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Hey everyone these are the specific research roles I gave everyone.  If you have any problems just let me know.  I would like to have the majority of the research done by Friday before lab so you can finish gathering the information in lab on Friday.  These roles will be your primary roles.  Still feel free to go to any of the other sections and edit them if you would like.  For the people that have the lesson plans, you are supposed to have three for each.  They can be original or adapted from a lesson plan that you found, but if it is adapted from a lesson plan you need to say so.  Professor Newby also said to try to have you lesson plans relate to STEM (science, technolody, engineering, and math) but you don't have to.  Workout 1 is a good refernce of things that should be included.  If your assigned section isn't super difficult, you could help the people doing the lesson plans.  Make sure you cite if you need to. 

For the people that are doing the lessons plans, I think that it woud work if you make the lesson plan on microsoft word then we can just attach it to the website as a word document and a PDF file in lab on Friday.

Casey: title and who developed it; purpose of application; how does it work (3 seperate children pages)

Riley: how is it related to other applications

Amanda: unique ways of using the application

Lyndsay: lesson plan elementary

Ryan: lesson plan secondary

Sara: lesson plan post secondary

Andrew: lesson plan business/ industry

Thomas: examples of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential

Alex Yu, Wujun Gao, Zhang Ling: how is the application used in your country

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