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On this page everyone will put down what they found out as research for  For each person could you please answer the questions given, and if there is more information that you believe is important add that as well.  Thank you everyone!

Now that we have quite a bit of information could everyone please answer the following questions on this page instead of the comments.  Once most of the questions have been answered could the writers please begin rewriting the answers/questions in a better format, and then the designers could you please start to outline what the page will look like once the writers start their process.  Thanks guys we're on a roll!!!

a.) What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

Title: is a online interactive website constructed by Yale and M.I.T. grads in October of 2006. The website is very similar to youtube and has 41 million unique visitors per month and 428,000 channels. The platform pushes more than 177 Gbps of video at peak usage - the equivalent of 16,946 standard DVDs per hour. It is based in San Francisco

Important people-

Justin Kan
Founder and President

Michael Seibel

Emmett Shear

Kyle Vogt
VP Engineering

 Jacob Woodward

 Bill Moorier
VP Software Development

b.) What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)? is the leader in live video and the place to broadcast and share video online.(

c.) How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?

d.)How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?

e.) What are some unique ways of using this application? has quite a few unique ways of using the application.  One unique application has would be the fact that one can use a live feed of themselves to talk to others.  The live feed can be used for anything that needs to be viewed.  Whether it be someone simply talking into the feed to teach a lesson, or showing first hand how to work something. is also all User-Provided which means that the user provides and controls all the information that is given out. 

f.) How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? (Please provide multipule content area lesson plans within the lesson plan page)


    b.) Secondary

    c.) Post Secondary

    d.) Business/Industry

g.) What are some examples (e.g.,web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

h.) For those teams with international partners, how is the application used in their countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside the US?

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  1. Unknown User (cdwatt)

    Through looking at the page, I have realize that it is possible to have a live feed of yourself. I think this would be very helpful when trying to teach children outside of the classroom. You can physically show them, if they are absent from class, what is going on.  Also this live feed can let parents see what is going on in the classroom. 

  2. Unknown User (cdwatt)

    This website can be applied to the Elementary level through demonstrations of other people. If you wanted to show chemical changes in a simple way but still take safety percautions, you could show the students a cooking live feed.

  3. Unknown User (cdwatt) can also be used to show how a long event can happen. For example, volcanoes erupting or maybe a baby chick hatching. A volcano is not smoething that everyone gets to see or grasp the concept of. If there is live feed everyone can look at what goes on. This is also helpful when watching a baby chick hatch.  You can see what happens with out all of the mess.

  4. Unknown User (atippman)

    As I was doing some research on, I found that one really great use for it is interactive communication. If two schools have across the world our country are "sister schools" or anything, this would be a wonderful tool for them to use. This way they could share any unique lessons they are learning or if they won any awards that the two classes were doing together, this way the other class could enjoy the appreciation as well while it is actually happening. One problem that could occur however is that they are on different time zones, although, I am sure this could be worked through! 

  5. Unknown User (atippman)

    Another thing I was researching that is kind of similiar to this is that some teachers have their students work with graduate students in college. This could be one beneficial way to communicate and share ideas. In a book I read, the teacher had his students use the grad students as peer editors for the student's work on a project. In the end, the students went really far with the project they were working on. Using would be a very beneficial way to share this with the grad students. Also, if the students  were preparing for a presentation, they could practice it and have it on here; their grad student buddy could critique them to make their presentation more successful.

  6. Unknown User (atippman)

    Another thing I thougth of is that there was a teacher on the news about a year ago who was somehow involved in NASA. She was able to go into a space shuttle type of place. (It is newly developed.) She could use this to let her students watch her experience zero gravity. This could introduce a wonderful lesson on science and gravity!

    This came from the book, "There Are No Shortcuts" by Rafe Esquith.

  7. Unknown User (jdkeisli)

    I looked up the wikipedia page. It has a lot of random facts

  8. Unknown User (cecohoat)

    I am going to tell you about 2 Unique Uses of  First of all the information is all User-Provided.  In which nothing is really given out unless its from you, and you control the information.  Another unique characteristic is that the information is "Automatically collected".    This means that can see some of the things that you have done, and it records and saves this information without you even knowing.  Just a couple unique facts. (wink)

  9. Unknown User (smith607)

    I found this website during my research and it gives us a little bit of history on

  10. Unknown User (smith607)

    Here is a site that compares Ustream to and other love streaming websites.

  11. Unknown User (rbeach)

    History- is a online interactive website constructed by Yale and M.I.T. grads in October of 2006. The website is very similar to youtube and has 41 million unique visitors per month and 428,000 channels. The platform pushes more than 177 Gbps of video at peak usage - the equivalent of 16,946 standard DVDs per hour. It is based in San Francisco

     Important people

    Justin Kan
    Founder and President

    Michael Seibel

    Emmett Shear

    Kyle Vogt
    VP Engineering

     Jacob Woodward

     Bill Moorier
    VP Software Development 

  12. Unknown User (cecohoat)

    If joining, here are a couple things to be aware of:

    -Will use your e-mail regardless if you want them to or not

    -Automatically collected....this is something that automatically  tracks everything you do, so not too much privacy.

    -Once information is put up on the website,  no one is restricted in seeing it.

  13. Unknown User (cecohoat)

    Here is a website from that is told directly how they work...Quite helpful and where i got much of my information-

     if anything is unclear in a contract before joining, I think that someone can look at this.

  14. Unknown User (smith607)

    I found this website it is British but I thought that it would be nice to possibly compare this site to how we could use in the classroom

  15. Unknown User (jdkeisli)

    According to, the number of worldwide users has gone from 12 million to 22 million in the last two months (almost double).

    It must be pretty up-and-coming

  16. Unknown User (rbeach)


    " is a place to broadcast and watch live video online while chatting with friends"

  17. Unknown User (rbeach)

  18. Unknown User (smith607)

    I have just emailed,  I am hoping that they may help us out with this project so that we can get needed peices for our work.  Here is what I said:

    I am working on a large project for a technology education course.  For this project we have to create a wiki page. is our assigned web 2.0 site.  I was curious if you could help me out.  For this project my group would like to have your logo on the page.  is there any way that you could send me a decent picture of your logo via email so that we can add it to the wiki page.  Anything else that you might like to have added to the page would be greatly appreciated as well. 

    Thank you,

    Tracy Smith

  19. Unknown User (alholt)

    Here is a interview with Justin Kan the creator of  In the interview he gives quite a bit of information about how he started the website, specifics of the database that the website uses, and what the main idea behind is.  Below is the link to the website.

  20. Unknown User (alholt)

    Below is the link to's youtube video account.  They introduce the main start up people of, kind of interesting to watch.

  21. Unknown User (alholt)

    Everyone should go to this website and read this article on, there is alot of information and states the purpose and future use of

  22. Unknown User (jonesra)

    Hey Found this website that shows how to brodcast oneself on

  23. Unknown User (jonesra)

    Hey Found a YouTube Vidow explaning how to use

  24. Unknown User (jonesra)

    From looking at the site it looks like it could be usesed to put vido lessons up on the internet for students to view if they have questions

  25. Unknown User (jdkeisli)

    People's whole lives are documented on this website.  The first one is on the profile of ijustina.

  26. Unknown User (rbeach)

    Purpose of Justin.TV, is a video hosting website dedicated to letting users share their online videos while interacting via chat and live video

    History of TV first began as an extremely small network with just one person broadcasting, which was Justin Kan. Kan wore a webcam 24/7 and streamed all of his content starting March 19, 2007. His website quickly grew media attention, which lead to the expansion of his website and also led to the addition of other people doing this same activity.

    In order to broadcast on Justin TV, you need to have a Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X compatible computer with Internet capability, with at least a 100KBps upload speed. You also need to have a webcam or a camcorder in order to record the live video. You also need to have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player.

  27. Unknown User (rbeach)

    - English Premier League football. members are watching live televised games where they are broadcast around the world, filming them with their webcams and streaming the action directly over the portal, where they can of course be watched by fans in Britain. While the Premier League clubs - who pay their overpriced stars with the revenue from their international television deals - have yet to formally sue, their lawyers have claimed these broadcasts are illegal and that the Silicon Valley company should desist from allowing its members to post this supposedly pirated content.

    Think about this in terms of application.