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  • Questions for Ji, Jeonghyeon and Heo, Damji
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-Also, please feel free to add any other questions you believe to be important!

1. How do you use facebook chat?

2. Why do you usually use facebook chat? (talk to friends, school work, ect..)

3. Have you ever used facebook chat for educational purposes? How?

4. If you could change facebook chat to be more educational, would you? How?

5. If you were a teacher, how would you use facebook chat in the classroom?

6.  Do you think facebook chat is a good educational tool?

7. What do you see the biggest disadvantage of facebook chat to be?

8. What do you think the biggest advantage of facebook chat is?

9. Do you see facebook chat as a distraction?

10.Do you think facebook chat would work as an equal educational tool in an international situation?

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