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This is our research page for Jing! Here we will keep all of our research about Jing so we all know where to find it and keep it somewhat organized.

Please post comments containing research about the Jing below!

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  1. Unknown User (bsears)

    Hello Group #25! I am Brogan Sears. I am the Project Manager for our group, and we are researching the Web 2.0 application Jing. I am very excited about working on this project because Jing is probably the best application out of all the applications this semester, so we have to make our wiki chapter a good one!

    First of all, I am a junior this year and I am doing Spanish Education. I love to travel. I have been to Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and I love the spanish language and the different cultures within the spanish speaking world. I am also excited about working on this project because we will be working with International Partners(IPs) in developing this wiki chapter. Our IPs are from EWHA Women's University in Korea, and they will be working on this project along with us. 

    Please post your comments about yourselves below and we need to be posting as many comments as possible about research that we will be using in the coming weeks to develop our wiki chapter. Thank you!

  2. Unknown User (bsears)

    Here is an example of research post for you guys.

    Jing is a web 2.0 application that can be used to capture pictures and record videos and audio in order to better explain something to someone or just for fun! It can be downloaded on your PC or Mac for free. You can share your porjects on the web, through IM, email, facebook, or anything like that! Go to the link below to start finding out more things about Jing! I suggest downloading it on your computer so we can all actually use it and figure out all the inner workings of it. At the top of the Jing website there is a "Help Center" link that you can watch narrated videos about how to use Jing. Happy researching!! (big grin)

  3. Unknown User (lhelling)

  4. Unknown User (lhelling)

    Here are some sharing applications:

    - how to share to

    - how to embed Jing content:

    - how to customize the buttons in Jing:

    - how to create a YouTube button for Jing:

    Links were found at

  5. Unknown User (graham8)

    How could the application be used within a business/industry training situation? (1st Response)

    On a link on the jing homepage, there is a section with quotes on how jing has "changed lives".  I would like quote Dawn Sadler of One Media as she shares her experience with training coworkers by using jing:

    “I specialize in online marketing for home builders and we frequently work with sales teams to migrate their registration cards to an online CRM model. Since our clients are in diverse locations, I needed a way to train agents on the technology without spending a lot of time on the road. The task seemed impossible, until I found Jing.  The challenge for us and anyone involved in New Home Sales and Marketing Management--is always how to focus time at each community to effectively coachis always how to focus time at each community to effectively coach, encourage, and inspire sales teams. Too often, precious time is spent with administrative items, forms, and training that facilitates a process but does not inspire action.  Thanks to Jing, I now have a simple and easy alternative to having to personally train every agent, saving everyone the time and travel involved in a traditional training session. In just a few minutes, I recorded both the visual and audio for the first step of the training session and emailed it out to all agents. Now I'm able to use Jing to provide tutorials for many different scenarios 24/7, keeping agents spending less time on administrative details, and more time focusing on building relations to drive sales.”

    Sadler is able to train coworkers without traveling to see them (thus saving gas, time, and money!) Now the company can train without meeting in person.  This cuts back on training time and gets them working in the field more quickly than traveling around to personally train each worker by hand.

  6. Unknown User (lhelling)

    Setting up a Hotkey looks like it is a useful tool in starting Jing. "To set up your Capture Hotkey, click More > Preferences. Click the Hotkey field and enter a key combination you'll be sure to remember." The 'More' button is the button on the sun that has gears on it. "The Capture Hotkey is pretty handy. Not only does it save a couple of clicks, but it also makes it possible to capture things like drop down menus" <---according to the website, this is the only way to capture drop down menus, so it will be very useful!!

    Information found at

  7. Unknown User (graham8)

    How could the application be used within a business/industry training situation? (2nd response)

    I have found yet another inspiring, postive story.  This user, Carol Palmatier, found jing helpful with its video share technology.  Here is her story posted on jing:

    “I run, a virtually-based company with staff and freelancers scattered literally across the world. Jing, Jing Pro and Camtasia Studio have saved us a huge amount of time and money by changing the way we communicate with our users, new customers and our in house staff. The best part about these products is how easy they are, no training needed and no big learning curve…so simple.
    Because of the scope of the company, conference calls and online meetings were difficult to schedule, but Jing allowed us to easily document complex data operations that would otherwise be virtually impossible to illustrate with words alone.
    Staff and customers can now just follow along with a video. Jing and Camtasia easily let us create professional video tutorials that make learning our service a breeze. With Jing Pro and Camtasia, we were able to make our service so simple and obvious that our customers are up and running in no time.

    We also use the videos in our internet marketing efforts, posting to our YouTube channel, Squidoo, Twitter and Facebook, all for next to nothing in cost!

    Awesome products, we love them and can’t live without them! Keep them coming!"

    Carol uses the video-share technology to show non-local members what she is talking about without trying to explain her visuals.  It is more effective when your audience can follow along with the same visuals that you have.  jing has also helped Carol create "video tutorials" for the newbies and it seems to be effective and efficient.

  8. Unknown User (ekerkman)

    Jing can be used to make instrucation videos but there are some restrictions. Here is a quote in ways that JING has some limitations by Craig M. Jamieson.

    I just learned this morning about a program called Jing. People were buzzing on Twitter about how cool it was. Well, it is. You can screen capture images, however, I already have been using the Vista “snipping tool” tool andAviaryfor that. Might switch (smile). What caught my attention was “video capture”. Hmmm. Does this mean that I can make a video of what I do on my screen? This would be great for instructional videos. What you will find below is my first, and very lame, attempt (smile).

    I am impressed that it is simple to use but there are limitations:

    1. In order to post to YouTube you do need to go with the paid version upgrade.
    2. The free version of that comes with Jing is limited to 2gb of storage and I think the same in bandwidth. I’m not sure what the bandwidth means but the storage limitation should not be that much of an issue.
    3. Videos are limited to 5 minutes in length. I figure a 5 minute video is about 15mb. This means about 600 videos or 10 hours of them if my calculations are correct. Even I can’t talk that much. Well, o.k., maybe (smile). Interesting thought, though, since I am pulling this off Screencast and onto VodPod, maybe I can delete it from Screencast and will not have to deal with the potential storage issue? Hmmm.
    4. Naturally, since this is a account, there are always issues in trying to figure out how to get things like this to a post. In this particular example, it means: create video using Jing; save to; go to and call up your new video; use the VodPod FireFox toolbar “share video” button to capture the video; and finally use VodPod to post the video to your blog. This sounds worse than it actually is. "

    It says how you could make that not happen with the 2mb though in step four.

  9. Unknown User (mmwilhoi)

  10. Unknown User (davis179)

    Some Unique ways of using Jing are;

    • " Collaborate on a design project
    • Share a snapshot of a document
    • Narrate your vacation photos
    • Capture that pesky bug in action
    • Show Dad how to use iTunes
    • Comment verbally on students' homework
    • Collect cool web designs or funny ads
  11. Unknown User (jnahlik)

    In my Project 1, I found that this application was very easy to use.  I did my project on the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” and taught second graders to learn the four story elements which are: main character, setting, plot, and theme.  Main character and setting are easy concepts for second graders to understand, however explaining plot and theme would be difficult.  I found a hard time trying to come up with ideas on how to explain plot and what kind of activities I could incorporate.  Then I was introduced to Jing.  This application is very easy to use and it was cool!  I used Jing to do plot and theme exercises that I could do with the kids.  I found that I could use Jing to target visual and auditory learners.  The students can listen and see what plot and theme were.  I also used Jing to let them think critically about questions that I provided them.  Overall, it is a great tool to use in the classroom.  It helps the students become more active in the learning experience.

    -My personal experience with Project 1

  12. Unknown User (jnahlik)

    Something like Jing though, which runs on Windows as well, will be very useful. Rather than trying to demo everything live in class I can do the old Blue Peter trick of "Here's one I made earlier". It will also mean I can record a good demo and reuse it whenever needed or make it available to students to watch in their own time.”

  13. Unknown User (jnahlik)

    “Instead of typing your fingers off, you can show people what's on your screen...instantly.”


    We could use this quote to explain how Jing is a good application to use in education.


  14. Unknown User (lhelling)

    Getting Started with Jing

    Jing starts up automatically when your computer is started if you have it downloaded. However, if the sun on your desktop bothers you, it is possible to hide it and bring it back up later.

    "To configure startup and launcher options:

    Click More, then Preferences. Note that if you hide the sun and later change your mind you can right click Jing in your System Tray or menu bar and then click More > Preferences to modify an option."



    Taken from

  15. Unknown User (ekerkman)

    Jing has different image and video formats. 

    Images are always in PNG format. Jing videos are always in SWF format, while Jing Pro videos can be in either SWF or MPEG-4 AVC.

    So there is some information about the formats of the video and images.

  16. Unknown User (jnahlik)

    JING TRANSFORMS MATH CLASSROOM! This article gives an example of how she used Jing in her classroom.

    here's the link:

  17. Unknown User (ekerkman)

    Ways jing is used to help teachers.

    This person talks about how she uses jing to creat tutorials for their teachers.  One of her examples was "How to add a new page to your district website".  So it is used to help teachers learn different thigns to then teach their students.

  18. Unknown User (davis179)

    Jing in a global persective.

    Going beyond the fact that jing is for both pc users or mac users and the fact that it could be used as a better means of communication worldwide because of its anotated video and picture capabilities. It can be used as a means of transfering information worldwide that is better understood visually and orally. Kind of like in the following example but perhaps on a world wide scale.( Communication with out Boundries)

    Are there more unique featers that could be better used outside of the US? I don't think so/ couldn't find any. Jing is a useful application no matter where you are. If your 2 houses down or on the other side of the globe, Jing has the same capablities for everyone.

  19. Unknown User (davis179)

    Other Unique ways to use Jing

    Some other ways I thought of to use Jing

    - Audio/visual of teacher editing papers, perhaps explaining why they got a certain grade/ how to improve it or a student having an issue and sending a audio/visual to a teacher

    - Emergancy snap shots of screen, to save work fast

    - An awesome way to tell someone happy birthday with out having to send/ payfor an ecard

    - Sending work with visual/audio to a sick student / student spending time out of the country

    - Making a very detailed christmas list to send Moms and Pops

    - A lot of different ways to use it for education, ex giving instructions to a Substitute teacher

  20. Unknown User (graham8)

    As for how to use Jing in the professional world, it makes business meetings with major companies that are not even on the same continent.  In movies, they often make business deals with one or more international "partners" that are on the phone or appear to be on a television.  Using Jing, they could webcam and literally talk and be seen by their business partners.  In Batman Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne and his assosciate used a program like Jing to connect with their Japanese partners (before making a surprise trip out to visit them in person).  Using Jing, they could have showed their partners all of their records, graphs, visuals, etc.  Jing connects the business world

  21. Hello! I am Ahn okyeon. I am a junior at Ewha womans university in Korea. My major is Educational Technology. I love to travel and learn other languages. I have been to Japan, the Philippines and Australia. Learning about other cultures is always interesting. I am very excited about working on this project with you guys. I am a little nervous because it is my first time to do project with students speaking foreign languages. Actually, It is very hard to type in English. Please, understand me if it takes a little time to upload data or comments. Thank you!

  22. Jing is an amazing program and we can also use it in many fields. Especially, in teaching, a teacher can know immediately what their students do in class. One of example from a teacher : “I love the idea that student can automatically screen capture their work! While they are limited to only five minutes, student can create great presentations in little segments!" -Beth Ritter-Guth. She is an English teacher and chose Jing as her Top 10 Tools. 

  23. Unknown User (graham8)


    Featured Jing User: Marc Shows How to Find WiFi Using JiWire

    By Anton Bollen on October 27, 2009 9:28 AM
    Hi everybody;
    As part of my job, I get to hear many stories and see numerous examples of how people are using Jing in the real world.
    I'm excited about this blog post because I get to share with all of you how one of our users, Marc Barman, uses Jing.

    Marc lives just east of Sacramento, California, and has had many roles bridging computer technology and people. They include Technical Trainer, a Product Support Specialist, a Technology Transfer Specialist, a Systems Implementation Specialist, a Training Developer, a Systems Analyst, and a Troubleshooter. To keep sane and balanced he plays jazz saxophone and chauffeurs his Bouvier back and forth to the dog park.

    When I asked Marc, what inspired him to make a screencast about, he told me:
    When I first got my MacBook, I typed "Free WiFi" into Google, and got pointed to, a directory of WiFi locations. Recently, a friend of mine who is a nurse for a Sacramento-area hospice and visits patients all over town, was given a WiFi-enabled laptop. She asked me "How do I find WiFi locations?" I wanted to not only tell her the site address of JiWire, but also show her HOW to use it. Jing saves the day!

  24. Hi ! I am Yang Seul-ki from Ewha univ.  I am majoring in educational technology. I am excited about working on this project. 

    I am also nervous because it is 'international project' within the foreign language.umm....thank you..!(big grin)(big grin)

    taken from:

    I've used Jing a lot as a reference and instruction librarian at a small college. The most creative way was when I used it to spice up my instruction. I was working with an upper level sociology class who had all had previous research experience. I wanted to give them some time to work on their research but also check in with them to see what they knew how to do. I had each of the students create a Jing tutorial (without sound) of a step in the research process their classmates should know how to do. I demo-ed Jing quick making a short video about how to use EBSCO's citation feature, and then let them at it.

    We posted the results on the sociology blog post dedicated to that assignment. In essence, Jing let me have the students create their own instruction session, and let me assess their skills all in one shot!!

  26. (the above instance was written by Becky November 4, 2009 1:40 PM)

  27. Hi, I am kang bokyoung from Ewha university.  I am majoring in educational technology. I'm so glad to discuss ideas with you through this project. Let's do our best!!!!

  28. Jing (software)

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    Jing is a screencasting software launched in 2007 as Jing Project by the TechSmith Corporation.[1|] It is currently in version 2.0.8353 released January 6 2009 and is free to download and use. The software takes a picture or video of the user's computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard.[2|] A URL is automatically created and can be shared with others to view or access the uploaded file.[3|] Jing is compatible with Macintosh and Windows.[4|]

    On January 6, 2009, TechSmith also released Jing Pro, a paid premium version of Jing.[5|]

  29. Now,we are surveying recognition and application of jing project as korean university students. So we'll upload it soon.

  30. we did survey to know how many people know JING in Korea.

    I uploaded it's results to attachments page.

    It cannot express exact figures but you can refer.

    1. I mean it cannaot represent all Korean whether they use JING or not.

  31. As you know, there were two people using JING among fifty nine respondents.

    We did interview one person using JING.

    I uploaded it to U-tube with English titles.

    Here is the adress.

    1. An interviewee's name is Kim Teahyun.

      He is a university student and 24-year-old.