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  1. Unknown User (ktuite)

    -multiple task lists
    -uses google maps for locations
    -tags for organization
    -postpone tasks
    -offline use and updates when reconnected
    -online storage so info cannot be lost if hard drive crashes
    -import/export iCalender files
    -ability to share schedules with others you choose

    Used with:
    -iGoogle: remember the milk gadget
    -Google Calender: added as an application
    -Netvibes: widget
    -Twitter: add tasks and send messages
    -Uses IM, email and phones to send reminders/messages

    Fun Fact: 750,000 users as of Oct 2008

  2. Unknown User (ktuite)

    There is a Pro version for $25 a year and it allows the users access to new tools and other perks

  3. Unknown User (ktuite)

    You can also use the search function on Remember the Milk so that you can easily find a task (advance web search application on the site)
    You can organize icons and move them so you have the used most often right there.

    The hyperlink services found at the bottom of the page or on the main menu bar takes you to a menu of all the different application you can use with remember the milk and you can click on them to add them and other frequently asked questions:

    You are able to add task list besides the ones already set up for you such as work, study, personal etc.

    Remember the Milk can be translated into 24 different languages

    If you click on the Forum hyperlink at the bottom of the page and select Tips & Tricks it leads you to a page where members can post questions and other's can respond.

  4. Unknown User (ktuite)

    In order to get started you go onto and click on Sign Up (Free!) all you have to do is put in your first and last name, create a user name and password and put in your email along with date and time zone and you are ready to begin! When you get onto the main page you click on the big blue button "Continue to Task" and from there you can add tasks, set priorities and so much more!

  5. Unknown User (atowsley)

    There have been over 750,000 users on Remember the Milk from its beginning to October 2008.

  6. Unknown User (jallison)

    Within Remember the Milk you can change the language.  To change the language, all you need to do is click on the "settings" tab in the upper right hand corner.  A new page will appear then you must click on the the "general" tab at the top of the page.  Under this page find the "language" option and then choose the language you wish to view your account in.