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Our first task is to research about Wikia.  Each member is required to make three postings including research information about Wikia.  Research may come from the Wikia web-page and other web-sources.  It may include information about how the program is used, what users have said about it, who developed it, and so forth; however, your research should be unique from the other members research to provide a variety of topics.  Also, please site the source of your information so that we can locate it later when we are developing the project.  In order to receive superior rating, we must be complete this task by Tuesday, March 31, 2009. (This date may change, so watch for updates.) Citations will eventually need to be in APA formatting so try to find that info.

Wikia is a site that brings together people who are interested in the same things. It allows them to explore and create wikis on different topics. Wikia is visited by over 24 million people in a single month. Visitors have created more than "1.7 million pages of content."

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Research done by Chelsea Scott

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  1. Wikia (formerly Wikicities) is a selective free web hosting service for wikis (or wiki farms) operated by Wikia, Inc., a for-profit Delaware company founded in late 2004.[3|]

    Wikia targets communities, both those established offline and those with a purely online following. Wikia is free of charge for readers and editors and licenses user-provided text content under the GNU Free Documentation License or, in the case of Memory Alpha and Uncyclopedia, a Creative Commons license (CC by-nc-sa). The wiki software used is MediaWiki.

    Wikia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley, respectively the Chairman Emeritus and Advisory Board chair of the Wikimedia Foundation.

    Wikia changed its name from Wikicities on March 27, 2006, saying that "the name Wikicities has often caused confusion, with many people believing it was a site for city guides rather than wikis about any topic."[4|] Following this change, Wikia announced that it had received US$4 million in venture capital from Bessemer Venture Partners[5|] and First Round Capital. has invested US$10 million in Series B funding.[6|] As a result, senior VP of business development Jeff Blackburn joined the company board.[7|]

    In November 2006, Wikia claimed to have spent only $5.74 on marketing, while generating 40 to 50 million page views.[7|] Certain Wikia projects have independently spent money on advertising.[8|] The company spent $2 million to purchase ArmchairGM, a previously independently hosted site on the MediaWiki software.[7|]

    OpenServing was a short-lived Web publishing project owned by Wikia, founded on December 12, 2006.[9|][10|] Abandoned in January 2008, its closure was never formally announced.[11|]

    [edit] Topics and wikis

    Wikia covers a broad range of topics; most widely-scoped community projects are accepted, with the exception of ideas that compete with the Wikimedia Foundation's projects, which Wikia's founders are heavily involved in. In comparison with Wikipedia, Wikia hosts specialized wikis that offer more detailed or comprehensive content. Because Wikia is not an encyclopedia, subjects not qualifying for inclusion on Wikipedia due to lack of notability may be accepted on the respective Wikia wiki. For example, a minor character in a Star Wars film may have its own article on Wookieepedia, but only a brief mention on Wikipedia.[12|]

    Wikia requires all text content to be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, although some imported wikis use Creative Commons licenses.[13|]

    The project announced the creation of its one hundredth wiki on February 3, 2005.[14|] As of July 2007, it had over 3,000 wikis in over 50 languages.[15|]

    As of December 2008,'s Alexa traffic ranking was 325.[2|] The Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tibia fan information wikis account for 17% and 14% of this traffic respectively.[2|] The Wikia-hosted Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha[16|] and World of Warcraft wiki WoWWiki[17|] currently use separate domain names. Wikia intends to move WoWWiki to to boost its attractiveness to advertisers, as it did with Uncyclopedia.[18|][19|]

    Most domain names not included in's statistics stem from wikis founded separately and later incorporated into Wikia. In the case of GuildWiki, this involved Wikia paying money and stock options to the previous owner of the domain name.[20|]

    [edit] Wikia Green

    Wikia Green is a wiki operated by Wikia, Inc. which focuses on environmental issues.[21|] Jimmy Wales started the project after a conversation with environmentalist activist and politician Al Gore, who suggested creating a green wiki.[21|]

    [edit] Software

    Wikia runs a modified version of MediaWiki on Linux (Red Hat and Debian) servers, and claims to provide both technical and social support for all aspects of running a wiki community.[22|] -          What is a wiki?

    -          A wiki is a website you can edit. The word comes from "wikiwiki", which is a Hawaiian word for "fast". Wikis are designed to be collaborative so people can work together on a wiki project, so it's possible to build up a lot of content very quickly.



    1. Uh, just a question, how are we meant to get more resources since this last post has just been put up? From what I see, this is summarising a whole lot of sources?

    2. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      Lisa, could you please summarize this information.  It is helpful, but if we leave it in this format will we be in trouble for plagarism.  Thanks!

  2. Unknown User (jromack)

    Developing a lesson plan to teach someone how to use a Wiki are to ask three questions. 1) Where are your students going. 2) How are they going to get there. 3) How will you know when they arrived. You need to have goals, objectives, prerequisites, materials, lesson discription, lesson procedure with an introduction, main activity, conclusion, and follow up activites. Then the last thing is to have an assessment or an evaluation to see how well the material is understood.

  3. so on this page we are required to make 3 seperate postings in regard to defining wiki? gosh im confused...

  4. You can either make all three on here, or 1 in each of the A-E categories, or 3 in one of the A-E categories. Just 3 in general, doesn't matter where it is. I THINK, thats what we have to do.

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      Yes, thats correct, and very well put by Gareth, I must add. 

      1. Ok thanks for clearing that up. I wanted to clarify before I go too far ahead.

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        1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

          However, when you are adding information/research to a page, please edit the page rather than comment.  We will leave the comment space for discussion.  Thanks!

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            Also, please put your name by what you post.  There are a few posts that do not have names by them.  Thanks!