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 This page will cover how Google Talk Video is related to other applications.  In other words, can it be used with other apps?


Google Talk Video has several competitors, one of them being Skype, which has much of the same features as Google Talk Video.  Instead of being called Video Chat, Skype calls it a "video call."  These video calls are free as are the Google Talk Video Chats.

(add screenshot of Skype --  Retrieved April 3, 2009, from

Google Talk Video is also similar to TokBox, which has Video Chat as well.  The setup is a bit different as shown below, but the function is essentially the same.1 (link to reference below)

(add screenshot of TokBox --  Retrieved April 3, 2009, from

Finally, Google Talk Video can be used in conjunction with the chat function on Google Talk.  For instance, one can video chat and use regular chat simultaneously.2 (link to reference below)

1. Reference:

2. Reference:


1.International Applications(in China)

 We can also use G-talk Video to have a video chat in G-mail in China, though few people use it at present. Just download the plug-ins for Voice and Video chat as the following page shows.  1 (Link to Reference  1  of this page)

There are many other applications equipped with the function of voice and video chatting in China, such as QQ, Live Messenger (MSN), TOM-Skype, BaiduHi.


QQ is a tool for real-time chat, which is developed by China's Tencent. There are a number of features in QQ. People can use this tool to chat (text, voice or video), send and receive e-mail, transfer files, write blog, and play games. It is widely used in China by all kinds of people. As of June 2006, there are 600 million QQ users. You can sign up for a free QQ account. The icon and interface are as follows:

Compared to Google talk video, QQ is quite convenient, because you do not need to re-install plug-ins. The function is integrated in the software itself. Simply click the Toolbar button on the video, and wait for the other party agrees, so it can be a video chat. Generally speaking, QQ video resolution is relatively low. This also depends on the personal computer-definition camera. Comparison with MSN, the picture quality of QQ is not particularly good. Generally speaking, QQ video resolution is relatively low. This also depends on the personal computer-definition camera. Comparison with MSN, the picture quality of QQ is not particularly good. In contrast, QQ has better audio quality.  2 (Link to Reference  2  of this page)

(2)Live Messenger (MSN)

MSN is one of the best four personal instant communication tools in China. There is a large number of groups, especially those office workers use it to communicate with others.  3 (Link to Reference 3  of this page)Someone found that MSN seems to use a similar "Image Smoothing" or "dynamic compensation" technology, whether it is static or dynamic, the video quality are much better than other video chat soft-wares. The icon and interface are as follows:


In audio comparison, MSN has excellent impression in the masses. In addition to better restoring the true voice, it is fluent instead of being delayed or interrupted. MSN is well-known for its concise interface, users can easily get started. The main reason is that its video and audio chat button has been placed at the location of eye-catching message window. Click on the icons, and invitation can be issued. However, since the premise of talking to anyone is to be aware of its e-mail address, the objects to communication are inevitable limited. MSN does not provide many unique features. We can not capture or preserve the video image; the only option is to set the size of video images. 4 (Link to Reference 4 of this page)


There are also a lot of people in China who are fond of Tom-Skype, an excellent voice communication tool. Compared with other common chat tools, the number of people who use it is rather limited. It has the basic functions of making a call, chatting (text, voice, or video), and transferring files. The video quality of is not very good, compared to the voice quality. As a result, we use it for voice communication more often than video. The icon and interface of Tom-Skype are as follows:


The second edition of Skype integrated the function of video chat through the plug of Spontania4Skype (a P2P video plug-in). On the whole, it does not have much more advantages over other video chat applications. 5(Link to Reference 5 of this page)


Just as the name of the application has shown, it is used to say "Hi" to others. Compared with the aforementioned applications, even fewer people use it in daily lives. It is a small green software with no advertisements. Functions such as chat (text, voice, video), transferring files are also integrated in. The icon and interface are as follows:

       Except for the common functions, BaiduHi has its unique features. Combined with the powerful search function of Baidu (a search engine in China), the one-key search service make both search and communication much easier. 6* (Link to Reference 6 of this page)*

2.In what ways is G-talk Video similar to other applications?

       As a new video-chat tool born no more than half a year, G-talk is still rather strange to many people all over the world. G-talk Video is very similar to other chat tools that provide video chat function, like the applications we list above.

3.In what ways is G-talk Video unique and different than other applications?

     According to our experience, G-talk Video is different from the other applications in the following aspects:

     (1) User Account: You don't have to register other account to experience this function. A google account will work;

     (2) Install WAY: It supplies us the video chat function through a separate plug-in, rather than the function integrated in the application itself;

     (3) Chat WAY: The function is embeld in G-mail, rather than a separate chat tool.

4.G-talk Video's International Aspects

(1) In what ways can G-talk Video be used as an international tool?

With the function of Video chat, G-talk Video can compete with various international video chat tools. With a google account, users can choose from as many as 53 kinds of languages to download the plug-in as they like.7 * (Link to Reference 6 of this page)*  This is convenient for those who are familiar with English but have the passion to use it. Users of G-talk Video can have a chat with people from all the countries all over the world freely. G-talk Video is also a free chat tool, the only cost is the internet connection.

(2)How can teachers use G-talk Video internationally to benefit their classroom?

Teachers can use G-talk Video as an international tool in their classrooms. With G-talk Video, students can interact with students from differnt countries. On the one hand, it will provide students additonal opportunities to get acquainted with cultures and history of another country via chatting, which undoubtedly brodens the views of the students; on the other hand, with the G-talk Video, teachers can observe how the same class is going on in another country in real time, which will benefit them a lot in teaching strategies. Except for communicating with teachers and students abroad, G-talk Video will have great value in instruction of language and motor skills. 

(3)What are the disadvantages of using G-talk Video as an international tool?

As we all know, G-talk Video is web-based, it can only work where a good internet connection is readily availabe. This limits the people who can access this tool. The second problem is that the  quality of connection influences the quality of video and audio greatly. If the connection is not good enough, the video image will be too  vague to figure out. Meanwhile, one will not be able to hear what the other is talking about. The third is that the internet is not free though one doesn't need to pay for the tool itself. It is reported that in some part of the world, especially the backward regions, it is rather expensive to connect internet. Such a large extra cost cannot be neglected.

(4)How is it used differently domesticaly than internationally?

 There are mainly two differences: the language and cultures. If one wants to video chat with a person from another country, the two should have a way to understand each other. For example, they can both speak English though one of the two is from China. Another difference is about the cultures. Different countries have different cultures. In a video chat, one can see the gestures of others. The same gesture in different cultures may have different meaning. If one of them hasn't noticed that, it may bring about some misunderstandings.

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