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  1. Unknown User (mtople)

    Hey everyone! Please leave three unique comments to this page by Sunday 11/1 midnight! Make sure if you use other websites for imformation to site them.



  2. Unknown User (coy)

    6rounds was developed by a company based in Isreal. The logo is see you around. They have partnered with the very well known company, google wave. It was made so you can talk with people on the comuter and be able to play games with them. You are also able to do things like drop a kiss or a bomb, and when you do one of those actions, it shows up on the other person's screen.

  3. Unknown User (ewhitney)

    • 6Rounds is a live meeting point
    • One does not need a webcam, you can text chat or use microphones to talk
    • "Rounds" are 1 on1 chats lasting 10 minutes, you are able to join any rounds available
    • The "street" is the first thing you see in the Lobby. You walk around to see who is online. If you see someone you would like to know invite them to a round.
  4. Unknown User (burke15)

    1. The founder of 6rounds is Dany Fishel
      1. The co-founder is Ilan Leibovich
    2. Founded in February 2008
    3. First received $150,000 to start 6rounds. Now they get their funding from a company called Startup Factory. There are 50 people in this company and each person puts a little money in it.
    4. 6rounds got started with speed dating

    Here are some of the websites that I found information on.

  5. Unknown User (lcolema)

    - You can import information to 6rounds from Facebook and twitter.

    - As Elizabeth said, you can navigate through the lobby to find people, but you can also set your settings so that nobody can see you in the lobby but your friends.

    - People can choose different games to play in a round, and you can also talk to the "manager" of 6Rounds if there are any problems or questions

  6. Unknown User (mtople)

    1. 6Rounds is operated by GixOO, Ltd.

    2. 6Rounds is a free application that only involves a minimum amount of information and an agreement to the terms. There is no commitment or contract to the application.

    3. Information on the application is confidential, however a third party can legally acquire the information with permission from appropriate authorities. 

  7. Unknown User (reedns)

    1. 6rounds has an activity application that allows both parties to participate while chatting.

    2. In all activities, the windows of both partners are synced.

    3. Two games are available for both parties to use together. Both windows are synced like in the activity application.

  8. Unknown User (aklinder)

    6rounds is a great way to expand your social and technological experiences. This application allows you in minutes to chat with friends you already have on the website while allowing you to interact and meet new ones. There is different applications to browse and find what way is best for the indvidual to meet other people.

    There is one on one rounds that give the oppertunity to meet people in a more personal setting.

    There are rounds that allow many people to chat at once, almost like party room like.

    And if none of those fit the indvidual's preferences there are fun and inactive games that allow social activity.

  9. 1. 6rounds is a rich, interactive and personalized video chat platform that takes shared experiences and real-time collaboration to a whole new level.

    2.Instead of just watching whats going on with your friends you can actually talk with them and comment on their pics or video’s.

    3.6rounds combines webcams, social activities, and interactive zones to offer its users an exciting variety of experiences that they enjoy and share together.

  10. Hi I'm Min-kyung. Nice to meet you!

    1. 6rounds is global community. Anyone can join 6rounds and make friends with other joiners.
    2. We introduce ourselves by just typing name, e-mail, password and we can chat with anyone who wants be with us.
    Having a talking with friends, we can use not only headset but webcam, micro-phone. These make the interaction more lively, feelingly.
    3. In chatting, there are funny, humorous function like firing or snowy graphic.:) Also, we can enjoy a few games like chess.
      6rounds has delicate, nice graphic.

  11. The followings are what I research.

    1. 6Rounds combines the online dating aspect to it, it allows you to meet new people of your choice or randomly.

    2. You can take a snapshot during your round, save them and send them to your friends.

    3. The developers of 6Rounds are thinking about creating an application for the iPhone, maybe for late 2010.

    4. And it's also good if you're working together on some project with a colleague or friend.

  12. Unknown User (burke15)

    I e-mailed the community manager Natasha. I asked her some questions since this is a new site. She is very helpful about answering the questions that I had. If you ever need any help she said she is more than willing to answer your questions. Please don't be afraid to ask her questions. Thank you

    How does 6rounds apply to elementary schools?
    To be honest, at this point in time the website is only open for users aged 16 and above. Therefore, it does not apply to elementary school students, only to the alumni, teachers and staff of these schools.
    Why was this website created?
    6rounds was created because the founders realized their was a lapse in the market's offerings. There were instant messaging options such as msn and aol, and there was video chats, such as skype, there was even gaming platforms where users could play games against each other, but nothing seemed to offer the whole package and combine real-time communication, video chat and many interactive activities all at the same time. From this realization, the founders sought out to create a live meeting point that would incorporate many features together.
    Why is this website benefitial? is not meant to be a destination and therefore is not in competition with social networks such as myspace or facebook, in fact it's beneficial because it was built to be a cross platform environment allowing users from all different social networks to communicate and interact with one another on one fun, real and exciting platform.
    Please let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.
    Best Regards,

  13. Unknown User (mbuuck)

    1. 6Rounds is unique since you can see them and that you can im the person you are talking to.

    2. It is also unique in that you can do special effects with your screen and you can send stuff like this to the receiving person.

    3. 6Rounds may provide information to service providers to help them bring you the services they offer so that it can be the best possible for you.

  14. 1. One person brand

    The space is that present each person's interest. Category is Who, Life, Quote, Photos, Music, Books, Movies, TV Shows. So you can make only your space and represent your self  like a double goer. Also you can present Face book, Twitter because 6 Rounds connect with Face book, Twitter.

    2.  Realistic

    6 rounds is like a real becase of  video communicaion. we can communicate with other people using picture, wep cams, micro phones across the national boundary. And 6 Rounds can show connected person regardless of Nation, Age, and so on. Also, You can see your friends connection. So you can talk your Friends and other people through virtual space named Rounds. ex) I can communicate with Israel's man through 6 Rounds ono-to-ono session.

    3. Mutual Communication - Collective Intelligence

    You can relate with friends and keep a great relationship unlimited Time, Space. 6 Rounds ono -to-ono meeting can real-time games, Music, Face booking, youtubuing. Also you can see very easy incoming or outgoing ono to ono session records cliking Trails. ex) I shared my  favorite songs through youtubu in the 6 Rounds ono-to-ono session. 

    4. Free

    This Application is free.


  15. Also This application is very smiller cyworld which is Korea's Famous Chat tools.

    But i will ask community manager Natasha like Rachel N Burke. And I will share  Natasha's answer.

    1. Is it possible just ono-to-ono Session? I would like to communicate with Group Chatting.

    2. Does 6Rounds have a space which is other's people's guest note? only we must connect to Face Book?

    3. Can i save ono-to-ono session communication contents?

    4. Can i connect Internet like a google except games, Music, Face booking, youtubuing during one-to-ono session ?

    5. Can i send my file to my friends during one-to-ono session?

    6. How many service providers in the 6 Rounds like you? I want to know  that  only you are the service provider.

    7. Do you know  that  6 Rounds plan to a pay application? Also I want to know that How your company manage? Beause 6 rounds is just free.

  16. Unknown User (burke15)

    I found this website to be very useful for information.

    There was so conflicting websites about when 6rounds was created. This is what Natasha sent me.

    "started the developments in Febuary, but the site was launched until July 2nd (in private beta) and is now in beta. We hope to move out of beta in the first quarter of 2010."

    I just wanted to clear that up.