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Welcome, all of us Purdue are excited to begin working with you guys. Feel free to add a comment and introduce yourself! Our first meeting is scheduled for 10:30 pm your time so hope you all can get together and chat with us on Skype. Our students have already begun research and will begin adding content to the main page this week. If you have not checked yet, I have set up a site to help post useful information and tasks: You will also notice there is a link to Roles and Responsibilities on the main page that our students have already filled out. You are welcome to add your own role to that if you find one that interests you. We also need you guys to answer question i. at the bottom (For a more global persepective, how could this be used in other countries? Are there unique features of this application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?).

Purdue Students

  • Cory Horton
  • Marissa Martinez
  • Kyle Ritchey
  • Liz Rushmore
  • Mitchell Schuring
  • Macy Smith
  • Kelly Wright
  • Justin Hamman

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