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This page will be our outline, discussion, and ideas for the Web 2.0 Showcase.

 Things to think about:

What are the major components of the presentation?

What roles should there be for this presentation?

What roles do you want to fill for the presentation?


Presentation: 2-3 minutes to hold someone's attention

     -What are the  most important elements to touch on about FaceBook Chat?

     -What are the most interesting elements?

     -What is going to engage people in our presentation? 




     -Design? Color? Logo? Cohesiveness?

Computer work

     -Do we want to integrate a computer example into the presentation?

     -What are the advantages of using a computer? Disadvantages?

     -Could/ should we use the computer? Effectiveness?


     -What are the benefits of creating handouts for this presentation?

     -What info is most important for the handout?

     -How will we hold their attention?

     -What info will be most useful for the user of our application?


     -Design? Color? Logo? Cohesiveness?


     -What are our options for give-aways to our audience?

     -What ideas are there for give-aways?

          -Hand-outs/ brochures/ Information

     -What resources do we have for these ideas?

     -What help might we gain from FaceBook Chat itself?

International Partners

     -Can any of our partners join us for the showcase? Do any of them want to join us?

Any other ideas??
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