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Here is where you can add specific research about Blogger.

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  1. Unknown User (richarka)

    Go ahead and add comments to this page of the specific questions you are answering.

  2. Unknown User (aruby)


    1.)  In the elementary school systems, bloggins sites could be used for teachers. Teachers can post information regarding classes, difficulties they are encountering with students understanding certain material, new methods that work, or how their classes are doing. Teachers can communicate through sites like blogger to allow others to see what they are doing, and connect with other teachers. They can gain ideas, and make sure their classes are as up to date as other teacher's classes, and not getting too far behind or ahead. They can include pictures of projects their students have done or are currently working on.

    If parents choose to get on blogger sites, they can also become more connected with what their children are doing in the classroom. Teachers can post grades, upcoming events with the school, or when test and quizzes are, and when upcoming assignments are due. Teachers can also create newsletters that parents can read, which share important information parents would want to know.

    2.) In secondary education classrooms, students can use bloggers. Teachers can create blogger sites for just their classrooms, and include calendars of upcoming events, let students know what materials the course will need, and communicate with them more effectively because students have constant access to their class's blogging site. Students can become more familiar with the internet and websites. They can also do web publishing without learning HTML. Students can also use these sites for group projects, to better stay connected with their groups. They can keep all their information on the site, so everyone can have access to it when needed. They can also communicate with their teachers about assignments and schedules through classroom blogging sites.

    In adittion, teachers can still stay communicated with parents and other teachers, just like they were able to in elementary classrooms. They can still keep up to date with other teachers, and keep parents updated.

    I found most of my information on,

  3. Unknown User (mcdoyle)

    D. The Blogger system is basically an online diary that allows one to speak any feelings or thoughts about any topic. Blogger is like any online site that allows one to contribute any feelings or thoughts and can be read by anyone in the world. Xanga is another web form of a feature like Blogger. It allows one to create an online documentary of whatever they want. Also another blogging site to use is Twitter. Twitter mainly posts that allow people follow what other bloggers are doing. Blogger also allows pictures to be installed into its system and has a photo player. This can be used in conjunction with a photo-posting site such as photobucket. It is important for teachers in order to post ideals that they experience on a daily basis. They are able to share not only information but pictures. Students also benefit by reading higher scholors information. Another way is teachers and students could communicate through blogging and learn from each other.

    E. There are many unique features of Blogger that make it easier to work. Blogger has mostly unlimited storage space which enables serious bloggers, teachers, researchers, or anyone else to have unlimited amounts of infomation posted. Also, Blogger is in correlation with Google. So if you have a Google account, you are ready to join Blogger. Blogger is a free service which allows just the flow of information with no charge to any person who wants to read it. Another interesting feature is Blogger has multi-language so everyone can read Blogger. As previously stated, Blogger has a photo player to not just limit bloggers to words but increase informational spread through pictures. The most unique way of using Blogger site is processed through Google so Google Ads is a subset of it. Google Ads can be placed by the blogger inside thier blog and if a person reading thier blog clicks on the ad, the blogger can then recieve money from it. It is an interesting twist that bloggers can now make money and blog at the same time. (big grin)

    Most of the imformation about Blogger came from : 

  4. Unknown User (mllorcao)

    Following the answers for questions a,b and c. 

    The application we are doing research on is titled "Blogger".  Its address website is  This application was developed by a small company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999.  It was bought by Google in 2003.This application allows anybody to post personal comments on the web.  A blog is a web site, where you write your thoughts on an ongoing basis. It is designed in a way that the newest blog entries are shown first, usually at the top of the page.  This allows frequent visitors to read first what is new.  Since it is an interactive application, the visitors can comment you blog entries can link to them or can e-mail the blog writer if they want to do it.To start using Blogger, first you need to create your own blog following three easy steps.First you need to create an account:  for this the application only asks you for a valid e-mail address, a password, and a display name.  The display name will be the name the visitors will see when they visit your blog.Second you need to choose a name for your blog.Finally, you have to choose a template for you blog.When you are done with this, you are ready to start posting your personal comments for everyone to read and comment. 

  5. Unknown User (sapeck)


    Many teachers after college go back to school to get their master degrees or continue their education. Blogger is ablet o take notes and video from the lecture and post them on the blog so the poeple in the class can view them, but it will also help anyone else who is looking for information about a certin subject. People who look at the blog can leave comments or questions for the creator. They probably don't have their email, so the writer of the blog can go back and look at the comments and be ablet o answer them. Recent college graduates can also look at business blogs and see if they are interested in getting a job there. If there is contact inforamtion avaliable they can call or email and start a network.

    Here are some references:

    Here are some references I found related to my questions:



    Many business write hundreds of emials a day and sen out memos aswell. Some buisnesses use Blogger to write there newsletters so everyone can log on and read them. Not only are current memos and newletters posted, they ahve created an archive for past ones also. It has beocme a more effective method of sending out mass information to many employees. It also helps the people keep their inbox clutter free because they don't have to keep all their past emails. It prevents people from accidently deleting important information that they may need.

    Businees also use blogs so they are able to get feedback. Many companies have web sites that  peopel are able to access. It is very effective for people to be able to leave comments so they business can read what they saw and improve what their customers thought needed work. Getting negative feedback could help business drastically. The use of Blogger increaes the effectiveness of feedback for many companies.

    Some negative aspects of Blogger and blogs in general is that not everyone goes on blogs or even knows what they are. 

  6. Unknown User (jones204)

    G. What are some examples Blogger being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

        Blogger has the capacity to be an excellent means of communication between administrators, teachers, students, and parents as well as between coaches, athletes, and club/extra curricular activity leaders and members. 

        School faculty members can communicate with teachers and parents through private blogs.  Likewise teachers can post comments for parents on private blogs.  Teachers and students can use classroom blogs to post assignments, activities, group discussions, events, calendars, and photos. 

        Coaches and atletes can have blogs for their sport and post stats, photos, events, calendars, official rules, and other important information about their sport.

        The leaders of extra curricular activities and clubs can use a Blogger blog to promote thier activity and communicate with parents, teachers, and student members about upcoming events.

        Some teachers even have students keep an online blog on Blogger as a journal to improve writing skills and to document the student's progress throughout the year.  Teachers can also hold online discussions so students can share ideas with one another.  Teachers can also do collaborative projects and recieve feedback on projects using Blogger blogs.  For students that are absent on certain days, teachers can post class notes and assignemnts. 

        It seems that the possibilities are endless for using Blogger in the classroom!  The only limit is the creativity of the educator!

  7. Unknown User (mllorcao)

    Here is the link \\