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This is the page where you will be submitting the research that you found for the "Research Assignment." 

As outlined, you must have at least three (3) posts here BEFORE Tuesday, March 31, 2009, so the deadline is MONDAY, MARCH 30 AT 12 MIDNIGHT!  It is very important that you cite your sources you find to avoid plagiarism and so it is easier to find this information again when we are developing the Wiki page.  These posts need to have background research that covers the use of Google Talk Video, so take a look at the other "children" here on our Wiki page to give you an idea of the type of information to look for.  Please make sure that the information you use from the websites is credible and reliable.

When you are using direct quotes, don't forget to use quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

Each posting needs to be unique, so no one should have the same reference.

Finally, at the end of your research, please put your name AND the date you submitted, so everyone will know who submitted the research (and so you can get credit for your work! This individual assignment is worth 6 points!).


Amanda Roberts


  • Google Talk Video was released for use on November 11, 2008.
  • Google Talk Video can be used while you are in your Gmail account.
  • Google Talk Video is competition for Skype, Meebo, and TokBox.
  • All you need is to install a plug-in to use it.
  • Google Talk Video is integrated on the Gmail page so that all of Google Talk's functions (such as IM) can all be in one convenient place.
  • Serge Lachapelle from Sweden helped develop Google Talk Video.
    • He was the "Vice President of product management" at Marratech, which was the company that Google bought in April 2007.


  • There is a video from one of the developers of Google Talk Video on this website, so here is some of the information from that video:
    • Useful because you can show "expressions and gestures."  The other person you are chatting with can easily see this, which would not be possible by simply using an IM service.
    • It is good for long distance "face to face" communication.
    • When you use the Google Talk Video Chat, you will receive a "Call" from the other person who wants to video chat with you, and you then can either "Answer" or "Ignore."
    • Can even be viewed full-screen.
    • To install the software needed, go to "" and follow the prompts there.
    • It is a free service.
    • It can be accessed while using other features of Google Talk.
  • There is also other information on the page:
    • To get the necessary software:
      • "Download the plug-in, close all windows, install plug-in"
      • "Sign into Gmail"
      • Go to the Chat section of Gmail
      • Choose the person you want to call.
        • A video next to their name indicates they can video chat.
        • You can even have a 1-way video chat if one person doesn't have a webcam.
  • Several webcam models are suggested on the webpage.


  • Before Google Talk Video was developed, it was possible to have "voice chats" without video.
  • Uses "Video" technology, which is a "video conferencing" software
  • Google Talk Video is basically an upgrade to Google Talk's existing features.


----The above information was submitted by: Amanda Roberts on March 26, 2009.

  • Marratech is based in Stockholm.
  • The engineers who developed the video chat system that Google bought now work for Google.
  • Google Talk Video was originally used within the Google Corporation.
  • Marratech still operates on its own, but it cannot market the video chat software anymore.
  • "Desktop Conferencing Software"


  • The software itself, not Marratech, was bought by Google.
  • Marratech does "desktop conferencing research and development" in Sweden


----The above information was submitted by: Amanda Roberts on April 2, 2009.

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  1. Unknown User (mbeard)

    GOOGLE TALK is a new voice & video chat service added by Google.

    It seems as if Google has all but conquered the the World Wide Web. Their search engine dominates. GMail is posed to surpass HotMail as the web mail service of choice for Internet users and Google Tools is fast becoming a major competitor to MS Office. So, what's left to conquer? Video conferencing!

    Surprise, surprise, Google has now taken a forey into that arena with Google Talk or as Google explains it, "you can now use voice and video capabilities in your Gmail chat. From within Gmail, you can have an actual conversation with someone (seriously, out loud), or even chat face to face over video".

    To make the magic happen, users will need a GMail account (which is free) and some software installed on their computer (also free to download). Both the sender and receiver have to have Gmail accounts and the special software installed. After that, it's just a matter of clicking a button as this video shows.


    1. Well, I have registered G-talk for quite a long time. However, I am not familiar with the G-talk Video until I met this project.

      In my opinion, the applications Google has supplied have gradually integrate various functions we need into a whole, which is quite convenient for us. We don't need to memorize so many user names, so many different passwords. A G-mail account will work.

      The appearance of G-talk Video  has shown the effort that Google's made to perfect itself in the function of video service. Except for the convenience Google brings about to integrate many functions together, I am wondering whether G-talk Video has special advantages over other video communication providers. Anyway, it takes some time to get used to new things, especially when it has nothing special.  

  2. Unknown User (mbeard)

    Instructional video on how to download and use Good Talk Video:

    Santo Cruz Networks are expanding their Festoon Plug-in to support Google's IM service.

    The plug-in for Google talk will allow users to host video voice calls on a one-to one basis or with groups as large as 200 people.

    You can also share photos and other applications with the person that you are chatting with.


  3. Unknown User (mbeard)

    Google talk video is not working on incorporating YouTube videos into the instant messaging application by embedding clips.  This means that you do not have to open another screen. 

    This can be done by pasting the direct link into the conversations screen.

    This shows that Google is trying to integrate its communcation tools.


  4. Unknown User (mbeard)

    The three posts above were added by Mary Beard on March 27, 2009.

  5. Unknown User (browncm)

    For Google Talk Video you must install a 2.4 megabyte downloadable plug-in. (Then, as usual, you must restart your browser.)  Nothing will look different until you look at your Gmail contacts, you will then see the video icon next to the names of contacts with video chat. (There will be different icons next to those contacts not video chat able.) You can then chat similar to the way ichat or skype work. The quality is similar to that of ichat or skype (good for a web application).

    Corryn Brown (March 27, 2009)

  6. Unknown User (browncm)

    An article in Wired Magazine describes the problems and benefits of switching from desktop and other applications to only Google Applications. (Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Calendar, etc.) Throughout the article you see many problems arise from his switch but he also talks of how well the online applications work (oppose to desktop apps) and the easy use at home and work. The main problem he finds is trying to utilize the Google Apps in an office dominated by desktop apps. It makes it difficult for him to tranfer files and communicate with his coworkers. This is the main problem of Google Talk. (In the article the writer switched all his applications to Google Apps and Google Talk was the first he got rid of and returned to his AIM.) This shows the problem with Google Talk Video and its inability to communicate with other video interfaces (Skype and AIM, for example). The application may work well, but so many people in today's world already have a app they prefer to video/IM conferencing. With Google Talk Video it is necessary for you and whom ever you may be trying to communicate with to have a Gmail login and account. This will make it difficult for Google Talk Video to really take off and become to dominant application used for video conferencing. This problem is one for both the business/office world and the education world.

    Corryn Brown (March 29, 2009)

  7. Unknown User (rharthul)

    Google talk video is a revelutionary video chatting system. In the past video chat was only able to be used if a computer is using a certain system. But now people can chat between each other using multiple systems such as linux, mac or windows. More than two people can use google chat at the same time as well, making the possiblitities amount limitless. Google has made it very easy for people to create there own groups into home pages to allow people to have there very own chat site.

  8. Unknown User (rharthul)

    Google again has suprised us all in being able to do just about anything that you ever wanted to do. By combining e-mail, instant messager, video chat, as well as video sharing anything has become possible. Since google now owns youtube, they have made it really easy for people to share videos with friends. Many people have called this new system by google a " more unified communication hub" combining what places like facebook, myspace, and youtube have done. Google has also eliminated the need for people to pull up all of those annoying tabs.

  9. Unknown User (rharthul)

    in its quest for total domination of the web. It's added voice and video to its Gmail chat service. For Skype, the service which has become synonymous wih internet telephony, this is something of a wake-up call.

    Once you download theplug-infrom Google, the idea is that you can then call - and even see - the people you contact with the Gmail chat service. I can't yet tell you how it works because I'm writing this in bed at 0645, and I feel it's a little early to call.

  10. Unknown User (browncm)

    Google talk video is extremely easy to use. Once downloading the plug-in, you connect your webcam to your computer and you are then able to chat. This application is easy to use and lacks any long set up process. You pick a contact and then select "Start video chat." Google also has provided a help section for you whenever you experience any problems. The app has good sound and picture quality (even for full screen chats), and the picture is very clear and continuous.

    Corryn Brown (March 29, 2009)

    1. It is really quite easy to use it. However, most of us are used to chat with QQ & Skype, no matter voice talk or video talk. Does Google talk make any magic difference?------That's what I want to find out in this project.

  11. Unknown User (ahaney)

    The Google Talk Gadget can be added to you own personal webpage by simply copying and pasting a single line of code into you site's HTML. You can find the code here.?With this being said, teachers or anyone in a leadership position could add this application to their own personal sites to keep in better contact with their students or employees.  This would also be very beneficial if you were on a business trip or on vacation to help stay closely connected with you commitments back home.


    Tyler Haney, Mrach 29

  12. Unknown User (ahaney)

    While using the Google Talk Video gadget many other things can take place other than just video chatting.  One of the benefits of Google Talk is the ability to "call" from one computer to another without using the actual video cam.  This would be very useful if you are in an area where there is no phone service. You might be asking yourself, how do I make a call? The answer is simple. To call a friend, click on the Call button from an open chat window. You can also make a call by clicking on the phone icon next to a name directly from your Friends list.


    Tyler Haney, March 29

    1. Unknown User (robertam)

      This is the same website as the one above it.  Please change it so that you have 3 different references.

  13. Unknown User (ahaney)

    Google Talk Video not only allows you to have one on one video conversations with people all over the world, but allows you to now have multiple conversations at once. With this being said, a handful of people can all be in their own locations and can have a videoconference. During this multi-chat conversation all of the users will be able to see and speak with each other. This could range from teaching students in other countries to keeping in touch with your business partners in different parts of the world.  Regardless of what you are using it for, it is just one more way Google Talk Video is helping us keep in touch with those all over the world.


    Tyler Haney, March 29

  14. Unknown User (aschenke)

    you can use google talk in order to communicate a video between one person with people worldwide. You can make and receive calls from the friends that you have added on to your various buddy list. In order to use the video chat application you must download the necessary plug in. the sound and image quality is also very good and reviewers stated then even when the screen is in full mode it is still clear and the pixels are not grainy. Streaming is fast and concise! 


    Adrienne Schenkel, March 29

  15. Unknown User (aschenke)

    Google talk can also be used during the video application show pictures. Google talk was launched in order to "transform its business from purely Internet search into more of a Web portal offering a wide portfolio of online services." 


    Adrienne Schenkel, March 29

  16. Unknown User (aschenke)

    There are two ways that you can use the video part of google chat. The first is by downloading the the plug-in that will allow you to use the video application once fully-downloaded. The second is to download the brand new chat plug-in that allows you to use an "integrated chat window in Gmail" in order to video chat. This download also lets you use the other applications on google chat while video chatting. In order to get a call you can open up a chat window at the bottom of your screen with one of your gmail buddies. You can then click on the "videos &more" button on the bottom of your menu within your chat with your buddy. You then chose "start video chat" and a new screen will appear with your buddies video and yours working to show the pictures of each other on each person's computer screen.


    Adrienne Schenkel, March 29

    1. Unknown User (robertam)

      This is the same website that Reid used earlier.  Please add a different one.

  17. Unknown User (jsnelson)

    "Overall, though, this is an incredibly solid product and adds a world of value to the already "steal of a deal" Google Apps suite.  And it is also nice as a Mac user to be on par (Google Talk-wise) with our PC brethren."


    "The plug-in for Google Talk will enable users to hold video voice calls on a one-to-one basis or with groups as large as 200 people, as well as to share photos and applications with whoever's on the calls, according to Santa Cruz Networks."


    "Google Talk started out as a minimalist chat client that was soon successful among people precisely due to its simplicity in functions and design."


    Jordan Nelson, March 30