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Facebook is a social networking website with free access, and is organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people.  As a member of Facebook you can update your personal profile to notify friends about yourself and what is new.  Members can also add new friends, and send them messages using either Facebook Chat, the wall, or the inbox.  Facebook Chat allows you to instantaneously communicate with your online friends much like AIM does, the advantage to Facebook Chat is that you do not need to set up a "buddies" list, all of your Facebook friends are automatically added to your friends list.  Another advantage is that in order to be friends with someone you need to click on "Add as a Friend," and then they have to select you to be there friend or visa-versa.  This adds a level of security that most parents are worried about.  One of the popular nick-names for Facebook is "," which most likely implies that parents are reluctant to allow their children to use the site.  Because of the control you have over who your friends are, this increases the security and trustworthiness of the site.


Our main focus of Facebook Chat is to discover and initialize the use of Facebook Chat as an Web 2.0 educational tool to use in the learning environment, more specificly in a post-secondary classroom.  We are here to give a positive outlook on this function; even though, at the first glance this seems like a very insufficient teaching tool.  The are many more obvious negative aspects about Facebook Chat , but through research and development of ideas we are sure to discover many new methods to use it as an Web 2.0 educational tool.

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  1. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    where did this come from? we need to cite it.

  2. Unknown User (gomez0)

    I agree that there are a lot of problems with this application, but it is also very convenient. It is a great way for students to keep in touch, by becoming friends and discussing their project while they surf through a website that they use everyday. Since facebook is so popular, there is a great chance that teachers and students will be on it and benefit from facebook chat.