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Go down the list until you find what you are suppose to do then read the directions and suggestions.  If you need any help or have any questions please let me know either by comments or e-mail me.   (smile)

** EVERYBODY bring in $3.00 for the presentation material on Friday, I should be able to go out and get all the needed material this weekend.*


Everyone: Will be working on the brochure  Friday in class.

Josh: In charge of printing out the brochures. 

Lesson Plans:

Jessica- elementary

Will- secondary

Rachel- post secondary

James- business/industry

Lesson Plan should include the title and grade level, overview, objective,standards (on the printed out paper), material, procedure, evalutation.

Overview: What is the purpose of the lesson? What do you want your students to learn?
Objective: How will you measure what your students have learned?

           For example: After learning about common shapes, students will identify four out of the five shape correctly.

Standards: What state standards do you want your students to meet?
    <> or if you can not find anything there

 **The material I printed out for the "state standards" ealier are the wrong ones so do not use them.   Use at least two standards from either of the websites.

Material: What materials do your students need?

   For example: Text book, paper, computer, pencils

Procedure: How will you teach the students? (A step-by-step process)

Evaluation: How will you know what the students have learned?

   For example: test, quiz, worksheet, project

Places to find sample lesson plans:

*** Use your Work Out One Lesson Plan for guidance!

Final Draft of Wiki Page:

James: include graphics, pictures, screen captures, videos (youtube), and other media.

   Maybe you could contact Diigo and ask for them to send you a video on how to use it, I have contacted them before and they are great at responding.       

Here is a website that you could use for a video...


    **Go to <> and in the bottom left hand corner button that says "Contact" click that and you will be able to e-mail them a question. 

   Use the Diigo logo for a picture

    I e-mailed you the rough draft and it is also posted under "Wikispace"  

Power Point:

Josh: design and develop a set of training materials to show how to access and use the application.  Use the information from the page called "Wikispace"

Here is a website you could use to hyperlink the powerpoint ...


Rough draft is due Friday before class

Final draft is due Monday before class


Rachel: Write a 2-3 minutes speech that pertains to Josh's power point

Rachel, Jessica, Bryan: We will all be saying the speech during the showcase


EVERYBODY besides Bryan must attend

During the meeting we will be designing our poster board and showcase presentation and putting all the material together.

*This is very important for our overall grade so please be there.

*I will e-mail you the date, time, and address of the meeting.  If you need a ride please let me know and I can work something out.

Run Through:

I know not everyone will be able to be at the run through but here is the list of people who said could be there: Rachel, Jessica, and Josh.  Anyone can come!

The run through is Tuesday, November 25, 2006 at ( I do not know what time yet...)

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