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ReddyNote Research Page


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If you want to go ahead and get started just click

.History">I. History

In 2008, the idea of ReddyNote was born. Andres Neuhaus and Jörg Menneken, the company founders, developers and managing directors, created a convenient and efficient program for organizing personal tasks. Jörg Menneken said the idea for ReddyNote came to him and his partner when they were both having difficulty using organizational products because there was no productivity tool. "Looking for a feasible solution for this issue, we were, over and over again, ascertaining that many of our friends and colleagues had the same problem," explained Jörg Menneken, "The latter has encouraged us to concentrate on developing a flexible concept, which allows people to model their entirely individual self-management methods and to adjust them to their personal work approach." ReddyNote provides an easy-to-use template which includes lists, tabs, and modes that allow individuals to create, manage, and keep track of tasks within a team or as an individual.

How to sign up">          Ia. How to sign up

Step 1:">Step 1:

To sign up for ReddyNote go to and click the "Sign Up" tab at the top of the home page or the "Sign up now" button at the bottom of the home page.

Step 2:

Fill out the information: What is your name? What is your email address? Also, fill out the security check. You will then see a page that directs you to check your email account. The email gives you a link to follow.

Step 3:

When you click on this link, a new page will pop up from ReddyNote asking for a password and for you to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Step 4:

Once you have finished this, you can go in and begin creating your tasks!

How it works">          Ib. How it works

Different Uses:

ReddyNote can be used in different settings: educational, personal, and business. It is very easy to incorporate a task list into almost any situation. ReddyNote is not accessible only for PC users, but also for Mac users! ReddyNote did a poll of all of its users and found out that users prefer different types of browsers. They displayed a pie chart [1] of which browsers are used and how often users choose them. The nicest thing about ReddyNote is that it is web-based so users do not need to save back-ups on their own hard drives!

Creating Tasks:

In ReddyNote, you can create lists of tasks that need to be completed and keep track of their progress. There are three folders labeled ‘Today’, ‘Next’, and ‘Postponed’, and you can move tasks within these folders to help prioritize them.  These functions are also what make ReddyNote easily manageable. Users can use the search button to find any one of their tasks that were created on the site. Also, through the search bar users can narrow their topic down by clicking on the "Tags" button.

You can automatically see your task inbox on the main ReddyNote screen. Here you can view the latest entries, and also ones that are about to expire. This is a good place to start the rest of your day. Here, you can easily view your tasks' tags, processes, and due dates. Also you can view relevant notes, or edit the previously mentioned data after expanding them.


In the ReddyNote workspace, creation of a new task can be assigned to a specific tag. A tag then has the option of having separate tabs which allow you to group and view several chosen tags together; and when a tab is selected, ReddyNote only displays tasks which have the specific tag on your screen. To add a new tab, click on settings in the top right hand corner. Then, under the ‘Tasks’ category, click ‘Tabs’; here you can add, edit, or remove tabs. If you click on ‘Automatic’ under the ‘Tasks’ category, you can chose the boxes that you want. Your choices are: ‘Automatically move tasks which are due today’, 'Tasks which are due soon’, and ‘Completed tasks’.

Quick Entries:

ReddyNote has a ‘Quick-Entry’ mode that allows users to conveniently stow away tasks that they may not have to deal with right away. This could be a good tool when a spontaneous idea or task comes to mind and they're not quite sure when they will be able to get to it. While using the ‘Quick-Entry’ mode, they are able to create specific tabs in different folders; essentially organizing your spontaneous, less-important ideas or tasks. The ‘Inbox’ of each folder contains all of your tasks for a given tab. All of these tasks can be ‘Dismissed’, ‘Delegated’, or ‘Accomplished’ through ReddyNote.

Video created by Purdue students.


ReddyNote allows users to archive tasks that they have already completed. This function is useful so that users can look back at their tasks and is utilized in place of a trash can. Once a task is completed and checked-off by the user, the task will appeared crossed out and in white. This signifies that the task is done and is easily identifiable in a list. If the user decides that they do not want to have the task mixed in with their still to-do list, they may click and drag the task over to the folder list where it says “Archive” (as seen in the picture to the right). Once the word “Archive” lights up in green, the user lets go of the task and it will now be located in the “Archive” folder.

How ReddyNote Relates to other Applications">II. How ReddyNote Relates to other Applications

Some other applications that compare to ReddyNote are: Evernote, Google Notebook, and Zoho Notebook. Each application is useful and offers different ways to use the application. For instance, with ReddyNote you can keep track of your tasks within a team for free, whereas with Evernote you have to upgrade to the "Premium" Package to team collaboration. The basics with Evernote are free, but you have to pay $5 per month ($45 per year) to upgrade to the "Premium" Package. With Evernote however, you can actually "copy & paste" information from one application onto an Evernote page and save it to access later. Zoho Notebook is very comparable to ReddyNote, except it can also be used to save videos and sounds unlike ReddyNote. Now, Google Notebook is pretty similar to ReddyNote, but they do not offer web-based downloads unlike all of the other comparable applications. Overall, ReddyNote is very simple to learn unlike some of the other more complicated applications.

Real World Application">III. Real World Application

The ReddyNote online planning application can be applied and used in a variety of ways. The application can be implemented into the professional business world as well as in the classroom. From elementary school to college, teachers can use ReddyNote to help improve students’ learning. ReddyNote also has applications in the classroom. Teachers can use it in their lesson plans as well as to help make the lesson plans themselves. Teachers have to be organized when planning their lesson plans, and ReddyNote can help them to do that. ReddyNote allows teachers to map out what they want to achieve in a lesson into organized lists that can be edited.

ReddyNote can also be very useful to students. Students can use this application to organize daily schedules and keep track of assignments that need to be completed. Throughout a student’s educational career they are required to complete large scale projects both individually as well as in a group. ReddyNote can help students organize their projects by creating lists of tasks that need to be completed as the project progresses. This is particularly useful in group projects so that students can work together easily and know what’s going on. ReddyNote also allows students to work together outside of the classroom, giving them more time to complete tasks.

Applying ReddyNote to the business world is a relatively easy task to do. With ReddyNote employees can keep track of tasks they have been assigned to complete in the workplace. By creating lists of what needs to be done, employees can stay focused and work more efficiently. The application also allows multiple people to observe, edit, and make comments on lists that have been created. This makes ReddyNote especially useful for bosses to keep track of their workers. Bosses can edit lists and make comments to help their employees know exactly what they need to be working on. When it comes to group projects in the workplace, ReddyNote allows multiple people to work together easily. The ability to edit allows members to see what needs to be done and make changes as projects progress. ReddyNote helps connect employees to one another easily and efficiently.

International Use:
ReddyNote’s features can be used world-wide. ReddyNote allows you to manage your tasks easily online, and involvement with those outside the United States is simple. Sharing tasks with different ReddyNote users could be a great way to stay organized and share information with anyone around the world; which is important to consider while running an international, or even domestic, business or company. Also, managing a global business can be hectic, so the ease at which this program runs is helpful for those who may not be computer savvy. 

Elementary Lesson Plans">          IIIa. Elementary Lesson Plans

1) Biology (S.T.E.M.): African Animals
The unit focuses on the study of African animals. The students will each be given a specific African animal to research about. They will then have to find information about the animal’s habitat, diet, and location. The students will set up and use a ReddyNote account to keep track of the steps they need to complete the project. They will then have to construct a presentation board about the information that they found.

African Animals.docx

African Animals.pdf

2) My Community
The unit focuses on the study of the different communities that the students live in. They will first learn about their community and its past. Then they will learn about how their community is different and similar to those of their classmates.

My Community.docx

My Community.pdf

3) Social Studies: Constitutional

This lesson focuses on the amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Students, selected in random order, will choose an amendment that they must present it to the class. Students will organize their research information they find in their books or the internet in ReddyNote by date of ratification, purpose of the amendment, court cases that prompted the creation of the amendment, etc.



Secondary Lesson Plans">          IIIb. Secondary Lesson Plans

1) Phyics (S.T.E.M.): Collisions

The unit focuses on colliding objects in the physical world. Students will be exposed to how fundamental principles in physics can be applied to more than one object. Students will then create a ReddyNote account and then share tasks that break up long collision problems into simple steps like a tutorial. They will then enter their answers in the description field of their tasks and share them with the teacher for evaluation.



2) Algebra: Factoring

Through the use of ReddyNote, students will enter two assignments due weekly, as well as a quiz on Friday. Daily homework assignments will also be ‘tabbed,’ which can be completed in class. As each student completes a task, they will be able to sign on to their ReddyNote account and keep track of what they have done and what they have to do. This organization should facilitate effective learning strategies and give the students an opportunity to keep track of assignments they have missed due to absences; so they can go back and not miss anything for the test.

algebra factoring.docx

algebra factoring.pdf

3) US History: American Civil War

This specific section hones in on the American Civil War. Students will each choose a specific battle of the Civil war to research. The students will be required to find detailed information about when the battles took place, who won and how, and what impact the battle had on the war. The learners will use ReddyNote to organize their projects so they stay on task and know what needs to be completed. They will then write a report on what they have found.

American Civil War.doc

American Civil War.pdf

4) English: Creative Reading

This part of an overall semester of language study focuses on creative reading. The students will be divided into groups of 4-5 individuals. Each group will be assigned a different novel that they are to read individually, but discuss in groups on a weekly basis. The 5-8 week project will end with a group presentation of the novel to the rest of the class using a media of their choice.  Through the use of ReddyNote outside of school hours, the students are to schedule their individual reading and develop their presentation as a group.



5) Biology (S.T.E.M.): Amazon Rainforest

In this lesson plan the student is responsible for researching three different kinds of animals found in the Amazon Rainforest. They are to organize their information using ReddyNote. Then they are to chose one of the animals and make a PowerPoint presentation. They are to use ReddyNote for the planning process of the PowerPoint as well.

Amazon Animals.doc

Amazon Animals.pdf 

6) Agriculture: Cattle Breeds

Through this lesson plan, students will learn how to research different cattle breeds and then be able to enter the information onto ReddyNote.  Once the students have entered the information, they must then give a short presentation to the class on what they researched.  This project will give the students a better understanding of the various cattle breeds and will enable them to share their information to others.

Cattle Breeds.docx

Cattle Breeds.pdf

 7) Art: Monochromatic Volumetric Shapes

This art project is creating a volumetric shapes painting only using monochromatic colors. The students will learn about tints and shades of colors while being taught about value scales. Students will create a ReddyNote account of all the tasks of the project that are to be completed so that they are able to access what they have done and what they still need to do for the project at any time. In addition, this is so they can have records of the process should they wish to recreate their work again at another time.

 Volumetric Shapes.doc

 Volumetric Shapes.pdf

8) German: Chores

This lesson plan is based on teaching students how to talk about chores they may be doing around the house or the classroom in German. The lesson uses the task manager ReddyNote to organize the chores into a list that can be easily read and checked off as the chores are completed. The students are also going to use the note function of the Web site to discuss how often and where they will be completing these chores, therefore teaching them the German expressions of time and place. Students will be graded on how well they master the German words for chores, time, and location.



Business Lesson Plans">          IIIc. Business Lesson Plans

1) Business Planning

Purpose of this lesson is to create a basic business plan and include interaction with the internet source, ReddyNote. The workers will be held responsible for making an effective business plan that will work for their business.

Business Planning.docx

Business Planning.pdf

2) Communication

The purpose of this business plan is to specify the importance of process of communication in the business atmosphere. The workers will use the wiki server, ReddyNote to keep the group in contact with each other and on the same page.



3) Advertising for Sprint-STEM
The advertising department of Sprint is coming up with a marketing plan for a new Sprint cell phone the Rumor2. Employees need to develop plans on how they will advertise through television, magazine, internet, and radio. Employees will use ReddyNote in order to keep track of projects, create deadlines, and make sure everything is completed on time. The advertising department will then create a presentation to show board members.

Advertising for sprint.doc

Advertising for sprint.pdf

4) Goggle
The business will set up account on ReddyNote to keep track of the progress they are making at work. Each employee will record the tasks they have completed each day. At the end of the year, the company will base each individuals salary on the amount of work completed.



Updates to Come for ReddyNote">IV. Updates to Come for ReddyNote

We asked the creators of ReddyNote what kind of updates or changes users could expect to see in the future.  We learned that the changes coming soon are mostly related to making the use of ReddyNote easier for the user, but there's also some brand new tools and features being explored.

  • One of the updates is the availability of an "English Screencast."  This screencast would just be a short tour via video entirely in English for English users to get acquainted with ReddyNote easier.
  • Another update is a "Delegate" feature.  This allows people to delegate their shared tasks to make collaboration through ReddyNote simpler.
  • Users can expect to see a trash bin implemented to make deleting tasks much easier.
  • Users can also hope to see an "Attachment" feature included.  This will allow users to attach files to their tasks, if needed.  This would be especially useful because it could allow users to keep their task reminders right with the actual work their task describes.
  • A new tool in development is the "iCal."  This is an iCalender service in which users can sort their tasks on an interactive calendar, if they wish.
  • Another simple feature being looked into is "Colored Tags."  This would allow users to attach colors to certain tasks.
  • The last mentioned update is the development of a special application for ReddyNote for smart-phones and other mobile devices.

In order to keep up with ReddyNote updates, users can feel free to follow them on twitter, facebook, or the ReddyNote blog!

Comments from the Creator">V. Comments from the Creator

While creating this page we contacted one of the creators, Jörg Menneken, and asked him a few questions about ReddyNote. Here is part of the transcript:

1. Why did you create ReddyNote?

“The business concept is actually based on a personal “pain” that both - my partner and I, had. During our studies at the university, where we also met, the two of us used to work for several companies and organizations and were there with involved in different projects. As not to lose the overview, we were both using productivity tools for organizing all our tasks. However, we always had the same problem: there was no productivity tool, which was so flexible in practice that could match our both fully individual approaches to work. Looking for a feasible solution for this issue, we were, over and over again, ascertaining that many of our friends and colleagues had the same problem. The latter has encouraged us to concentrate on developing a flexible concept, which allows people to model their entirely individual self-management methods and to adjust them to their personal work approach. That is how people can become more productive and can gain additional time for themselves.”

2. What is your favorite part of ReddyNote?

"My partner and I both love ReddyNote’s unique tagging-concept which makes our daily task management so effortless that we can only enjoy our working time. A further favorite feature of us is ReddyNote’s online usage. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) this is an online application. So, we can both access, share or update our tasks while not sitting in the office but being on the way and using iPhone. As two different personalities (a programmer and an economist) we have different organizational methods. But ReddyNote is our cross-over point: it helps us to coordinate and manage our common tasks not depending on our individual organization methods."

Resources">VI. Resources

Help Forums:

If ever users have questions about ReddyNote and its functions, they have the option of going and checking out some of the forums that ReddyNote has readily available on their website. The forums are easy to access. Users just need to click on the link in the upper right-hand corner labeled "Help". Here, they can see the forums along with other useful links such as an FAQ and tutorials to aid users.


ReddyNote has a newsletter that its users may choose to sign up for. The newsletter will be sent to the e-mail address that the user signed up for their account with. Since ReddyNote was created by two German-speakers, the site's first primary language was German. However, the creators realized that more than just German-speakers would want to use the site and now offer everything, including the newsletter, in English! As can be seen to the right, when users go to their settings page, they can either select "no newsletter", "English", or "German".

References">VI. References

 “ReddyNote.” Feb. 2010. Web. 24 March 2010.

“Manage Tasks Online for Free-” Sites To Use. Web. 24 March 2010.

“ - A New Tool For Managing Tasks.” Killer Startups. Web. 24 March 2010.

[1] ReddyNote Facebook

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    I would give this wiki repository a 5.  I think it provides all of the information that is needed for an individual wanting to use this product. I really like the color scheme that was chosen.  It looks very professional and extremely organized. It was really easy to find any information I wanted to know because the layout was so well done.

    In the classroom, this program will help students better organize information.  It can help them make lists to better compare things as well as just organize regular class notes.  This program can easily be integrated into the classroom.

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    Reddynote is an excellent application that can be used by teachers. It’s an application that organizes things and tasks that must be completed soon. I am new to this application but I think  might use it myself as a student. It’s great for organizing my upcoming events, my to-do list, and other necessary tasks. This application is also very easy to use. It gives a basic tutorial in the beginning just in case anyone is having any difficulties with the application.

                I think Reddynote can be used for students and teachers but, it works best for teachers. Teachers are constantly busy organizing classroom activities or planning their next lesson. In order to be organized and stay on top of things, teachers can use Reddynote to create tasks that they can go to time after time to remind them what things are coming up. One benefit of these “tasks” is that Reddynote gives the option of setting a due date on these “tasks”. You can actually check mark a “due date” box and set a time and date to have this task finished. This allows teachers to manage their time wisely. On Reddynote, you can also create more than one tab on the tab bar. This function allows you to organize your “tasks” into categories which makes things very convenient and organized. Teachers can organize their tasks by class, subject, or anything other options. Reddynote is a great application for teachers who want to stay organized.