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Jenn Bartick:
Basically, I understand that google Presenter is a internet-network wide presentation program like Microsoft PowerPoint. Instead of being saved to a single computer server, which is only attainable at that computer or by a USB drive, presentations are saved to Google's satellite network. By being saved to their network, you are able to pull up the presentation anywhere there is internet access. You are also able to create a PowerPoint on Microsoft and upload it to Google, where then you also have the option of opening the presentation anywhere with internet access. The following website uses Google Presenter, so it serves as a pretty good example:
Jenn Bartick:
Google Presenter is apart of Google Docs, which is described on the following webpage: It is stated as convinient because "clients don't have to install the software or worry about upgrading it." The service makes it easy for companies or groups to collaborate. It also makes it easy to share with others. Google Presenter is different from Microsoft PowerPoint not only because of the unlimited availability of the presentations, but Google allows others to sign-on and edit other's presentations.
Jenn Bartick:
Here is a website that discusses the good and poor aspects of Presenter:


Joe Clemmer:


 As Jennifer said, Google Presenter (GP) is a "powerpoint-esk" presenting tool. The main advantage of GP is that it is not limited to the computer it was created on. The internet plays a vital roll in the sucess of this program however, and without acess to it, this program is useless. This might be an important point to include. GP takes advantage of the internet to provide its users with ease of use and a simple way to always have acess to ones projects (internet permitting).

Caitlyn Pohland:

There are many benefits of using Google presenter. One benefit I found on Google presenter is that since the slideshow is being presented online and has a chat feature avaliable, anyone has to capibility to have a synchronous discussion. This allows anyone to ask questions or add comments and get back immediate feedback. The website explains the chat feature that is available on Google presenter, along with the benefits and limits of Google presenter. 

Next I will explain some limits when using Google presenter. Some limits are that there is no audio available on google presenter. You cannot hear the presenter or slideshow without another application such as scype. Also, I mentioned the chat feature earlier, but in order for everyone to chat, everyone must have their own computer. The chat also has no archive so you cannot go back and review what you chatted about. I feel that these limitations are important to know while using google presenter because a teacher that has certain restrictions on computers or students with hearing or visual disabilities may not want to use this application.The source is another website that provides similar limits to watch out for when using google presentations. 

Some other interesting facts that I found about Google presenter are that author notes can be added to the slides. This could be useful for the presenters, so they can remember certain things to be said that are not directly on the slides. Also, similar to powerpoint, there are many options for different color displays and text options. This can make the slideshow more visually appealing and if done correctly, easier to read. It is imporant to choose the right colors and text, so the audience can clearly see and understand the presentation. Also, the site zooms well, so you can magnify certain parts that you would like to make larger for the audience. This website is a source with individuals thoughts and opinions on Google Presenter. 

Taylor Halko:

I found an interesting website with a helpful video about the Google Documents with presenter.  The website is

They basically say that normally it would be hard to do a group project because one person would be sent information he or she wants to add and then the leader would have to give revisions and then it send back.  Other group member would then send their information to the leader as well and then that leader would again have to send it back, which could go on for days.  This would make for a mess with more presentations than you really need.  With the Google Presenter, all the group members can be sent a link where all of them can work on it at the same time.  The edit version would appear immediately so there would be no time delays, which speeds up the process of making the presentation.  Google Presenter is great for group projects, such as what we are doing now here on wiki.

Taylor Halko:

They also stated on that website that it would be available in twenty-five different languages, which makes it a great presenter to use for around the the world.  I do feel that the access of internet could be an issue, but as a teacher it is nice to know that no matter what kind of programs that your school has, it will open and work on the spot with internet.  I know that when I use the different versions of PowerPoint, they cause problems opening on different computers, especially with my mac, and also the different years of powerpoint, such as 2004 and 2007, also cause problems opening.  When I opened my PowerPoint on a 2007 where I made it, it works great, but when I open it up in the 2004 PowerPoint, after waiting forever to allow it to work and configure to older version, my text is moved slightly and words become unseen because they are covered by pictures.  Google Presenter can make lives easier in this manner by not having to worry about whether it will open or not; it will.

Jesse Wuethrich:
I found a great website that gives a short step-by-step instruction of how to get started on a new presentation using Google Presenter. It isn't much but it could be useful if we want to add some instructional images to our main page. The link is*.*

Jesse Wuethrich:

It seems that Google Presenter is similar to a wiki in that it saves the edits you make to it so at any time you can refer back to an earlier version of you presentation. I got this info off of a blogging website but it seemed to be credible.

Camilla Cook:

I created an igoogle account and started to make a presentation. It is just like powerpoint, but in a much simpler form. Here is a video that explains how it can be useful for teaching and the alike (it was created by google) I highly recomend that you watch it, because it gave exact deatils.

Talk soon


Joe Clemmer:

i found another website ( that gives some testimony to how good google presenter is. It seems to move much faster than power point as well as allows for more seamless integration of pictures, videos.... ect. Also, GP is much much easier to use than PP. I suggest everyone take a look at what this product tester has to say (it's pretty interesting).

Kaitlin Aubrey:

Google Presenter is a new program that I haven't heard or learned about till now.  After exploring the program I've realized that it's very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint with a few exceptions.  Google Presenter lets you save your project to your account through google then open it somewhere else on another computer that has access to the internet.  This saves you the hassle of saving it to a hard drive or emailing it to yourself with the threat that it may not transfer successfully.  Check out this website, it may help you understand the program more throughly,<>.  It seems like a very helpful program and I'm excited to learn more about it and explain it to the class.

Jenn Bartick:
I agree with Kaitlin on the idea of saving one's presentation to Google's network as the greatest difference this has to Microsoft PowerPoint or others. This is especially important for teachers because they can swap presentations with their colleagues or simply pull them up outside of their classroom

Taylor Halko:

It seems that Camilla, Kaitlin, and I all have the same video on different websites.  It is a very helpful video, I agree, and I think that everyone should take sometime to watch it.  I found another different informative video at . This video explains how it works and all that is available for Google Presentation.  I like how you can add different formats of PowerPoint on Google Presentation or just make it there.  The chat part is also a very unique and helpful feature. 

Daniel West:

Google presenter is a web 2.0 application, that allows the user to be able to view the slideshows presented in Powerpoint. Users can view a slideshow in an e-mail straight off the web instead of the necessity of using windows office suite (powerpoint).

Daniel West:

An advantage to using Google Presenter is the fact that it is an online based application, which makes the application accessible ot multiple users; whereas Powerpoint would only be used as a single user or in powerpoint presentations at a conference room or classroom. Through using the web based application multiple users can access, view, and edit the slideshows.

Daniel West:

One of the problems or downsides with Google Presenter is that you can upload Powerpoint files with some consistency in file reproduction but it only exports with HTML files in ZIP file.

Drew Eubank:

While there is the issue of having no sound, it does appear easier than with a powerpoint to use a video found on the web. Instead of having to post a link to the video, you can imbed the video right there in the presentation.

Drew Eubank:

Accordingto, which Jenn sited as well, the table feature in presenter tends not to read as it as meant to during a presentation. that could be a big problem.

Drew Eubank:

Also rather than having to search for a presentation you can just email a link to it, which is far more efficient than emailing an attatchment of a powerpoint.

Kaitlin Aubrey:

After looking more into Google Presenter I've found another interest quality. The original Microsoft PowerPoint is hard to use to coordinate a group project because you're forced to email back and fourth which takes time and can be frustrating. Google Presenter is easier to organize, share, present presentations using a web browser. As long as you have a log in account anyone can go in and edit, save and share the same project. This keeps the project in one place that everyone can access. 

Kaitlin Aubrey:

If you want to present your slideshow, you can use a program called Google Talk.  The audience can then talk to each other about the presentation as they're watching. The makers have included a feature that can translate the presentation in 25 languages.

Jesse Wuethrich

It seems that it is very easy to let other people see you work using the SHARE button at the top left of the google presenter toolbar. You can pick if the person can change the program or just look at it, and say wether or not those people can send it on to others.

Camilla Cook

I have found tha tin Australia we do call it by Google Presentation, but due to the increase of Americanisation within Australian society, there seem to be no diffreneces in the programming, and it is used the same was as in the US. I looked through education Queenslands website, and there have been no publications or announcments about the use of Presenter in classrooms. Most schools do use google, email, and microsoft office, but still havent used Presenter to enhance the conectivity and communciaton. Most classrooms are still using powerpoint.  

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  3. Google Presenter was introduced by Google in September 2007.

    A feature of Google Docs, it allows users to create and edit presentations online. Google Presenter stands as a strong competitor to Microsoft PowerPoint. It enables multiple users access to the same presentation and at the same time.

    This eliminates the need for messye-mail attachments going back and forth between users, duplicating work over and over.

    The only requirement is internet, the rest is free, unlike Microsoft PowerPoint where you can purchase the newer version once every couple of years!

    I found more info on these sites:             

  4. Google Presenter

    I just finished typing up my three things about Google Presenter and when I went to post it I was transferred back to the log in page.  I had to log in again and my information had disappeared.  So it looks like I have to start all over again and retype unless anyone can tell me where my typing might have gone?



  5. Google Presenter

    Google Presenter is an online tool that is used to create presentations to be shared on line. It saves having to share presentations by email which can be difficult due to size of file and it is time-consuming.  This aplication helps you to easily organize, share, present, and collaborate on presentations, using only a web browser.