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  1. Unknown User (trsmall)

    The website above just has an overview of YouTube. It has some basic ideas and themes.

     This is an article from 2006 and it just shows some of the ideas that thoughts people had when it was first coming around.

     This site gives some information on the the history of YouTube. Who created it and etc.

    This has some ideas about education and YouTube. Also the link to her previous blog has a good article also.

  2. Unknown User (cmasters)

    This website talks about a university actually having a class on youtube and the second one goes more in depth about the class:

     This on is about learning from youtube:

    This site talks about using youtube to farther the lessons and using youtube as a new way of teaching:

    This one talks about lesson plans that include youtube and what can be done in the classroom with youtube:

  3. Unknown User (aiovinel)

    This website is the 100 Best YouTube teaching videos

    Here's another one about a class that is all on YouTube. It has actual YouTube videos on it too

    This one is about promoting YouTube in the classroom. I think it's from an educational blog which gives an interesting perspective.

     I also think it will be a good idea just to search youtube for lesson plans, what do you guys think?

  4. Unknown User (hahenry)

    This website gives the history of youtube and when it was founded.

    This website is discussing an experience with youtube in the classroom

    This website talks about where youtube is heading in the future.

    This website gives the benefits of using YouTube and its efficiency.