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Hello to everyone in my group!! This is where you will post your comments whenever you find information about our project. I'm very excited to be working with all of you!!

Hi everyone ^_^

this is Minseon,Kim  from Ewha

I'm a graduate student and i'm majoring in Educational Technology.

 i'm 25 in American age.

really sorry to be late.

I just understand how the freescreencast works but, didn't get what i should do.

Anyway, I'm very happy to join this work.

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  1. Unknown User (rgslaven)

    FreeScreencast lets you talk and record whatever you need to perform a lesson. It lets you move your mouse around while telling about the lesson and records it for your students (or whoever else you want) to be able to follow your every move to make it more useful. I found this website and it gave me a lot of valuable information.

    1. Unknown User (powellw)

      Here is a link to it Free Screen cast. Go and play around with the videos.

      1. Unknown User (powellw)





        1. Unknown User (powellw)

          1. Unknown User (powellw)

            Just testing stuff out.

    2. hi all

      this is JiHye or Veronica from Ewha

      i'm majoring in Educational Technology and making a double major in Int'l Sutdies

      and i'm a sophomore, 21 in Korean age, 20 in American age

      really sorry to be late

      i just didn't get what i should do..... 

      but this link makes me understand how the freescreencast works

      i tried making a video clip at the freescreencast, and made.

      i saved my file and i wanted to show you

      but when i click "upload" , suddenly one pop-up window said that there was an error, and then it stopped

      hmm..... when it uploaded successfully, where this file goes? ?

      besides, it is saved to "flv" file.

      but in Korea, we usually use avi or wmv files...

      so i cannot play the file that i made............... T^T

  2. Unknown User (powellw)

    I am Wesley. I am a freshman dual majoring in Agriculture Education and Food Scinece.

  3. Unknown User (aglotzba)

    Hi! My name is Amanda, I'm 21 and a visual arts education major.

    "Screencasting is a very simple concept: record your computer screen and sounds while talking about your actions.

    That's it. The best way to understand the power of screencasting is to just watch one.
    Screencasts are powerful content and the benefits are immediate. No tech degree required and your productivity increases significantly."

  4. Unknown User (jdinius) this website has program feautures, what, and contact information

  5. Unknown User (dpsutkow)

    I found this very useful in the for getting to know the site better.

    "In his article, "Screencasting Recorder: Upload, Share, Publish, Embed - Is Here" Robin Good describes FreeScreencast as, "a new free web-based service that allows you to record anything taking place on your screen in a simple way. Not only. FreeScreencast takes care of uploading your recorded clip and provides you immediately with an embed code to post the screencast on your site. This is the first easy, and inexpensive screencasting tool that truly empowers online publishers to create and publish high-quality screencasts on their blog sites with the minimum effort.""

  6. Unknown User (aglotzba)

    "Screencasts are useful for demonstrating and teaching software features. Creating a screencast helps software developers show off their work. Screencasts are a useful tool for ordinary software users as well, to help report bugs (the movie takes the place of potentially unclear written explanations) or to show others how a given task is accomplished in a specific software environment."

  7. Unknown User (dpsutkow)

    This gave a great description of the site and how it can be used.

    " is a site that allows users to create screencasts for free. Using is easy. All you need to do is download the freesoftware to make your own screencasts. Once you have downloaded the software you can create an account and make as many screencasts as you want. With this software you can share your screencasts with your friends, family, and the world. You can host you’re your screencasts on your blog or website. Publish as many as you want and share your tips and skills with the community. When you visit the site you can browse through all of the screencasts or take a looked at the featured screencasts. is a greatsite for those individuals who do not want to deal with technicality that they could find challenging. is simple and easy, download and publish and there you are."
    Read more:

  8. Unknown User (njriley)

    Hi my names Nathan, I am a sophomore in the College of Education at Purdue University. I'm excited to work on this project and be able to interact with our international partners at the EWHA Women's University.


    We aim to make screencasting easy - at least on the technical side. Our tools provides the features you need and the simplicity you deserve:

    • Very easy to use Screencast Recorder, for producing Screencasts.
    • The ability to instantly upload your Screencast to share with the world.
    • Or, you can just save your Screencast as .FLV file locally... that's right, you can just keep what you produce if you want to.
    • The ability to embed uploaded Screencasts in your blog or website. Let us do the heavy-lifting of hosting your Screencast for you.
    • Did we mention making Screencasting really, really easy? "

    This is the purpose of the site given by the creators of the site.

  9. Unknown User (zzerbee)

    This program does not include Mac's 

    "Please note that it works only with Windows PCs."

  10. Unknown User (aglotzba)

    "FreeScreencast allows you to create Flash-based screencasts for free after downloading the required screecast recorder. The software is ad-free and allows you to publish to the internet in seconds.

    Embed your screencast in your website or blog."

  11. Unknown User (rgslaven)

    this website pointed out all of the features of freescreencast and broke it up into saying what it really was. I really don't know anything about this website so seeing all of the features listed really helps. FreeScreencast allows teachers to interact with students on powerpoints without the teacher actually being right next to the student, which makes learning a lot easier.

  12. Unknown User (dpsutkow)

    This women talks about how this site helped her and why she expresses so much excitement towards the website.

    "I have become a very big fan of the website that allows you to record, save, and view screencasts quickly and easily. Best of all, it's free!!

    I will demonstrate how to create a screencast video using the website and Screencast Recorder application that you download from the website.

    This first video takes you through the process of how to record your screencast. The second video shows you the actual screencast."

  13. Unknown User (aglotzba)

    This website has a lot of great and technical tips on how to use Free Screencast and how to successfuly incorporate it into a learning environment.

  14. Unknown User (jdinius) this website has some peoples opinions about tha site along with a few impotant questions asked about the limits of the websites uses

  15. Unknown User (njriley)

    Here is some more information on screencast,

    "A screencast is a digital movie in which the setting is partly or wholly a computer screen, and in which audio narration describes the on-screen action. It's not a new idea. The screencaster's tools--for video capture, editing, and production of compressed files--have long been used to market software products, and to train people in the use of those products. What's new is the emergence of a genre of documentary filmmaking that tells stories about software-based cultures like Wikipedia,, and content remixing. These uses of the medium, along with a new breed of lightweight software demonstrations, inspired the collaborative coining of a new term, screencast. "

  16. Unknown User (zzerbee)

    May cause some problems, but may not be a huge problem.

    "I did encounter some errors when trying to record full-screen"

  17. Unknown User (jdinius)

    "does a great job of pointing out a complete lack of ‘help’ on the website and asks an important question: does the screencast recording software have a time limit? The short answer is no. The long answer is a bit more complicated, and will involved factors like bandwidth, software stability, free hard drive space, and how critical it would be for you to lose your work. I’ll answer this way: I know of no technical limit on the screencast recording capabilities. However, I, for one, would not use the software to record something I could not afford to lose. We’re not mission critical ready: we’re beta. It works -almost- all the time. How’s that for a honest answer?"

    For those you who do want help, on the left hand of the website:

    "If you’ve got questions, we’re only a click away. As for the lack of help? Our focus goes where our clients want it to. There’s a long list of items that we’re working on: help is not on there because no one has asked for it. I will, however, whip up a FAQ."

  18. Unknown User (jdinius)

    Program features:

    There are really two parts to the client software and the website:

    If you don't know what a screencast is read this first. Or watch a full 3 minute demo.

    Free Screencast Recorder

    • Record any portion or all of the screen, capturing screen video
    • Records 15fps, variable rate (only non-duplicate frames are recorded, decreasing file size)
    • Captures both system and microphone audio
    • Captures the mouse cursor
    • Uses high-quality Adobe Flash screen codec
    • Use integrated tools to setup your screencast
    • Move and size the recording area using the mouse
    • Move and size the recording area to a specific window
    • Move and size any window to the recording area
    • Record full screen, no size limitations (other than what your computer can handle).
    • One click encoding and saving to a ready to go Flash screen codec .FLV file with all the proper metadata in place (view screencast on saving a .FLV).
    • One click uploading to (view screencast on uploading)

    Which brings us to the website:

    • Host your screencast, no matter what the size or resolution for free.
    • Let us do the heavy lifting: after you've uploaded, embed your screencast in your website or blog with a simple copy and paste.
    • Download your screencast at anytime as a .FLV file, ready to go. Watch how easy it is to embed a screencast into a WordPress blog.

    Features are being added fast and furious. We want to be your screencasting solution: email us ideas or problems and we'll make it right: contact@freescreencast.comGet started now! We make screencasting simple from begining to end. Record your screen, upload, and share with ease. No tech degree required. Learn more. Make us better! Whew! We made it to beta. Have questions, comments, suggestions, criticism or an idea? Do tell. Message:Email:Event.observe("betterSubmit", 'click', function(event) { new Ajax.Updater('makeUsBetterDiv','/suggestions/add',

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  19. Unknown User (njriley)

    Here is a site about who, how, where, and when people can and should use screencasting.

  20. Unknown User (jdinius)

    "I'm a big fan of James Hollis' blog, Teachers Love SMART Boards. I emailed James to ask him about the website, which seems to have disappeard from the internet, and to tell him about my idea for using the Jing Project as an alternative.
    He in turn told me about which, like Jing, will allow you to record and then upload a screencast for free, and then to embed that recording in a blog or wiki.
    I just looked at the site briefly, and it seems like a winner! Here is a sample screencast that James Hollis created" wi

  21. Unknown User (zzerbee)

    1. "Download the free screencast recording software
    2. Create a free account to host your screencasts
    3. Publish (You can publish directly to and get embed codes to post your screencast in your website or blog or you can save the .flv file)"

    Its just that easy

  22. Unknown User (rgslaven)

    this website dug into what was good and bad about freescreencast. It is not sure if it will stay free or not and it did have a problem with slowing down a computer. There are other websites that will be competing with freescreencast and that might be better. This website would really help to show the pros and cons of this application.

  23. Unknown User (powellw)

    It is very easy to set up an account. I just did it and it took about 15 seconds.

  24. Unknown User (powellw)

    It's great if you need to learn someting on the fly about a computer. It is mainly computer turorials. I don't think I could learn how to bake a cake on this.

  25. Unknown User (powellw)

    Letter g.

    This application could be used to teach someone in their profession how to use an application specific to the company. Some can get quite complicated so actually showing someone instead of writing it out in an email or telling them could save time.

    Ex. Showing a salesman how to fill out a sales ticket on the computer. Or even lower than that, showing a watier or watriess how to input a food order at a resturatnt.

  26. Unknown User (powellw)

    Secondary Lesson Plans

  27. Unknown User (powellw)

    == heading ==

  28. Hi everyone.

    my name is seul ah jung from ewha.

    Until today it was so hard to login wiki because I didn't receive my password.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to be late.

    I hope I do actively in our project.

    I'm not sure what I do. So, tell me what I do.

    I promise I login Wiki everyday :-)

    1. you'd better mail Ronnie

      Ronnie will give your role in this project :D

  29. Unknown User (powellw)

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    A.   What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

    ·, or FSC was developed by Jason Askew. He is the founder and main developer.

    B.   What is the purpose of the application?

    ·        FreeScreencast is a multi-functional program. The main purpose is the free exchange of knowledge by recording a computer process and putting it on the internet.  

    ·        Screencasting is a very simple concept; record your computer screen and sounds while talking about your actions. This can be used for anything used on a computer. If you are a math, chemistry, or physics teacher, and your students are all confused on how to do a process, you can post how to do it; and with a stylus and a pad, you can get one for about $90, you can capture how to solve a matrix equation.  Your audience benefits from a powerful, simple, and easy to understand presentation. The screencast is your screen, your cursor, your sounds, and your narrative.

    ·  C.    How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?

    ·        Basically to use you have to go to the website and download the program on to your computer. This takes less than a minute. After downloading the application, you will need open FreeScreencast on your computer and create an account. This also takes less than a minute. After your account is created you can follow the steps on the application, create your screencasts, and share your useful information with the world by publishing it on the internet.

    ·  Here is Jason Askew, the founder describing FSC.

    “Our purpose with FSC (as we call it for short) is multi-fold.  Of course,
    money is always at play, but not our all-consuming goal.  FSC has been used
    in many ways we never anticipated.  I think the greatest use I have seen is
    the educational sector.  I am delighted every time a teacher chooses to
    share their knowledge via FSC.  We've made a complex process simple, and it
    has helped the march to set information free.”



    D.   How is it related to other applications?

    · could be used with various other applications. You could put your screencast in a PowerPoint, on a website, in an email, or basically as an added attachment in any other computer application. With FreeScreencast you are able to add an instructional video to any information and send it to anyone, or everyone, in the world.

    ·        FSC can most relate to another online Screencasting/screenshot application called Jing. However, unlike FSC, Jing does not support uploading the videos that you create. Instead, does the exact same thing as FSC, but does not give you knowledge to the entire internet. Instead, you email your screencasts to family, friends, co-workers, or students who have computer-based questions.  

    E.    What are some unique ways of using FSC?

    ·        This program has the potential to be used to answer questions.  If you need to teach a teacher how to use a new computerized gradebook, this application can be used to show how to solve common problems, or just go through what may seem simple to some but others cannot figure out.

    F.    What are some lessons that could be generated through the use of this program?

    G.   How could this program be used within a business/industry situation?

    ·        Education on computer programs the company uses.If you need to teach a sales associate how to fill out a ticket that’s on the computer, just take a screencast of exactly how to do it, and instead of having to tell each new employee, just show them the screencast.

    ·        Or perhaps you are in the restaurant business, and are continually turning over employees. You can save money and time by showing a screencast of how to use all programs on the computer instead of trying to tell them how to do it.

    H.  What are some examples of it being used for its current educational value?

    ·        This is designed to fill the needs of auditory and visual learners. They can see what process they are confused or curious about, and hear the teacher presenting about what they are doing.

    ·        It is being used as an educational tool right now. Math teachers are putting up examples of how to do problems. Any sequential based problem that a student might have and then have trouble with can potentially be placed here.  Beyond math and science, English teachers could use this application to describe how to diagram a sentence. A computer programming teacher could use this application to describe how to solve common problems in programming.

    I.      For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside the US?

    ·        This application could be used for the same thing that it is used in the U.S. I think that it would allow for a more comprehensive distance learning program. With this program, someone from Purdue could teach someone from Beijing calculus, and be able to answer their questions or give them examples of how to do problems.   

    1. Unknown User (dpsutkow)

      E. Teaching through first hand explanation and demonstration is one of the most productive ways to inform others on new skills to aquire.  This website gives anyone that ability.  Some creative ways to use Freescreencast range from learning how to complete a math homework assignment to learning to effectively manage a software program.  The possibilities for Freescreencast are virtually endless and soon any task that is desired to learn will be at the finger tips of anyone with a computer.

    2. Unknown User (jdinius)

      A.   What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

      ·, or FSC was created by passionate developers who saw a need for a  tool such as free screen cast.  They created this tool for themselves as well as anybody else that needed it.  They believed other ways to screencast were too expensive and nothing did the job from start to end.  The main developer and founder was a man by the name of Jason Askew.

  30. OMG i checked your questionnairs

    it's really AWESOME!!!!!

    why didn't you guys tell us to do sth??

    anyway thanx for your work and tell us what to do...

    this is my email address

    anyone can mail me and ask me to do sth

    if you have problem with other team mates of me, i can tell them

    (although my english isn't that good... hahaha......)

    and what about on-line meeting with us????

    i'm waiting for that :)

  31. Wow! New questions are very good! I like it.

    I'll expecting online meeting with skype. :-)