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Here is the preliminary presentation outline. I outlined major points, but feel free to add to it if you feel anything has been left out.

Google Lit Trips- Presentation Outline

-          Created by Jerome Burg, a high school literature teacher in Danville, California. This application stemmed from a desire to increase interest among students about the books they were reading. -          Google Lit Trips won the 2008 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education for Media and Technology. -          This application uses Google Earth to show specific locations associated with certain pieces of literature. It serves as a new technological literary map. It is a strong visual aid used to help students better understand the book they are studying. -          Examples of Google Lit Trips

o   The Canterbury Tales- Geoffrey Chaucer

o   The Odyssey- Homer

o   The Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck  -          How Google Lit Trips work: the viewer can either download a pre-made map, or make their own map through Google Earth. To do this, the viewer must download the Google Earth application, mark important locations on the map, and connect the points in order to proceed on the virtual tour. -          Pros: This application is easy to operate, and free to use. All that must be done is download the Google Earth application. This is an easy and affordable way for teachers to complement a lesson plan. -           Teachers can also add a commentary through the use of the Podcast application. Through this tool, a voice recording is made and added to the virtual tour. This can aid students in further understanding the lesson by talking them through their tour. -          This application is not just for literature classes. It can also be used by history and foreign language classes to show locations of certain events. -          Other uses for this application:

o   Bible studies: can be used by Bible study groups to present a visual aid on where Biblical locations are at in the modern world. Ancient maps can also be used alongside modern maps to compare.

o   Genealogy: this application can also be used to show a route traveled by a person's ancestors, and provides a strong visual aid for genealogy work. -          International Uses

o   This application can aid in better understanding a different culture through the use of maps. It can allow international students to better relate to a culture and understand similarities between their own and a new culture.

o   Distance learning: can benefit students that are isolated by location. Can lead to increased interest through applying a lesson to reality. Engages students with the world outside of their immediate community.

Google Lit Trips Presentation

I. General overview of Google Lit Trips.

     a.Google Lit Trips is a fun interactive way to get students involved in Literary works without limiting the students to a book and a piece of paper.

II.About Google Lit Trips

     a.Google Lit Trips was created by Jerome Burg, a school teacher from Livermore, California, in order to get his students more involved in literary works in the classroom.

     b. In a creative effort to utilize the main focus of this application, Jerome Burg came up with the website title, Google Lit Trips, which contains "lit," to show the importance of literature to the application. However, its double meaning is found in the answer to the question, "How can you find out more information about a particular work of literature?" You "Google-it," which, when said quickly, has the same sound as "Google Lit."

     c.Google Lit Trips is run through Google Earth which allows you to plot out a characters or authors journey through a book or life. This is helpful in allowing your students to visualize what is happening in addition to reading it.

III.What do you need to utilize Google Lit Trips in the classroom?

     a.Google Lit Trips is run through Google Earth which is not standard software for computers. Google Earth can however be downloaded for free online and is very easy to install and use.

     b. Another useful, although not necessary, download is the QuickTime player. The QuickTime player allows you to listen to podcasts that are on Google Lit Trips. Although not all Google Lit Trips have podcasts there are a few that do and it may be beneficial to your students to be able to hear a brief summary of the book and the characters plight.

     c.A computer. Obviously in order to run Google Lit Trips you will need a computer with an internet connection. All of the lit trips are downloaded offline and can then be opened with Google Earth.

IV.How can you use Google Lit Trips as an educational aid?

      a. Google Lit Trips can be used to base lesson plans around. It is very easy to use Google Lit Trip to create a lesson plan that can be used anywhere from a first grade class to a business.

      b. Google Lit Trips can also be used in history classrooms to teach students geography and point out important places in US and world history.

      c.Lit Trips can be internationally as well. Lit Trips can be used to teach students about different cultures through books from different cultures such as Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

V.Has Google Lit Trips been recognized?

     a.Yes! Google Lit Trips has been named co-winner of the 2008 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education for Media and Technology. Jerome Burg has also received the LeRoy Finkel Fellowship from Computer Using Educators, Inc.


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