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According to, "BubbleShare's mission is to help you tell your story using fun, web-based tools to make your photo sharing experience easy and entertaining. Simply put: You have stories and we want to help you tell them." BubbleShare is so simple and easy to use that it does not require users to create an account to upload photos, only an active e-mail account is necessary. Additionally, BubbleShare enables users that are not tech-savy to easily incorporate photos into blogs or other webpages by providing HTML code for uploaded photos. By adding sound and comment boxes, BubbleShare allows you to tell a story anyway you want. 

What is the purpose of Bubbleshare?

In the "about us" section of Bubbleshare's website, the creators say,

"We built BubbleShare to make it simple for you to share your photos and tell your stories."

Everyone has a story to tell. Bubbleshare is the modern version of the picture-filled wallet.


No account is needed to post an album on bubbleshare, only an email for each album. Also, html code is provided so that the pictures can be integrated into a blog.


Apparently you can also add audio to your pictures. Unlike some other websites, Bubbleshare offers lots of information about how to apply this kind of thing. Also, the "tool bar" is called a Gizmo Bar, which is just fun. =)


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