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Chapter Written By: Jessica Allison, Jeffrey Disney, Jordan Foegley, Moriah Millburg, Lindsey Miller, Allison Towsley and Katherine Tuite

What Are the Uses of Remember the Milk?">What Are the Uses of Remember the Milk?

Remember the Milk is a free online service that is used to manage daily tasks. Anybody can use this on and  offline and access it on devices such as an iPhone, iPad, and any Smartphone. Remember the Milk keeps records of all your tasks from the present and the past. Remember the Milk was created in order to make task managing easier and more fun. Forget about all those random sticky notes everywhere, put everything in one place! 

What Does It Do?">What Does It Do?

Remember The Milk allows you to create multiple tasks lists, prioritize your tasks, and share your tasks with others. When using it, one can specify various fields about the task: when it is due, where it is located, and how long it will take. Mark your tasks as completed or postpone your tasks to the next day. 

Who Uses Remember the Milk?">Who Uses Remember the Milk?

Remember the Milk isn't just about remembering the milk, but will allow one to get organized in every aspect of life. It is used by people in the business world, teachers, parents, students, and anyone who wants to create a list and be organized. 

Table of Contents


   I.1 Development
   I.2 How Does Remember the Milk Work?
   I.3 Getting More Out of Remember the Milk


How Does Remember the Milk Relate to Other Applications?
   II.1 More of Its Uses
   II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
       III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
           i. Elementary
           ii. Secondary
           iii. Post Secondary
       III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How is Remember the Milk Used Internationally?



I. History">I. History

I.1 Development">I.1 Development

Remember the Milk was launched in October 2005 by founders Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani. It started with a simple idea in August 2004 and branched out into a complex website as they continued to integrate many applications and features. Ab Kilani is the software engineer, and Arvid Bux is Remember the Milk's support engineer. A stuffed monkey named Bob T. Monkey is also a founder of this website. Remember the Milk is actually a small, virtual, Australian company. Everyone does their work from home from three different continents. 1, 2

I.2 How Does Remember the Milk Work?">I.2 How Does Remember the Milk Work?

Remember the Milk is a free online service that is used to manage daily tasks. To get started, all you have to do is sign up. Signing up for Remember the Milk is very simple. Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to remembering the milk.

  • Go to [] and click on the blue box that says "Sign up Now".
  • Then, you will reach a page like the one below. Fill in the requested information.
  • If you want a more interactive and detailed version of Remember the Milk, you can sign up for Remember the Milk Pro which has a $25 annual fee. 4

A continuation of what happens after you sign up for Remember the Milk is located in the "Getting More Out of Remember the Milk" section below.

For an introduction and tutorial on Remember the Milk, click the link below.

I.3 Getting More Out of Remember the Milk">I.3 Getting More Out of Remember the Milk


Once you have signed up for Remember the Milk, the overview screen will appear. This tab always appears when you first log in, although you can change it so that it loads your task page first. The overview page also contains a link to print off a weekly planner. The overview screen organizes your tasks into three categories shown by the three tabs: "Today", "Tomorrow", and "Overdue". It is a 'view only' page of your tasks and you cannot make changes to it.


In order to add tasks or make changes, click on the tasks link in the top right corner. This is the screen where you can enter all of your tasks. The default tabs on the tasks page are "Inbox", "Personal", "Study", "Work", "Sent", and "All Tasks". These are the lists in which you can organize your tasks. Once you choose a list to add a task to, click on "add task" or type 't'. This brings up a new row to add your task. After adding your task, a box to the right of your list allows you to get specific and edit information such as due date, location, etc. If you need to add even more information about a task, then you can also add a note.

Changing Your Lists

If you don't like the default task lists, you can personalize them to better fit your needs. Click on the settings link in the top right corner. Then choose the "Lists" tab. Here you can add as many lists as you would like and delete those you don't want. The only ones that are permanent are the inbox and sent lists. The nice thing is if you have a task in a list that you delete, it automatically gets sent to your inbox list.

You can also change your default list to a different list. To change your default list6:

  1. Click on Settings at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Lists tab.
  3. Select the list that you wish to set as your default.
  4. Click on More Actions....
  5. Select Set As Default from the dropdown.

Inbox and Sent Lists

The permanent lists, Inbox and Sent, are useful if you want to use a contact list. On the contact list you can add email addresses or other users on RTM. Then you can send tasks to or share tasks with your contacts, if they have also added you as a contact. You can also organize your contacts into groups if you would like.

The "Inbox" can be used for different things. It can contain tasks that other users have sent or shared with you, tasks you've emailed to your own Inbox, and tasks that you have sent using Twitter. Tasks off of lists that you delete also go onto your inbox list. If you add a task while viewing "All Tasks", then your task gets added to the inbox list.

More Organization

There are many more ways to organize your to-do lists. Not only can you have them categorized by subject through your different lists, you can create tags to specify tasks even more! If you need to organize your study tasks into more specific terms, you can tag them with "engl 241", "reading", "online", or "research".  This can help you search for tasks more easily and organize your to-do list even more! By setting priorities you can also organize your lists.  Remember the Milk color codes them so you know which ones you need to focus on.

You can further organize you list through smart lists. Smart lists are created through criteria you choose, and they automatically update as your tasks change. You can create smart lists that only show specific types of tasks such as those without a due date or those that are tagged in a certain way. Also, smart lists aren't limited to one criteria; you are aloud to use multiple criteria.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by exploring Remember the Milk quickly! Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are as follows:6



Add a new item to the current list



Complete the selected task/s



Postpone the selected task/s by one day if they have a due date


Due Date

Change the due date of the selected task



Change the repeat of the selected task


Time Estimate

Change the time estimate of the selected task



Change the tags for the selected task



Change the URL for the selected task



Change the location for the selected task


Add Note

Add a note to the selected task



Rename the selected item



Undo the last action


Priority 1

Set the priority of the selected task/s to 1


Priority 2

Set the priority of the selected task/s to 2


Priority 3

Set the priority of the selected task/s to 3


No Priority

Set the selected task/s to have no priority



Delete the currently selected task(s)


Select All

Select all items in the current list


Select None

Select none of the items in the current list


Move Up

When on a list, move the cursor up


Move Down

When on a list, move the cursor down


Select Item

When on a list, select an item


Switch Tabs

Switch between tabs (e.g. Task and Notes)



Toggle multi-edit mode on or off (default is off); Smart Add must be disabled in Settings.



Save input and move to the next input field



Remove the cursor from the current input field

If you'd like to see combination and location keyboard shortcuts, check out Remember the Milk's Keyboard Shortcut page.


You can choose to have Remember the Milk send you reminders for upcoming tasks. Before RTM can do this, however, you need to set up your timezone on the "Settings" screen. After you do this, you can set up your preferences for under the "Reminders" tab. You can choose to have RTM send you a reminder the day before a task is due, ten minutes before, or anywhere in between. You can also choose how you'd like to receive your reminders, whether that be by cell phone, instant messaging, or email. These options require you to enter the relevant information before saving your preferences.6 Some other available programs that reminders can be sent: Twitter, Google Talk, Jabster, MSN, and Skype. 


Under this tab you can make goals for yourself. These goals can be long term and short term.  You should make goals that can be reachable in a good amount of time.  You can also set reminders on your goal so that you know when you want to reach your goal, or when certain dead lines for that goal need to be met.  

The Blog

Another feature to this site is the Remember the Milk Blog. You can find the blog on the main screen before you log on, or you can access the blog through a link at the bottom of the page. On the blog you can find hints and tricks for making the most of the website, and also the managers of the site use this as a way to contact their users and tell them what is happening with the site and as a way to look for others who want to have a bigger role in the site.

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II. How Does Remember the Milk Relate to Other Applications?">II. How Does Remember the Milk Relate to Other Applications?

II.1 More of Its Uses">II.1 More of Its Uses

So how can Remember the Milk be used? Since everyone has a to-do list, appointments, and other personal things to keep track of, it can be used for all of these. Here are some ideas on how Remember the Milk can be used to make your life a little easier.

Personal Use

Use Remember the Milk for all your personal needs and tasks including grocery lists, daily to-do lists, vacation packing lists and much more. Change the language to fit your needs once you get an account.

Collaborative Use

Share tasks with others that you put on your contact list.


Maybe you are the business manager of a company. You need to keep yourself as organized as possible so that you can be a straightforward leader to your employees. If you are scatterbrained no one is going to take you seriously. So get an account on RTM and organize your work life so that you can be the best leader you can. Set reminders for meetings, work shifts, and for important employee requests. Make your workplace better by having a better relationship with your employees. This can happen if you remember everything you need to get done for the employees AND the company.


Whether you are a mom, dad, or teenager, RTM can be of use to you. Most of the family is becoming more technically advanced, so put your family tasks on the computer! By having an RTM account, the family can stay connected to one another and keep track of what other family members are doing. Forgot to tell Mom about your soccer game? With RTM you could have sent her a reminder while she was at work. Share grocery items, appointments, and chores with the entire family or just a few members. Make goals for around the house such as home improvement projects, winterization prioritites, or things to be fixed. Make a list of bills that need paid, things to take on vacations, or Christmas Wish Lists. The list is endless!


  • Appointments
  • Shopping Lists
  • Hobbies
  • Birthdays

II.2 Unique Uses">II.2 Unique Uses

As if Remember the Milk is not unique enough, there are some applications and programs that can enhance your Remember the Milk Experience.

  • Remember the Milk also works with Google Calendar.  Google Calendar adds an icon to each day so that users can easily manage their RTM account by adding new tasks and editing new ones, complete and postpone existing tasks, and use Google Maps.
  • Google Gears can be used to access your tasks even when you are offline.  Simply install the Google Gears plugin and you are on your way! 
  • Twitter can be used in close conjunction with your Remember the Milk account.  However you must have a Twitter account.  Twitter is a type of short messaging application that is actually used in conjunction with many different devices.  With Remember the Milk it can be used to send yourself and other Twitter/Remember the Milk users' tasks, update your tasks, and send yourself specific lists of tasks.  You can also set up reminders through Twitter.  All of these things can be done through Twitter directly, your phone, IM, or other 3rd party applications. Tasks added by Twitter and email will be automatically added to your default list6.

  • Gmail Gadget can be added to any Gmail account, giving convenient access to your tasks alongside your email. Review your upcoming tasks for the week (including any overdue), add new tasks and edit existing ones, easily complete and postpone tasks, and customize the display.

  • You can also download the Remember the Milk application for free on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, visit your iTunes store and search for Remember the Milk. If you have an iPhone 4S, Siri can be incorporated into the RTM app. All you need to do is ask Siri to remind you, and the task will automatically appear on your RTM task list6.
  • A Remember the Milk application is now also available for download on Android phones.6
  • Jott Links is a program that you can use with Remember the Milk. Jott Links allows you to access all your favorite web services with your voice, including Remember the Milk. Connect to your Remember the Milk account with just one simple phone call to 866-JOTT-123.

    The following video shows how to add Jott Links to your Remember the Milk account.

  • You can also access Google Maps directly from your RTM account.  By clicking on the Locations link, a Google Map comes up for easy access.  This can help you locate where your tasks are and what's on the way to plan your most efficient route.

  Remember the Milk can also be used with a number of different softwares and devices.

  • IPads
  • IPhones
  • BlackBerrys
  • Siri Software

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III. Real World Application">III. Real World Application

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans">III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

">i. Elementary Lesson Plans

(1) Due Date Organization

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to organize their due dates for an assignment about the writing process.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, learn the steps of the writing process, and learn how to organize their due dates for an assignment.

Due Date Organization (PDF)
Due Date Organization (DOC)

(2) Neighborhood Safari (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to list their observations of the different animals in their neighborhoods.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, observe animals in their neighborhoods, and record their observations on Remember the Milk.

Animal Safari (PDF)
Animal Safari (DOC)

">ii. Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Timeline Presentation

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to create a list of tasks they must complete in order to finish their timeline presentation.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, create a list of tasks to be done, create a timeline of a person's life during World War II, create a visual aid, and finally create a presentation.

Timeline Presentation (PDF)
Timeline Presentation (DOC)

(2) Science Fair Project (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to keep track of the tasks they must complete before presenting their research at the science fair.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, learn how keep track of tasks, research a science topic, and then present their topic at the science fair.

Science Fair Project (PDF)
Science Fair Project (DOC)

(3) Create a Game

In this lesson plan, students will be asked to prepare a task list using Remember the Milk. It will engage the students outside of the classroom, as well. The Students will learn how to use their creativity to create a game, but also manage their time wisely.

Create a Game (DOC)

Create a Game (PDF)

(3) Amendment Research Paper

In this lesson plan, students will be using Remember the Milk to keep track of their due dates and the tasks they need to complete to finish the paper.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, learn how manage their due dates, and research an amendment to the constitution.

Amendment Research Paper lesson plan.pdf

Amendment Research Paper lesson plan.docx

(4) Online Greek Adventure

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to keep track of tasks in an online scavenger hunt!

Greek Mythology Adventure Sheet.docx

Greek Mythology Adventure Sheet.pdf

">iii. Post Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Lobes of the Brain (S.T.E.M.)

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to create a task list in order to complete parts of their presentation.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, research two lobes of the brain, and then present their information to their peers.

Lobes of the Brain (PDF)
Lobes of the Brain (DOC)

(2) Extreme Vocabulary

In this lesson plan, students will use Remember the Milk to make a list of ten vocabulary words that they will need to study each week during the lesson unit.

The students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk, learn ten vocabulary words each week, and then will be tested upon their knowledge of the words.

Extreme Vocabulary (PDF)
Extreme Vocabulary (DOC)

Swine Reproductive System 

In this lesson plan students will use Remember the Milk to keep a task list of all the due dates for their presentation. 

Students will have to learn how to use Remember the Milk to help them keep organized, learn the different reproductive parts of male and female, and make a presentation that they will present to the class. 

edci 270 swine reproduction lesson plans.pdf

edci 270 swine reproduction lesson plans.pdfObjectives.docx

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Students and parents of students know that school can get crazy! To make sure that you are in the know, get a free account to Remember the Milk and share your tasks with each other.  Share homework due dates, baseball practice times, games, band concerts, field trips, and club meetings. With easy updating and sharing, parents can easily and quickly be informed of their student's schedule. No more getting left at school after practice, or being late to that meeting.


In the higher grades of elementary school, many students need to begin learning how to get organized.  Most teachers require students to use assignment notebooks.  In the new digital era, teachers can introduce students to RTM.  Not only could students fit more onto this website, they wouldn't have to decipher their messy handwriting because it is all typed!  Begin by allowing all students to get a RTM account and show the simple features first.  Add tasks, and organize them into different lists.  As the students get the hang of it, introduce reminders, prioritizing, and tagging.


In middle and high schools, RTM can be even more beneficial.  Once students get an account, add them to your contact list and then add those student contacts into a group.  From there you can send your students tasks from your personal RTM account to theirs.  This can make it easy to either assign homework and due dates or send reminders.  So not only can you use RTM to keep organized, so can your students. RTM might appeal better to technologically advanced students rather than an ordinary notebook or planner. RTM can be used to help students with their personal organization skills, but teachers should be aware of some of the applications such as text messaging or instant messaging since these applications aren't allowed in most schools.

Post-Secondary Education

Once students reach college, most have access to a computer daily and even own laptops.  An online task organizer is much more appealing to today's digital natives, than the old school notebook planner.  So introduce RTM to your students!  Although there are many applications for instructors to use to assign homework, RTM can make it more beneficial to instructors AND students.  Instructors could basically have a schedule of their class on RTM and send out the tasks and homework assignments to the students.  Every class can be organized in the same application instead of professors and instructors using different ones.  As an instructor, you can use RTM just as much as your students.  After putting it to use for all your organizational needs, you can easily help students use it as well, if they need it.


As a teacher, there is a lot to keep track of.  Use RTM to get the most organized that you have ever been.  Set due dates to make lesson plans, or better yet, put your daily hour by hour lessons on your RTM account. You won't need to carry around your planner anymore, just access it online!  Keep your lessons on a separate list from board meetings, needed materials, and papers to grade. One could use Remember the Milk for the following.

  • Band/choir concerts
  • Sports events and sports practices
  • Club meetings
  • Dances
  • Field trips
  • Homework
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Dates to pack lunch
  • PTA Meetings


Not only can RTM be of use for student in the classroom, it can also be used within the staff of the school and school corporation. RTM would allow the principal to communicate dates and times of meetings easily to the staff of the school.  Conveniently this information comes up with the rest of your to-do lists. Check out the link below to see an idea of how to incorporate RTM into your school.

Business Leader

So now that you are organized and can be a more organized boss,  how do you encourage your team to be the best they can be as well?  Get them organized!  Get everyone signed up to RTM and share tasks and due dates with each other.  No more dreadful memos that might get lost and no excuses for late TPS reports.  In addition for having team tasks, each employee can add additional tasks that might also pertain to work or other personal tasks.  Overall, your team will be better organized and have better time management skills, which leads to more efficient workers! The following are examples of how you could use Remember the Milk.

  • Reminders
  • Project due dates
  • Meetings
  • Progress updates

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V. How is Remember the Milk Used Internationally?">V. How is Remember the Milk Used Internationally?

Remember the Milk is an international company. Remember the Milk is a company based out of Australia and has team members from three different continents. Therefore, RTM is very beneficial internationally. Around the world Remember the Milk can be used for personal needs and tasks, sharing tasks with others that add to your contact list, organization for any job or class, reminders, meetings, and even birthdays! It is a great way to use technology to keep yourself up-to-date and organized. AND it is easier to access than a regular datebook or organizer. Change the language to meet your needs. Go to settings on your account and the language option is under the general tab. 2

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VI. References">VI. References

The following are references that were used while compiling information about Facebook Chat.







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