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In this page will be all the information or answers from the questions about Diigo. 

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  1. After look around on the Diigo site, i found some information that you can add diigo on your facebook. Diigo is alot like the other applications that you can add while your on facebook. I added the application and its kind of confusing, but it looks like you can get more info on some subjects if you press on the links. It also has google ads on its actual website, but it didnt seem like the stuff was too helpful. I could not find a whole lot information, it seems like this is still up and coming and it will be hard to use for awhile.

  2. Unknown User (stolarz)

    In order to start using Diigo, you first must create a profile, quite similar to facebook and myspace. It is a free site, and I didn't have to give out too much personal information in order to use it. Diigo functions mainly as a bookmarking site. By doing so, you can bookmark or tag some segments or even whole websites and organize them, instead of using the bookmarks or history that are already stored on your personal computer. After bookmarking a page or segment from a page, it can then be shared with whom ever you want to see it. All in all, Diigo can make groupwork run more smoothly and also help organize your data.

  3. (F.)         Within an educational situation this application can be used for a verity of ways.  In the elementary setting this could be a good way for parents and teachers to communicate if they questions or comments about their child's homework or assignments.  It could also be helpful if a child were sick, the parent would be able get the homework for that day.  This could also be used in the secondary setting as well.  Another way that older students could use this application is by discussing topics or lessons with other students from different states.  They could get their opinions or gain knowledge from them all the way across the county.

                    With college age students they could get information or research topics based on what other students have posted.  They could use their information as reference to their own projects or papers.  In the business industry a person could find other people who have similar interest as them or that are in the same field as they are.  The whole application is a big networking system getting you connect with other people from all across the work

  4. Unknown User (jbfrauhi)

    Josh Frauhiger

    DiigoThe title of the application that we are using is called diigo. We are a 12-person team with diverse experience in software development, marketing, academia, and investment management, who share the common traits of information junkies (smile) . We are developing Diigo to scratch our personal itch - how to discover, process, manage, and share online information more productively and effectively. We are passionate about making Diigo the best knowledge sharing and management platform for individuals, work groups, and companies. Diigo is headquartered in the Reno/Tahoe area, Nevada, USA.
    These are the names I could find Wade Ren and Maggie Tsai
    What is the purpose of diigo
    Diigo is two services in one -- it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.
    Diigo enables effective collaborative research. You can easily share your findings, complete with your highlights and sticky notes, with friends and colleagues. A project team, a class, or a club can create a group on Diigo to pool relevant resources, findings and thoughts together.
    It is A Social Content Site
    With every Diigo user tagging and annotating pages online, the Diigo community has collectively created a wonderful repository of quality content, filtered and annotated by the community, on almost any subject you may be interested in. For example, if you would like to find popular resources on e-learning, searching Diigo can probably get what you want in less time than using search engines, and you may also gain insights from other users.
    You can find and subscribe to the most recent or most popular bookmarks under any set of tags. Our system also provides recommended news and resources personalized to your interests.
    While you are reading a web page, the Diigo sidebar shows you who else has bookmarked this page or this site, and what other similar pages and sites they have bookmarked, providing you a social browsing experience and a great way to find related content.
    It is A Knowledge-Sharing Community
    Since you are what you annotate - bookmarks, tags, annotations are a great expression of one's interests and expertise - Diigo provides new ways to connect and keep in touch with friends, and to learn both from your friends and about your friends with little extra effort.
    Diigo also provides new ways to connect with others who share similar interests. You can find "people like me" - those who are closest to you in interests, or search people by tags or sites to find others who share certain specific interests with you. Once you find people of interest to you, you can connect with them in multiple ways: invite them to add you as a friend, send them messages, invite them to a group, or simply add them to your watchlist.

  5. Unknown User (bleveren)

                    Some unique ways that diigo can be used are as follows.  It is a virtual chat room almost.  You can add friends and talk to people over chat as is they were right next to you, like yahoo, aim, or even face book.  You can bookmark WebPages that you like and would like to revisit or copy and paste certain paragraphs from certain pages from websites that you like and would like to save right there on the internet and you could come back to it whenever you want.  You can also tag bookmarks so they are never lost, and you can manage them the way you want them to be.  Then if you would happen to delete everything you can just go to your site page and all the sites then you visit the most will be right there for you to look back and see what you were doing.  The last thing you can do is join different groups within diigo that will allow you to further your search, and talk to people that have the same thoughts and have the same things that you like.

  6. Unknown User (brooks1)

    Diigo helps with comunication with deffernt groups  for help it also helps you contact with you group diigo also helps with recording all your thoughts. diigo has to services in one it is a research tool in one hand and  a social content site o nthe outher. you can also highlight portions of web pages aswell. 

  7. Unknown User (eisertd)

    You might watch this video to see how some instructors are using Diigo.