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All research that you do goes on this page. Be sure to cite where you got material from.

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  1. Unknown User (bremec)

    Hey group 35,

    I did not really get to introduce myself before. My name is Bailey Remec. I am a sophmore in Elementary Education. I am from Munster, Indiana. I guess we are known as the area called "The Region". I had never heard it called that until I came to school here:). I am really excited to work with all of you.

    Let's get started!!

  2. Unknown User (bremec)

  3. Unknown User (mhook)

    Toodledo has a feature that can lets the user set priorities for each task. This lets the user know which task is the most important and needs to be completed first. When the hotlist of tasks is pulled up, the highest priority is listed first. It is a good way to not get distracted by unimportant tasks.

  4. Unknown User (mhook)

    To add on to the priority feature there is an estimated time section. This section predicts how long a task will take and give an estimated time needed for each task. This also has a actual time feature that can be used for billing when the user is charging someone by time. All together the goal of the time feature is to make sure that the user is completing all tasks efficiently.

  5. Unknown User (mhook)

    There is also a status feature that can be used for each task. The different status options are: "Next Action", "Active", "Postponed", "Planning" and more. This feature helps the user see how much work is still needed and where they are at for each task. The user can filter tasks by their status and show the user what they need to do and helps the user stay organized.

  6. Unknown User (bremec)

    ToodleDo can be used in conjunction with a lot of other applications. It can be used on the Iphone, twitter, google,email,mobile phones.It can even be used in Microsoft Office Outlook, and Adobe Air.

  7. Unknown User (bremec)

    ToodleDo allows users to create goals for themselves. The user can specify if the goal is short-term,long-term, or lifelong goals. The user can even attach the goals to their tasks. This means that once a task is complete towards that goal it will be archived. This allows user to stay organized and to see how their actions relate in achieving their goal.

  8. Unknown User (bremec)

    The title of this application is ToodleDo. It was created by Jake Olefsky in April of 2006. He used to work for Disney as an imagineer.

  9. Unknown User (kglayman)

    Toodldedo can be used within an educational learning situation in a variety of ways. For example Toodle do can help teachers in organizing and managing classroom material, whether it be in the creation of lesson plans or classroom content. Toodledo's design and accessibility provides easy to use task applications such as calenders, due dates, goals, and folders which I believe could serve as effective tools in organizing classroom content.

    Along with the capibility of using toodledo in a classroom setting it can also be incorporated into everyday business situations.  Toodledo serves as a great way to improve productivity by organizing materials. For example this application has potential in aiding somebody who works in a high contented career by allowing one to list his or her daily activities along with job tasks and formulate an appropriate time to complete those tasks.

    Toodledo's application is convienent in it's simplicity and accessibility by giving instruction which allows one to easily print material or integrate material to other applications. Toodledo can be integrated into forms of technology other than a computer such as a mobile phone.Toodledo also relates to other applications by its ability to integrate with calender applications such as Google Calender and Apple's iCal.

  10. Unknown User (rrlerch)

    In order to begin working with Toodledo all you have to do is go to The application is completely free. Click on Register. On the next screen you will need to type in a registered e-mail address and pick a password. Click Sign In. Now you are ready to start making your goals.

  11. Unknown User (rrlerch)

    Toodledo's application allows you to use a tool called Statistics. In this tool you can make graphs and charts to plot out any information that you need. The graphs and charts can be used to plot your goals and acheivements.

  12. Unknown User (rrlerch)

    Toodledo has a tool called Sharing. This tool allows you to share your to-do lists with other people. So, for example if you are working on a group project the group leader can make a to-do list and allow everyone to view the list. This would allow the team members to see what tasks need to be done.

  13. Hello everyone. My name is Yue Liang.
    It's very strange to say my name in English. Because it sounds like "moon" in Chinese.
    So I'm not getting used to that.

    I use Toodledo for just two days.
    I think it's a online gtd, I can sort my work clearly on that. It helps a lot.
    But it has sooooo many applications that I don't try them all.
    I think I'll try them later.

  14. Unknown User (bauere)

    Toodeledo also has a tool called manage files.  It can be useful in an educational/learning situation. If a student is typing a paper at school and needs to send it to their computer at home so they can finish it, instead of emailing to themselves and putting it out in the web where anyone can access it or remebering a flash drive to save it on, you can upload it into manage files on Toodledo and then you can access it at home without all the hassel.   ref: 

  15. Unknown User (bauere)

    Toodledo could be very useful in a business situation.  If a group of employees at a business are teaming together to do a project Toodeldo could be used to help them all complete the project on time and communicate information and data by the sharing tool.  If all the info was in one place it would also be easier to look back than to scroll through your email list looking for the one with the information you need.  ref:

  16. Unknown User (bauere)

    Another cool tool on Toodledo is the to-do list booklet.  Toodledo allows you to print out a little booklet that you can fold and put into you pocket and carry around with you.  So when you are away from your computer you can still see what you need to get done.  Some of the cools things about the booklet are in the checkboxes there are numbers that tell you how many days until the task needs to be completed and prioroty tasks have a star next to them.  This tool can be very helpful so you do not have to write down you list of things to do in a seperate planner for when you are away from your computer.  It also saves time so you can accomplish some of your tasks.


  17. Unknown User (certa)

    One purpose of the application is to use it to put up any type of goals you may have.  Toodledo has a tab called 'Goals'.  When you go here you can add three different categories of goals you may have such as lifelong, long-term, and short-term goals.  After you put your goals up you can link those goals to task you have put up to keep up with what you have done and how close you are to achieving your goal.


  18. Using statistics, we can analysis our daily stuffs. But it is a pro feature, we need to upgrade our account before we use this function.

    And upgrading an account need $14.95 per year.

    This function have the following three parts:


    This bar graph shows your activity over the last month. To see the individual tasks, please visit your History of Completed Tasks.


    These pie charts show the relative importance of your folders based on the number of tasks that you have defined for each folder, and the length of each of those tasks.


    These pie charts shows how your tasks are distributed by priority, length and status.

    It uses graphs to explain and makes things clearly to us.

  19. is an English site, it seems that it's not so friendly to some non-English people to use it.
    But it's easily to get used to that.
    On its home page, there is a brief introduction of on the left part. If you already have an account, you can sign in on the top of the right part. If not, you can register one easily in 31seconds just under the log-in bar.
    After signing in it, you can see a leftmenu on which lists all the functions, such as To-Do List, Sharing, Scheduler, Goals, and etc. Under these things, you can see the information about Toodledo site and date&time.
    And on the right side, the default page is To-Do List. All tasks are listed here. You can change the way they ordered and to view your tasks in several ways, such as Starred, Hotlist, Recently Added and so on. Most important, the "Add a Task" button is on the right top corner! You'll use it a lot.

  20. Hello everybody, my name is Tian Lai and since someone in our team has the same name, it&amp's ok to call me Lai.
    I just use toodledo for two days. as we all know, it's an online gtd tool.So some problem may occur to this tool because for a basic user, he must use a browser to use the tool. To make using toodledo more convenient, toodledo provides some special way to use it.For example, there are Firefox add-on,iphone app.,igoogle gadget,Mac widget etc.That means you can add items without getting on
    I'm using the firefox plugin, it's really cool.

  21. Unknown User (certa)

    Besides making a booklet just for yourself, you can use it in your classroom for students.  You can choose from different secitons on your Toodledo account as to what you want the booklet to include in it.  This would be good for more of a secondary students or post secondary.  The students could be given this booklet that you can include a to-do list, notes to the students, and a hotlist of things to be done soon.  In the booklet it will include due dates this way students can keep track of when assignments would be due and which ones need to take priority at the present time.  It would almost be like a syllabus, but much easier to keep with you, instead of having a packet of paper.


  22. Unknown User (certa)

    Not good at deciding what to do first?  Toodledo has a scheduler that will pick out items on your to do list and make a schedule for you of what you should do.  If it sees you have a two hr gap of free time it can choose something from your list that will help you out the most if you were to do it during the free time based on when its due and how much of a priority it is.


  23. Hi everyone,

    My name is Qiang DENG, you can call me Eric. I went out for two days to east Taiwan, I hope I didn't miss any discussion. After using Toodledo for the first time, I think it's a little bit complex. It lacks simplicity which in my opinion a website like google would be more easy going and get more people used especially some elderly people and people without basic computer operating skills. Moreover, it's hard to image such a tool can be implanted into embedded system since the to-do list system in my cellphone is quite simple in which only begin time, deadline and a note book for writing down detailed things are provided.

    However, it's quite useful and covers a lot of great functions. For example, it can choose priority and classify notes. And it can connect with Internet which i believe makes this unique and more than a to-do list. It can share tasks and has forums. If put in the education system, I think it can be used as a homework system that teachers can use his/her Toodledo to post homework and share them to his/her students.

  24. On the left column,there is a "import&export&sync"item. This function allows you to import/export/synchronize tasks using special signals(see help section) from the account email(or you can change), the browser, iphone, twitter, google,even from your phone.
    Also, it's very useful for a project team to specify individual task and to schedule task, maybe we can design a project lesson plan with it.

  25. Toodledo makes it easy to collaborate with other people and share to-do lists. Use the public sharing option to allow anyone to read your task list. Use the collaboration option to privately share tasks with individual people. You have complete control over who has permission to read and/or add tasks your to-do list.

    This its sharing function which you can share you task publicly or privately. This helps us to use it more widely.

  26. Hey,guys!I'm back, finishing my midterm. Now it's back to normal life.
    During the past few days, I use toodledo to schedule my review plan, so I create a "Study"folder to classify all the study tasks. Now, things are getting more and more: work, lab, activities etc., resulting in more and more folders. Don't know how to do things by classification? See the top main menu! Now you can view your tasks by folders, due date, priority. That means in your study time,you can see the study tasks;in your working time, you can check your job list.
    Also, in the line just on the top of the task,you can see"Collaborator, filter, sort, Quick Search". click these function, you can order the tasks in your need.
    Try it, and get things methodically.

  27. Hi, everyone. My name is Zhe SUN and you can call me Alex. Now I am a master of science candidate in City University of Hong Kong. I think we can get information easily and systematically from and The user forum can also be utilized. Maybe we can design a Top 10 tips for education or something like that. Have fun!!!

  28. Unknown User (bremec)

    This application would be very handy in a business setting. You can create to do lists that can be shared. All an administrator needs to do is to install "add-on". This will install Toodledo and TSheets on every employees computer. Employees can then link their Toodledo account with their TSheets account. This allows folders and tasks to be created. This allows employees to see what needs to be done and what is already being worked upon. Not only this it allows workers to keep track of the amount of time that they have worked on a specific topic. Through TSheets employers can make Manage Job-Codes. This allows the manager to allocate employees to certain tasks. After the tasks have been assigned the amount of time to be spent on each task can be assigned too.

  29. Unknown User (bremec)

    I think all of the things that TSheets allows it would be very helpful in the classroom setting. Students could be required to make to do lists of their weekly assignments. The students could share their specific to do lists with their teachers. This way teachers could ensure that students are aware of their weekly assignements. This could even replace the traditional assignment notebooks. Students could also have to set goals for themselves. This could be as long term as future career. The student could even set goals of getting an A in a course and then have specific activities that could relate to this goal. This would give students greater insight into what they need to accomplish. Not only that it would allow them to use this specific service as a way to know what assignments are coming up. This could even be a great tool to teach time management skills

  30. As for the international use, I asked some of my friends in Taiwan to use it yesterday. Some of them are good at English while others are not. They both felt it complicated and even didn't know where to start. Thus, I think it would be really annoying for people in non-English speaking country.

    While, I think Toodledo can be used for international cooperation, like us. Job is assigned to everyone and set priority for each task. And if someone could not do his job, he can share it with others and those who have finished their job can help do it.

  31. Toodledo has the ability to connect to many popular services and devices to allow you to access your tasks from anywhere. You can also import and export your data in a variety of formats. It's your to-do list, so you should be able to take it with you. You can manage all of your import, export and synchronization services from this page.

    We can use this function to make our task more widely seen. Moreover, we can import data or something else from other applications. For example, when we are out and without internet, we can use mobile phones to write things down. It would be more convenient to import the data directly from cell phones rather than write them again on Toodledo.

  32. This screencast shows how you can use Appigo's Todo Task Management Software for iPhone to connect and synchronize your tasks with the popular Toodledo online task services.
    Todo is a powerful tool that makes task management simple and fun. Use Todo by itself or synchronize your tasks to the web or your desktop using a popular online todo list like Toodledo or Remember The Milk (Pro Account Required for RTM). Todo helps you focus on what matters most and allows you to integrate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology or your own.

  33. Actually, for non-english spoken people, just like china, this site is not very friendly to the users. Maybe that's why it's less popular than google cal, or google calender. However, for some people like college students, senior business people, language doesn't seem like a problem.

    With "search function", we can select tasks by priority, due-date, etc. and save them as sub-task list. Then you can get a special list to make you more productive.

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