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  • Timeline

  • Roles layed-out by the process

  • *Roles layed-out by person


April 5- Initial draft due

April 7- Meet in Beering Lab at 6:30p.m. for Web conference with Lisa and Kristen

April 8 (Before class)- Links included; lesson plans edited, formatted, and uploaded; presentation outlined; poster outlined; brochures/handouts outlined

April 8 (end of day)- Everything edited

April 16- Full draft; videos; handouts/brochures completed; poster drafts; practice presentation

April 21- Showcase from 5-9p.m.

 Roles by process:





External Resources             


Manager: Matt Riney

Manager: Emily Hey

Manager: Gretchen Haley

Manager: Kristen Fox

Manager: Chelsea Scott

Manager: James D'Imperio

A) Title-Developer- Gretchen

H) How is application used in other countries?
    Are there unique features of the app. that may be more relevant to those outside US. -- Gretchen


Wiki Editor: Chelsea Scott

Wikia developers:
Matt Riney
Kristen Fox
Lawrence Hagan

"Observer"-Watches other teams: Kristen & Michelle

Presenters Shift 1:

B) Purpose-Emily

C) How it works- Jenny & Kristen

D) Related Aps.- James & Matt

Lesson Plan Manager: Jenny Romack
Elementary: Chelsea, Jenny
Secondary: Emily, Matt, Gretchen
Post-Secondary: Michelle, IP
Business: James, Lisa, IP 

Lesson Plan Editors:
Switch between writers
and Gretchen will oversee


Contact Wikia or other companies: Chelsea & Michelle, Emily

Presenters Shift 2:

E) Unique features - Chelsea

F) Educational Application for lesson plans
    Post Secondary- IP
    Buisness/industry- James, Lisa

Poster Creators:
1. James
2. Chelsea

Poster Editor: Gretchen


Keep contact with IPs: Michelle Trzynka


G) Examples value or potential value - Gretchen & Michelle

Brochures/Handouts Creators:
1. Matt Riney
2. Kristen Fox

Brochure Editor: Gretchen




 Roles by person:


Primary Role

Secondary Roles

Secondary Roles

Secondary Roles


James D'Imperio


Research Related Aps/ Business

Write Business lesson plan

Write "Related Aps"


Kristen Fox


Research How it works

Links & Watchdog

Write "How it Works"

Write Brochure/handouts

Gretchen Haley


Research Potential value/Secondary E.

Write Secondary Ed.lesson plan

Write "Title Developer" and "Unique features in other countries"


Emily Hey


Research Purpose

Write Secondary Ed.lesson plan, help format lesson plans

Write "Purpose", edit/add information to unique uses.

Jing videos, presented at showcase, evaluated at showcase

Matt Riney


Research Related Aps

Write Secondary Ed.lesson plan

Write related aps. /Made Wikia wiki

Write Brochure/handouts

Jenny Romack

Lesson Plans

Research How it works/Elementary E.

Write ElementaryEd.lesson plan

Write "How it Works"


Chelsea Scott

External Resources

Research Unique features

Write ElementaryEd.lesson plan

Write "Unique Features"

Contact Wikia

Michelle Trzynka

Project Manager

Research Potential value

Write Post-Secondary.lesson plan

Write "Potential Value"
Help make Wikia wiki

Contact IPs, Jing, webcaptures

Lisa Hamilton



Use Wikia in the classroom



Gareth Nolan


Research Wikia use in other countries (Australia)

Make "purpse/educational use" video



Nikki Reilly


Research Wikia use in other countries (Australia)




Lawrence Hagan


Help develop group Wikia page




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