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Applications. [5]

There are many applications that RTM uses, which is why it took over a year to get it on the web!  Here's a brief description of some, but for more and in depth help, check out RTM's services web page.

Google Gears.

Google Gears can be used to access your tasks even when you are offline.  Simply install the Google Gears plugin and you are on your way!  For more information and details, visit RTM's Google Gears page.


Twitter can be used in close conjunction with your RTM account.  However you must have a Twitter account.  Twitter is a type of short messaging application that is actually used in conjuntion with many different devices.  With RTM it can be used to send yourself and other Twitter/RTM users tasks, update your tasks, and send yourself specific lists of tasks.  You can also set up reminders through Twitter.  All of these things can be done through Twitter directly, your phone, IM, or other 3rd party applications.  To get the list of possible tasks and more information, click here.

Google Calendar.

RTM also works with Google Calendar.  Google Calendar adds an icon to each day so that users can easily manage their RTM account by adding new tasks and editing new ones, complete and postpone existing tasks, and use Google Maps.

Google Map.

You can also access Google Maps directly from your RTM account.  By clicking on the Locations link, a Google Map comes up for easy access.  This can help you locate where your tasks are and what's on the way to plan your most efficient route. 

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  1. Unknown User (jallison)

     Remember the Milk will send a direct reminder about your task by using Twitter.

  2. Unknown User (jallison)

    Google Calender can also be used in conjuction with Remeber the Milk.  Google calendar will add an icon to each day so the account holder will be able to:

    • Add new tasks and edit existing ones
    • Easily complete and postpone tasks
    • Review your overdue tasks
    • Optionally show tasks with no due date
    • See where your tasks are located on a map

  3. Unknown User (jallison)

    The following web address will take you through step by step instructions on how to add Remember the Milk to you google calendar. 

  4. Unknown User (jallison)

    It can also be used with Google Map so you are able to see where each task is located.  This could be helpful so you can get to your destation quicker.  You could also see what things are close to your destation incase you needed to make other stops.\\

  5. Unknown User (jallison)\\

    This website gives a breif description of each service that RTM can be used in conjunction with.  I wasn't sure if we wanted to list them all here, give a brief descreption, then give the link so the reader could look at each of them in greater detail and figure out how to install.Services

    • API
    • Gmail
    • Google Calendar
    • iGoogle
    • iPhone/iPod touch
    • MilkSync
    • - BlackBerry
    • - Windows Mobile
    • Mobile
    • Offline access
    • Tester Program
    • Translations
    • Twitter
  6. Unknown User (huang101)

    Again, use pictures and little text to explain the examples if possible.