. The main communication is designed for is interaction within businesses. In this aspect, it connects entire companies by allowing employees and users to post updates, share files, exchange ideas, and more. allows co-workers to blog by sending message updates to one another as a company or person to person, either private or not.

      1. Have you ever listen to Yes /No

      2. Where did you listen to (discribe your opinion please)

      2-2, Yammar and Twitter is similar program. Which kind of software use effective among these three?

      ? ? Yammer ? Twitter

      2-3. Why did you choose that one? (discribe your opinion please)

      3. If you listen to first, you read upper explanation. If company use software, Do you think that software use effectively to communicate other people?


      4. If software use in education, Which part of software to use effectively?

          ? School hours ? Students to communicate ? Discussion

    ? etc ( )

        Thank you !



    1.Yes 3 / No 52

          2-1.internet 2/ twitter

          2-2. ? 3

          2-3 use easily 2/ many people use/

        3. Yes 45/No 5

        4.? -6

    ? - 33

    ? - 11

    ? Communicate both teacher and students, Teachers use better than students.