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  • Qik Research Assignment due March 31 everyone must have different websites from everybody else or else we lose 4 points
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  1. Unknown User (sriehle)

    According to

    Ramu Sunkara is the CEO. Bhaskar Roy is the Co-founder, VP of Product Development and Product Management. Danile Brusilovsky is the Evangelist. Marc Andreessen is the investor. The competitors are Mogulus, Facebook, Kyte, Seero, Seesmic, MyShowroom.TV Flixwagon, Livecast, Next2Friends.

  2. Unknown User (bhohman)

    Alrighty I have some websites to put down,

    I can't believe they already have a Wiki for it but it has a breif history of the application

    This is an article about how QIK is associated with Nokia phones

    this shows how to use the application, and also has some suggestions on what phones are better for using it.

    1. Unknown User (edgastin)

      this is great information, but try to write down a few bits of information from these websites

  3. Unknown User (sriehle)

    According to

    QIK allows you to run a small piece of software onto your phone so you can stream live action. This means you don't have to carry around a camcorder, you can just use your phone. Not very  many phones are supported by this software. However, most Nokia phones are supported and the iPhone will be supported soon hopefully!

  4. Unknown User (tnconnel)

    Qik allows video casting from cell phones through any 3G/GPRS/Wi-fi Internet connection.  There is no delay and Qik uploads the video very quicky unlike many other sites. It is uploaded in no more that two seconds. 

    Who developed it?

    • Ramu Sunkara (CEO)
    • Bhaster Roy (Co-Founder, VP of Product Development, VP of Product Management)
    • Daniel Brusilovsky (Evangelist)
    • Marc Andreessen (Investor)


  5. Unknown User (tnconnel)

  6. Unknown User (sriehle)

    According to

    These are the problems that have been fixed since the 1st version of Qik that is applicaple to the Blackberry:

    The app no longer quits after recording for only a second, streaming begins right when you click on "Stream" in the app, rather than after you hit the pause button and go back to the Qik screen, and after pressing pause in record mode, the phone would go back to the video recorder app, not Qik. and, as a result, the video you'd recorded wouldn't stream to the site.

  7. Unknown User (tnconnel)

    What can you do with Qik?

    • You can stay connected to family and friends
      • Share your travels with a friend
      • Have a friend "attend" a party, even though she lives in another state
      • Qik works with Myspace, Orkut and other websites/You can share these moments with other networks you already use
    • Broadcast events and news
      • Interview someone and upload the video
      • Share results on any site "live"
    • Enhance your business
      • Add intresting news that may impact a company
      • Show breaking news

  8. Unknown User (tnconnel)

  9. Unknown User (albosma)

    Streaming live videos can happen on other sites such as Twitter, Blogs, Facebook or MySpace. You can also use it to stream vidoe and store it on the internet because there is not enough storage on you cell phone. TradeVibes

    It also uses sights like Mogolus, Orkut, and Two important supporters include Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz (Netscape) who also are on the board for Qik. by Dawn Kawamoto 8/26/08

    There are some competitors that Qik has to deal with but the competitors (Flixwagon, Kyte, and Ustream) don't have the support of Nokia. Nokia actually has Qik listed under "recommended" applications to use with the phones that they sell.

    By Greg Kumparak 3/11/09


  10. -Qik provides a platform where you can easily stream and share live video from your mobile or cell phone camera.
    -After you are finished streaming your video live over Qik, the video is automatically archived at the site.
    -Qik can easily be set up to send the videos to YouTube, your blog, or to your page on Facebook

    -Unlike sites where you have to wait for the video to be uploaded, Qik streams the video straight into the site with a 5 second delay

    -From mid 2008 onwards, Qik has opened its beta to more participants. And since that point, they've focused on making the service available on both mass market phones and some smart phones

    -Durng a live stream, internet viewers can interact with you by sending in text chat messages that are displayed in real-time on the handset. This allows viewers to feel more part of the action and to intervene and co-operate in the final outcome by asking questions, making comments or suggesting specific things to do

  11. Classroom applications:

    -Field trips
    -Sporting Events
    -Classroom How-To videos
    -Digital storytelling

    -Posibility to create student television stations with Live broadcasts that people could subscribe to, or that could be posted directly on the school website. QIK makes this process more instantaneous, and puts the focus back onto the content of the reporting, rather than the tools needed to edit/upload content.
    -Set up a blog and let students use their cell phone camcorders to do live broadcasts. They could also cover breaking stories in real time around the school and community

    -Use of QIK to make education more accessible and interactive with wider community. "For example, students who are studying about Business could be watching a lecture on how to start a new business and be told in the lecture to go into a local store, using their cell phone, and record an interview (it could even be a live broadcast with QIK that other students in the same class could be listening to) with the owner or salespeople. It could be a "real world" LIVE classroom!

  12. Unknown User (edgastin)

    To start using Qik, you must first register for the application on  To register, very few bits of information are needed.  You must provide you mobile phone number.  Once Qik has recognized it, you will have to insert a username and a password for security purposes.  Do not put in an incorrect mobile phone number, or else you will not be able to register.  Once these things are done, you will be asked to fill out your profile.  Your name and a picture is sufficient enough to get started.  You can later edit it if you want.  No credit card details are required for registration.  Once you have registered you can invite 10 people to join your Qik community.  Enjoy! : no author.  accessed March 29, 2009

    Qik, which is an application that allows you to stream live video on the internet through your mobile phone, is actually a free service to use.  Why use another application while this one is free.  Many other applications out there are not free and do not work as fast and effectively as Qik. : October 28, 2008 by no author.  Accecced on March 29, 2009

    To use Qik on your phone, simply find the Qik application and select it.  You should set a title before streaming your video by going to menu.  Then you must select "stream info".  This will give you a choices to pick from.  Select "set title."  All you have to do to start using Qik is to press "Stream."  Now people can watch your live videos on the Qik website or Facebook. : August 18, 2008 by Mark Guim.  Accessed March 29, 2009 

    Qik can be used in a variety of ways in education that are can make learning a more effective transfer to the students.  Teachers can use this to record students' presentations.  Theachers can allow the students to record group videos for class.  Teachers can use it for class discussions with a person that is in another country. : April 14, 2008.  Posted by Mr. Byrne, it is a blog 

    Qik can be used in secondary schools for science.  Students can use it for field research.  Sudents can use loaner phones for the students if they do not have phones that are compatible with Qik.  The students could record their findings and stream it directly to their teacher for observations. : Andy Mann.  Accessed March 31, 2009


  13. Unknown User (tnconnel)

    This you tube video talks about what Qik is and what you could do with the technology.  In the video, they said "Qik gives you the ability to not only share your life but to also learn about other experiences".  Some ways it has been used are: for conferences, for shopping assistance, car issurance detailing etc. There is live chat integration for QIK, so if you are out shopping, you could communicate with your friends through this technology. - Qik and Teens in Tech

  14. Unknown User (tnconnel)

    This article is about partnering with so that they could "share content and live broadcast technology".  "We ar thrilled to offer WorldTV users this new functionality that will incorporate Qik's live bradcast technology directly to their personal channels," says Alx Klive (CEO and founder of worldtv)  Qik helped WorldTv get one step closer.  "Streaming videos from Qik users can now be seen directly on WorldTV in more than 150 countries throughout the world."  This is an interesting article that helps you see the benefits of "Qik" technology. -Business Publications " Partners with Leading Mobile Video Streaming Provider th Share Content and ive Broadcast Technology" April 10, 2008

  15. Unknown User (albosma)

    There are some competitors that Qik has to deal with but the competitors (Flixwagon, Kyte, and Ustream) don't have the support of Nokia. Nokia actually has Qik listed under "recommended" applications to use with the phones that they sell.

    By Greg Kumparak 3/11/09

    (this posting of mine is to take the place of the posting because that was a duplicate site)

  16. According to -

    - Qik can be used to stream real time video via your mobile phone for emergencies.

    - Situational awareness in emergencies can be streamed via Qik, to provide invaluable situational awareness for family and friends.

    - This technology can also be used as a great learning tool

  17. Unknown User (edgastin)

    Hey Dirk.  Thanks for working with the wiki.  I know you were having problems accessing the wiki.  Thanks for your time and effort.  I greatly appreciate it. 

  18. Unknown User (rsuselan)

    Registering for Qik is quick and easy.  First, users need to put there  phone number on the site.  Immediately users get an SMS (short message service)  telling them to download Qik on there phone.  

    It then tells users to go to a certain site on your phone to download it.  Qik then asks its users to make a short video to make sure everything is working.  Finally, Qik sends users another SMS with login info for the website. : Ton Zijlstra at February 25, 2008, accessed March 31, 2009

  19. Unknown User (rsuselan)

    Qik users can now stream directly to Youtube, Mogulus, Seesmic, Mobuzz, and all of there personal blogs and websites.  Seesmic is  sort of like Qik, except users use a camcorder to stream live.  Now it is possible to use Qik with your phone and stream it to your seesmic account. : Larry Kless's Weblog Saturday, April 5, 2008.  Accessed march 31, 2009.

  20. Unknown User (rsuselan)

    Users are able to share there location while using Qik.  Big events like,Obama's inauguration put on Qik live for its users to view.  Sometimes, Qik holds video contests.

    This site is Facebook's fan page for Qik.  There is a lot of interesting notes about Qik on it.  I think it could be useful. 


  21. Unknown User (sshlakma) : This website allows users to browse all of the currently streaming Qik videos grouped into categories based upon what the video is about. For example all of the videos that they have that are marked as having to do with education are placed in one convenient spot. Rich Text : This website talks about the practical uses of Qik including possible integration into news sites like CNN so that regardless of what is being aired on TV at the time people would be able to see the news as it happens. There is also some discussion about whether or not Qik will be the next twitter and what the application of Qik could be should Twitter and Qik be mixed. This website also discusses applications for Qik, the example in this case was if you were shopping for technology related items you could quickly make a video and stream it and anyone who was following you would be able to see and comment on which one was the correct product to buy. This could even be used for other products not necessarily technology related.

  22. An example of international reactions to the Qik Technology: is a perfect tool for spot news coverage. This is one great example: A chance encounter in Tiananmen Square, with protesters from decrying the human rights violations in Tibet was recorded using The person who captured the video, Noel Hidalgo, was deported from China because of his release of this video. There is also a possibility that will be on China's blocked sites list.

    See site for report and link to the protest video

    Another Feature of Qik:

    Even if you don't have a signal (i.e. in a basement or subway system), stream anyway. Qik wil save the videos and upload them as soon as you acquire one.

  23. Some great information that Ethan received from the QIK staff regarding innovative uses for Qik in the classroom:

    Enhancing Collaboration:

    -Virtual learning involving e-learning
    -Ability to teach across classrooms and countries
    -Interactivity with continuous sharing of information and ideas
    -Current and immediate participation in real time

    Empowered Learning:

    -Documentation of learning and discovery processes
    -Hands on content generation tool for student journalism

    Teaching tool:

    -24 Hour learning with ability to transmit lessons from outside of the classroom
    -Grouping information with the aggregation of both student and teacher content

    Min Xuan, Lee. "Qik, the Future in Your Pocket- Innovation in (and Beyond) the Classroom"