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For this project, we will each have certain jobs. Since we are a smaller group, we are going to each have a few jobs. Off the top of my head... we are going to need these roles covered. When we meet on Friday, we'll come up with more; but for now, look over them and click "add comment" to list what jobs you want.

 As of now... I plan on the Presenters wearing like a bussiness suit (girls in pants, button-up shirt, jacket, heels; guys in jacket, shirt, tie). The only way this will change is if the people from Seesmic would like us to wear a shirt or something they give us. Just giving you the heads up incase you guys are going home and need to pick that stuff up.




  • Write out certain sections: EVERYONE will do this, but we'll have two people at least on each section. So look through the pages and decide which one you are interested on writing
  • Lesson plans: We are going to write 3 lesson plans and one bussiness application, so we need someone who is going to write on. If you are elementary education, maybe you could choose this one.
  • Evaluators: We are all going to do this eventually, but essentailly what you will be doing is looking over our project and seeing what needs to be done... spell checking, moving pictures in a different place, cleaning up the look etc....
  • Presenters: I would like everyone to do this, so just tell me if you have a big fear of presenting. We are going to be presenting for 3-hours in a job fair like setting, so we will rotate in shifts so that you don't have to work for three hours. You have a 2-3 minute speech you tell people when they come to our table, then we will answer any questions that they have.
  • Presentation team: This group of people will work on everything in the presentation.

          -Signs: create environment that we will present in, for example: what posters will hang, tables
          -Pamphlet: we have to create something that those who come by the table can take with them so they can use
                           Seesmic. I was thinking just a tri-fold like the one we did in class
         -Speech writer: Just put together some that explains the most important parts of Seesmic and write it out for the
                               presenters to look over

*New Sheet- use this to see the new updated roles and tips!*

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  1. Unknown User (aleubank)

    I would like to be on the presentation team. I will make signs and can help with the speech writing!

  2. Unknown User (egilley)

    I would also like to be on the presentation team. I think I would like to work on the chapter of how Seesmic works.

  3. Unknown User (kcbell)

    I can do anything really from the list above... I know that several people mentioned that they wanted to be a presenter so if we need more man power behind other areas that is okay with me.  I can present or I don't have to either way is cool with me.  (smile)   I can also help with signs and pamphlets, I can be very creative.... I am a huge scrapbooker so I have all sorts of supplies that if we need use we can.  I have tons of stickers/letter stickers, paper, crazy sissors, etc...  I am good with working on anything that needs to be done for this project.

  4. Unknown User (tmcmanis)

    I would like to write a lesson plan since I am an elementary ed major. I can also help with the presentation team stuff. I can present if necessary, but I need to know in advance in order to figure out my schedual.   If you need me to do some thing completely different let me know! I am willing ot help out in any way possible because I really don't want to take the final.

  5. Unknown User (hbender)

    I would also like to help write the lesson plan.  I can help make pamphlets or posters or anything of that sort! I'm willing to pretty much do anything to get this done! I really do not want to take this final either so lets do a good job!!

  6. Unknown User (zlechlit)

    I can present if it's needed. i'm not the most artistic person in the world but i'm somewhat creative. I can help write lesson plans or if we have enough people doing that I would be willing to help wherever I am needed. I really want to do well on this so lets make it awesome so we don't have to take the final.

  7. Unknown User (flecka)

    I do not care which topic, but would like to present, write the lesson plan, or do a poster.

  8. Unknown User (mdoepner)

    I am willing to work on anything for this project! If there's one or two things that no one wants to do, I will do it.  Or if anyone needs extra help with something I will do my best to help!