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Hello everyone!  This is our research page.  This is where we will compile all of our findings before we begin making our web page.

First introduce yourself and tell a few facts about your self then post your findings!

My name is Lynsee Shaffer and I am your project manager.  I am a junior studing Ag Ed, however this is my first semester here at Purdue because I transfered from a school called Bulter Community College in Kansas.  I live on a swine and grain farm and agriculture is my passion.  Also, I am on Purdue's Livestock Judging Team.

Lynsee's research:

1)  Splashup is a relatively new company that was formally known as Fauxto.   It is the only free editting tool for images that you can use online. It is a digital imaging web page that provides and editing service to those at the novice level.  It has advanced editting tools that even professionals like to use.  It is built on splash and can be used from one's own personal browser.  It offers a variety of everyday tools that are basic, yet have very detailed tools such as smudging as well. Splashup is available to have your own personal file that you can save your work.  You can even add new images and work on old ones at the same time.  It offers such tools as resizing and cropping, along with effects like sharpening, blurring, and pixelizing.  Also there are advanced color controls and even layed effects.

2) The interface of Splashup is a dark gray/black color.  It is designed to be easy to use and has a menu bar at the top, a tool panel on the left side, and on the right it has three panels.  One is for color selection, the next is for information, and finally one for layers.  The interface is supposed to be very user friendly and has several features that are organized clearly under catagorized menus.  It was designed to match that of desktop software, but to make it easier for people to use.
 3)  Splashup also has some great uses that teachers could implent into their classroom.  It allows for a neat creationg of art projects with layers, layer effects, filters, and brushes.  Also, it is perfect for developing basic drawings while being able to use image tools to transform the work with a color scale and width and height infromation.  One could create a digital collage and visual aids to present.  Also, it is a great way to create a digital bullentin board or inventive presentations and projects.  The unique thing is that teachers and students both can use this tool.

Fauxto Information: "How long has Fauxto been in development?

Fauxto blossomed out of an idea conceived in late 2004/early 2005. The latest incarnation, in Flex 2, took a number of months to get into beta. We launched a bit early so that we could let the real world prove it's viability, and theAly have. so, as is evidenced in our blog, we're pushing out new features and fixes at a fairly impressive clip, so it's quite realistic to say that Fauxto is still in development." 

Justin's research:

1.) The first thing that I discovered is that the old name, Fauxto, is pronounced Fau-to or Fo-To. This is interesting because Fauxto is almost exactly like Adobe's product Photoshop, thus the two almost identical programs sharing an almost identical name. Fauxto is unique from other free, online programs because of its extensive features closely related to Fireworks and Photoshop. These features include layering, imaging from scratch, and enhancement techniques. The program also will let you work on more than one photo at the time through the use of tabs similar to internet programs Firefox and Internet Explorer.

2.) Splashup has a unique photo sharing compatibility with commonly used programs such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, desktop uploads, and internet url's as well. The ability to connect with these various websites gives Splashup a diversified realm of formatting options ranging from jpeg to WIM photos. This makes the use of the program much easier because some programs are limited in formatting ability, thus making them more difficult to use.

3.) Another unique and interesting feature of Splashup is the integrated blog. When you sign up for an account you are automatically added to a user list of bloggers for the Splashup page. The blog is filled with posts of how to format pictures, upcoming news and updates, and success of the product as a whole. This blog would be a great way for students and teachers to connect either at home or in the classroom. They would be able to easily ask one another questions as well as make comments on each others creations if the students were to use one of Splashup's linked photo sharing programs.

Kaitlyn's Research:

1. These are the new updates added when the site upgraded from Fauxto to SplashUp.

- Seamless integration with photo sharing sites
 - Resizable windows and panels
 - HUGE interface overhaul
 - Lasso
 - Crop tool
 - In canvas text editing
 - New and heavily improved open/save worklfow
 - Copy selection to new layer
 - Corner radius on marquees and rectangles

2. Through this website you are not allowed to harm anyone through the use of uploading pictures off of sites like facebook and changing them in any way.  If you do anything like this there will be consequences.  To look at all of the things that you cannot do on SplashUp go to and click on terms of use.

Clarks Research:

I researched the strengths and weaknesses of Splashup.

Strengths *-*A powerful editing tool and photo manager.
-Free to sign up.
-With features professionals use and novices want.
-Easy to use.
-Loaded with tons of effects, filters and brushes built right in.
-Website integrates with Picasa, flickr, and Facebook
-Runs in all browsers.
-Website has its own file format so you can save your work in progress.
- Photo sharing services all work the same in Splashup, including Splashup itself.
-Website offers plenty of tools such as pixel controls, layers, blends, filters, brushes, webcam effects, text editing and sharing.
Weaknesses- Relatively few effects.
- Speed and reliability issues.
-Website does not offer online assistance/help.
- Can not add borders or clip art.

Abby's research

1) One of the things I looked up was the pricacy poilcy for the site. I found that when you visit the website, they can track information . Some of the information they can  track includes:

Your internet protoccol address

The kind of browser or computer you use.

Number of links you click within the site.

State or country from which you accessed the site

Name of your internet service provider

Web page you linked to our site from

Pages you viewed on the site
2) splashup offers alot of things you can do with the photos. some of these incule photo sharing services, multiple images, layers and blend modes, filters, layer effects, brushes, text editing and webcam. everything that splashup offers is free. When you make an account you can save your work and come back to it at a later time.

3) splashup makes it really easy to share your photos with other people.  All the photo sharing services all work the same in Splashup, including Splashup itself. People can edit and share there photos from anywhere. Some of the popular sharing sites are picasa, flickr, and facebook. These services are also free through Splashup

Cody's Research

1.) I researched the demographics of Splashup users so we could get a better idea of who uses Splashup:
52% of users are female
46% in the age range of 18-34
68% Caucasian, 15% African American, 9% Asian
54% in the income bracket of $0-$30K
50% have no college education

2.) I also researched the terms of use of the website to see that there were no hidden costs in the website. I found out that it is completely free and that you get full access to the website. The terms of use pretty much tell you that they are not liable for lost pictures and anything else that can result from use of there site. It also tells all of the things that you agree not to do when you sign up to use the website.

3.) I also researched Splashup Light which is pretty much a stripped-down version of the original Splashup. Splashup Light does not contain as many tools as the original Splashup but works just fine for the casual photo editor. The major difference is that Splashup Light only works with JPEG and PNG where Splashup works with several different types of files.

Nicole's Research

1.) I looked up some ways Splashup could be used for assignments for students to do. The 2 main things I found were digital scrapbooks and photography editing. Also photo editing can be used for middle school and high school design classes.

2.) Splashup differs from other free online internet photo editing sites because it has image sharping tools that will actually improve your photos.

3.) Finally, there was a survey done on "what's cool" and "what's not cool". A problem most people have with Splashup is that there are no keyboard shortcuts and it's too similar to Photoshop.

Ashley's Research

1) Splashup is the only full-featured, free range, image editor available free of charge for the public to use online.  Most other photo editing programs you must pay for or you only have acess to a few features. 

2) The operating system for Splashup is Webware.  The hosting ISP for Splashup is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. 

3) 22.6% of the Splashup users are from the United States, 7.7% from Germany, and 6.1% from India.  The Splashup daily pageview is 17643.  Daily ads revenue is $55.38.

Codys References

Here are a few sites I used in my research. I did not include them on the wiki yet because I was not sure how to do it so if someone would post these that would be great. (this one was for the demographics of splashup users) (this one is for the information about splashup light)

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