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Hey everyone! Post all of your research findings here.

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  1. Unknown User (msoya)

    Mary -

    1. " supports file attachments so employees can send important documents back and forth without using email, and it lets companies segment groups so management can have its own portion of the site and others can have their section." (

    2. " allows individuals to post short, frequent updates that are tracked or "followed" by others. Unlike Twitter, provides a secure and private way to share updates among members of a company, without them being visible to the outside world." (

    3. provides multiple interfaces that let you keep in touch wherever you are. Use it from your computer, your mobile phone, or most any device capable of connecting to the internet." Works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Blackberry, IPhone, Opera Software, Windows Mobile, and Android. (

  2. Unknown User (bvernosk)

    Ben -

    1. "Security and Privacy are the top selling points for, it has the feel of a product designed by people who have suffered through big company IT battles."

    2. ""With "you can easily share information without the hassle of back-and-forth emails, this makes it an ideal tool for companies whose workers communicate largely via mobile devices."

    3. " gives you the tools to make presently work the way you want it to work, it has the aspects of twitter with more privacy and security, easy to use and secure, all you could ask for from a microblogging website."

  3. Unknown User (scausey)


    1.  Unique ways to use  You can customize the page for your business, putting your company's colors and adding tools to make your company's site unique. (

    2.  Internationally, is useful because it provides immediate updates from all those you are following from your company no matter where in the world they are, and can be used from any internet-capable device. It is easy to share media and files with co-workers globally.  (

    3.  To sign up, your company or organization must create a network that is managed by an administrator.  They choose the security level.  The options they can choose are by invitation only, need an access code, need a certain domain for the email address, or open to anyone. (

  4. Unknown User (lwieczor)


    1) can be accessed through a number of different applications. There are programs that can be downloaded so that can be used through Twitter, the Iphone, Gmail, and Microsoft Windows. These applications allow to be used more easily and efficiently. They make it possible to follow co-workers no matter where you may be.

    2)This website would be a useful tool for International companies because it helps business to conduct seamlessly from one country to another. The multiple applications help companies to become more organized even from far away.

    3)The applications make it amazingly easy however there are no obvious ways to access this website in another language. This may make international business more difficult if it isn't with English speakers. This may become a problem for this website in the future.

  5. Unknown User (kkazacof)

    Katie -

    Here is some basic background information I found and summarized (for the most part)… can be used for communication within businesses. In this aspect, it connects entire companies by allowing employees and users to post updates, share files, exchange ideas, and more. It makes it able to blog co-workers by sending updating messages, private or not. It differs from similar Web 2.0 sites in that it supports file attachments. can work either as a hosted service or installed in a business, behind the corporate firewall. also lets users segment out groups, which is useful for filtering the flow of info. is free for up to five users in a company. After that, the company charges about $1 per user per month. (it may be different depending on the business’ service plan) doesn't require that all users are on the same e-mail domain, unlike some other microblogging sites. This makes it possible to invite an outside contact into a work group. can work either as a hosted service or installed in a business, behind the corporate firewall.

    Just a little more info that we could maybe use
    Media sharing is efficient and possible in many aspects; this website allows a user to share a wide range of media with ease. This platform allows a user to share images, documents, videos and audioclips with other users within the organization; they can be shared with the whole group or made private to be seen by one person or specific people. is also compatible with a variety of browsers, devices and platforms. Computer-wise, it supports Mozilla Firefox, Windows internet explorer, Fluid, Safari browser and Opera. can also be viewed and updated through certain phone services such as Blackberry and iPhone.

    2. Some history.. was initially started by of ‘Intridea’- a software development firm. This firm was founded by Barg Upender and co-founded by David Naffis, and has released similiar products and services including CrowdSound, Social Spring, etc.

    The ideas presented by come from web based applications that focus on business functions and communication. makes it possible for people to communicate with short texts. ‘Yammer’ is its main source of competition, containing very similar features as and Twitter are very much alike except for that mainly serves businesses.


    • Simple and Private – is a simple to use web based application that is safe and secure for the intra-organization talks.
    • Groups and Broadcast – The ability to ask and receive organization-wide updates, makes it very beneficial.
    • Media Sharing – Almost any type of media can be shared in this platform.
    • Customizable – Can be customized by the organization to fit its branding.
    • Compatibility – is supported across many devices, platforms and browsers.  (copied and pasted)

    3. Intridea, Inc., the agile enterprise Web 2.0 company, announced the debut of, a Twitter-like short-form communication tool for the enterprise. combines the universal premise of Twitter with collaboration, security and privacy; an API for enterprise integration; and a proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. In doing so, promises to revolutionize the way company employees let others know what they are working on, tap the collective knowledge of colleagues, and track relevant information in real time -- via the Web, or mobile devices

  6. Unknown User (jpankow)

    1. " is a microblogging service launched in 2008 and given a Webware 100 Editors' Choice award in 2009 by CNET."


    2. A downside of the application and website is that you must have a company or school web address/e-mail/netword to get on and access and use the website.

    3. " allows individuals to post short, frequent updates that are tracked or "followed" by others. Unlike Twitter, provides a secure and private way to share updates among members of a company, without them being visible to the outside world."


  7. Unknown User (jpankow)

    Another downside to the program is that it is slow with it's responses.  If the website e-mails you it is not instantaneous, especially when initially signing up for the website or trying to join a group to follow on the website.  It has also proven to be a confusing application to sign-up for and organize people into a group.

  8. Unknown User (mvalenci)

    Melissa Valencia

    1.) is an internal microblogging web 2.0 application very similar to Twitter, but is more for businesses. It allows you to share updates and media among businesses and their members. was made by Yoshi Maisami, who is the president of Intridea.

    2.) One of the benefits that it has is that it provides a guide to help new users navigate through the application. It also allows you to decide who can see your posts. Even though it has a limit of 140 characters per post if you go over, it does not cut you off and gives you option to continue writing just that it will appear as two separate posts.

    3.) A disadvantage is that you have to follow everyone in your group in order to see the posts that they make to the groups. Another thing that people dislike is that the desktop app does not refresh automatically and loses focus and memory.

    The people responsible for the creation of are: Michael Bleight, Barg Upender, Chris Selmer, Viq Hussain, David Naffis, Yoshi Maisami, Brendan Lim, and Pradeep Elankumaran. They are all affiliated with Intridia, which is an agile software development company that specializes mainly in the software for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry based in Washington D.C.

    Michael Bleigh is the creator director. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Michael Bleigh is a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and advanced user interface design. Barg Upender is the co-founder and CEO; Christ Selmer is the VIP client solutions and services; Viq Hussain is the director of web strategy; David Naffis is a co-founder and president; Yoshi Maisami is also a co-founder and president; Brendan Lim is a director of mobile solutions; and Pradeep Elankumaran is the director of research and development. (, and )

    Melissa Valencia

    Since this web 2.0 application has only been around about two years there is not much information about it, except for comments and comparisons with other web 2.0 applications. I created an account with already and what I do not like about it is that sometimes I cannot log in and it takes too long for them to send confirmation e-mails, and what I like about

  9. Unknown User (mvalenci)

    Melissa Valencia

    I posted my comments on the wrong page, the main page, and I just found out that I needed to put them in the research page, so I just copied and pasted my comment from the other page to this one.

  10. We are now making example using

    If this can be useful, tell me. I will tell you our account.

    This is lesson plan. We use yours lesson plan form.

    Theme : How to raise chickens


    * Student will join team project and use to communicate with a team. 

    1.      Student can learn how to raise chickens.

    2.      Knowing how to raise chickens, the students can also realize the importance of life.

          3. Using, the students can improve their communication skill and acquire confidence to express their thoughts.

     Learning Environment

    1.      The students will use computers with internet access in the school computer lab or use computer at home.

          2.   The students will use library in the school to find information.

    Types of Students

         The students will be in grade 4-5.


    Computers with internet access, a account


    1.      A group will create a account.

    2.      An instructor will give missions to the group.

    3.      First student of the group will receive a mission : Searching information about hatching eggs.

    4.      Second student of the group will receive a mission : Searching how chicks becomes chickens.

    5.      Third student of the group will receive a mission :Writing what I will do, if the chicks you raise become chickens.

    Ex) Eat or not.

    6.      After finishing 3 missions, the instructor will give the group last mission that the group will submit a short one paper about raising chickens, their experience that you raise animals and using to express their thought.


    The students will express their thoughts by using when they learn how to raise chickens.


    The students will be graded on the completion of creating an account with, finishing given missions and writing a one page paper and how much the students express their thoughts. They will be evaluated as the following:

    1.      Creating account- 5 points

    2.      Participation- 20 points

    3.      Finishing missions correctly- 10 points

    4.      One page paper- 15 points

    Total: 50 points

  11. Analysis, and compare with business program.

    1. Compare with Social cast# A point of sameness
    * There is no text limit.
    * You can join in your business e-mail address.
    * Even if you are not using for business, you can use it for communication.
    * If you have same e-mail domain (For example, new service URL is made automatically, so you can easily use commonness work tool.
    * Social cast gives everybody individual Feed pages.

    # A point of difference
    * You can choose category(Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Technology ….etc)to input your script, but doesn’t have Category.
    * You can make a private group, but make a commonness group.

    2. Compare with Yammer * What is yammer?
    : Twitter commutes other people with short script which you express your thinking. Yammer is one of the Twitter’s business . It’s motto is 'What are you working on?“

    # A point of sameness
    * You can join in your business e-mail address.
    * If you want to show your script to one person, you start writing as @company id.
    * There’s no text limit.
    * You can reply to each message, and you can see all texts including reply through “Threaded View”.
    * You can upload your writing through messenger like “Twitter”, you have to pay $1.

    # A point of difference
    * Yammer doesn’t give an individual Feed page

    1. I found out Korea's business program, but there isn't any. Even some Korea company use the Twitter, Yammer, and etc. So I focus on comparing with other business programs like Yammer, and Social cast.

  12. We think that part of your international using need information

    We surveyed korea people and post survey and results.

    < survey> The purpose of is to be used for communication.

      It is an internal microblogging web 2.0 application that. The main communication is designed for is interaction within businesses. In this aspect, it connects entire companies by allowing employees and users to post updates, share files, exchange ideas, and more. allows co-workers to blog by sending message updates to one another as a company or person to person, either private or not.

      1. Have you ever listen to Yes /No

      2. Where did you listen to (discribe your opinion please)

      2-2, Yammar and Twitter is similar program. Which kind of software use effective among these three?

        1. 2. Yammer 3. Twitter

      2-3. Why did you choose that one? (discribe your opinion please)

      3. If you listen to first, you read upper explanation. If company use software, Do you think that software use effectively to communicate other people?


      4. If software use in education, Which part of software to use effectively?

          1. School hours 2. Students to communicate 3. Discussion 4. etc ( )

        Thank you !



    1.Yes 3 / No 52

          2-1.internet 2/ twitter

          2-2. 1.- 3

          2-3 use easily 2/ many people use/

        3. Yes 45/No 5


    1-6   /2 - 33/ 3 - 11/4. Communicate both teacher and students, Teachers use better than students.

    This is an example we made. we use '' account. If you need this example, send me e-mail.
    I hope that It will be helpful to our project. 

    1. How can I delete or edit my comment?

      The image isn't showed.

      I will send e-mail including the images to you.

  14. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to add 'standards' , when I posted the lesson plan.


    Korean ministry of education, science and technology standards.

     5th grade students subject name is 'practical course'.