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Every member of this group will have more than one role/responsibility.  It is my hope that we can all work together, in order to produce and excellent project, and of course not have to take the final exam!

-Researchers Entire group!


Question 1:  Katelyn Kingseed

Question 2:  Hilary Almas

Question 3:  Brittany Cruz

Question 4:  Chloe Pugh

Question 5:  Kyle Ritchey

Question 6:  Brittany Jones, Wendy Towle

Question 7:  Michael Szucs

Question 8:  Bao Yun, Lu Yong, Zhang Dinyan (International Partners)

-Web Design

Hilary Almas, Michael Szucs

-Lesson Plan Designers (2)

    -Elementary and Secondary:  Brittany Jones

    -Post Secondary and Business/Industry:  Wendy Towle


Katelyn Kingseed

-Presentation Team

    -Presenters:  Chloe Pugh, Katelyn Kingseed

    -Table Display/Design:  Brittany Jones, Katelyn Kingseed, Brittany Cruz, Wendy Towle

    -Pamphlet designer:  Michael Szucs

    -Speech writer:  Kyle Ritchey

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