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Please post all of your research here.

Don't hold back!  We have to make an entire wiki chapter...we need as much information as possible! (smile)

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  1. Unknown User (murray6)

    • You can create multilingual websites using
    • You can change the site design by logging in to your site and choosing “Properties > Site design” from the editor toolbar. A of list all available design templates will show up and it allows you to apply or download any of them.
      By downloading, you will get a .zip package. With little knowledge about HTML, Javascript and basic programming, you should be able to change, customize or replace the template code.
    • recommends tracking your site statistics using Google Analytics.
    • Currently you are not able to use your own domain in sauropol, but their new version which is soon to be launched you are able to.
    • will never post annoying ads on their websites or the ones you create because they feel they are annoying as well.
  2. Unknown User (abruce)

    Comments (Hide Comments)

    • Sauropol is a Web 2.0 application developed by Saurus.
    • The company is based in Estonia.
    • It is a free website.
    • It is used to create a free website for any purpose.
    • It can be used as a blog, but it has many other possible uses.
    • *Info taken from

    Posted by Allison M Bruceat Oct 21, 2009 21:29

    1. Technology behind Sauropol runs hundreds of mission-critical websites worldwide.
    2. For any website, you can pick one of their designs and layouts or upload your own.
    3. You can change your design or layout at any given time before or after your website is complete.
    4. Sauropol offers a "worry-free service".
    5. Not only can you create a website, but you can create bulletin boards as well.

    Posted by Kalyn Michelle Murray at Oct 21, 2009 21:47

    • Sauopol makes backups of everything nightly
    • You never have to purchase software purchases
    • Deleting anything will be put in the recylce bin
    • You can always switch designs and new ones are added all the time
    • You can manage texts, tables, and hyperlinks 

    Posted by Sarah Hogan Rush at Oct 22, 2009 14:24

    • Sauropol is a free website without annoyoning adds on the side or throughtout the website.
    • In a month you get 50 MB disk space and 1 GB data transfer (free package) this is per website.
    • To transfer your old website to Sauropol you must copy and paste it for now.
    • Since anyone can use it and it is free it is a great way to teach your students about web making.
    • A site map is automatically put in your website. 

    Posted by Lynnsie Mae Godsey at Oct 23, 2009 12:14

    • Sauropol allows for streaming media from YouTube or Flickr
    • It automatically compresses your website to make sure everything moves smoothly throughout.
    • Protects your blogs with a captcha protection software that will pick up on and block any spam postings.
    • All their created sites are visible to all browsers on any OS, unlike some websites that lock up if you don't use IE or Firefox respectively.
    • The ability to stage the items on yoru site closely resembles that of Blackboard where you can hide any new items created from the public until you're ready to publish them. 

    Posted by Gregory Alexander Keller at Oct 25, 2009 11:33

    • The Sauropol website was founded in year 2000
    • Some of Sauropol's competitors are Yola, Weebly, Edicy, Webnode, Drupal
    • Sauropol is a service offering on-demand websites by Saurus
    • The only thing you need to access and use is any one type of web browser
    • If you are using a free service of and you have not logged in for a year, your site and account may be deactivated 

    Posted by Kalyn Michelle Murray at Oct 26, 2009 11:47

    • Sauropol is hosted in The Planet, # 1 server provider in the world.
    • Can publish image galleries, bulletin boards, document folders on your website.
    • You can assign a domain that you already own for your website.
    • Has a site tour and live chat for help.
    • values the worth of as $44.00

    Posted by Scott T Wayne Platt at Oct 26, 2009 13:10

    *"Sauropol features free hosting and automatic SAO."

    *"Can create sites with hierarchical structure and multiple layouts."

    *"It can broadcast all your content via RSS."

    *"Choose to enable public comment board for any article you post."

    *"Sauropol uses open, industry-standard Smarty template engine which allows you to create sites with any design, layout or functionality."

    *All quotes taken from

    Posted by Heather Ann Post at Oct 26, 2009 22:43

  3. Unknown User (gakeller)

    • Sauropol offers services needs via phone or email from various web design and development firms that are very familiar with their software. These firms include the following:
      1. ALL Web Industry
      2. Bonefarm Creations
      3. Divid
      4. Espresso
      5. Frukt Kuubis
      6. Netstudio
      7. Rumos
      8. Webgate
    • All of these firms offer multiple laguange needs. All include English and Estonian. A few include Finish and Russian. Frukt Kuubis offers Danish as well.

    Paraphrased from Services section of Features.

  4. Unknown User (gakeller)

    • Sauropol also offers the ability to link a domain name you already own to their servers by pointing it to their IP address.
    • It also offers Video Tutorials on editing your webpage, creating a page in regards to content, as well as one on inserting links and images

    Paraphrased from the FAQ section of Support, The second bullit was from the Video Tutorials in the Support section,

  5. Unknown User (srush)

    • There are 26 different layouts for the backgrounds of the site
    • There are 8 firms that you can contact with questions who know about this site
    • Anyone can use this, they say if you can write an email then you can create a website
    • Once you sign-up, you'll automatically be redirected to your site to edit
    • You can use a custom domain name
  6. Unknown User (srush)

    • You can delete your account when you send a request to
    • The option of registering your own domain will be coming soon
    • You should use Mozilla  Firefox 2.0 to 3.0  or Internet Explorer 6 or 7
    • You can install Sauropol on your own server
    • Sauropol is planning to build a tool that can transfer your old site to Sauropol
  7. Unknown User (jashlock)

    ·         Saurus created Sauropol

    ·         Saurus focuses on developing content management and web publishing software

    ·         Saurus believes that the internet will become the only written communication channel for people and companies

  8. Unknown User (abruce)

    "Saurus CMS is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with a full range of site administration and development tools.  It gives you flexibility to quickly set up a blog, public website, corporate intranet or customer extranet.  The easiest way to get your own copy running is to sign up for an on-demand version at Or, in case you prefer to install it in your own PC or Linux server, grab an installation package from Both options have free and commercial versions available." is the hosted version of Saurus CMS.

  9. Unknown User (cgbates)

    • Sauropol helps create websites in 3 easy steps:
    1. Choose a design
    2. change the site title
    3. start editing content
    • All that you need is a web browser
    • Offers a full text search
    • Website can be created about anything: business or personal
    • Site can be deleted when you delete your account
  10. Unknown User (stplatt)

    • Saurus  is web software company
    • They  focuse on content management and web publishing solutions
    • They were started in 2000
    • There address is Pikk 7, Tallinn 10123, Estonia

    Information from:


  11. Unknown User (hpost)

    *"You can make a static web page or start a blog in a matter of seconds."

    *"You can add image galleries and forums with the click of a button."

    *The estimated worth of is $5066.2 USD.

  12. Unknown User (jashlock)

    ·         Saurus believes that web publishing tools should be used by the power of functionality and user-friendly at the same time. 

    ·         If you put something unlawful or in a misleading manner, Sauropol can take off any information on your site. ·         If you make a website and use copyrighted material, you take full responsibility if the information is used without permission.

  13. Unknown User (abruce) offers a heirarchal structure, multiple layouts, transfer or buy a domain, you don't have to have a domain to create a website, and the ability to put text and images on your website.

    Websites made on include

    Info taken from

  14. Unknown User (lgodsey)

    "Sauropol is a service offering on-demand websites by Saurus." as stated on

    Sarus has clients such as: Edtonia State Chancellary, Estonia Ministry of Finance, OMX Exchanges, and many more. From:

    Sarus has step by step directions on how to creat a image gallary and within your gallary you make alubms. Pharaphrased from

  15. Unknown User (jashlock)

    •       “Fees and Payment. Optional premium paid services such as extra storage or domain purchases are available on the Website. By selecting a premium service you agree to pay Sauropol the monthly or annual subscription fees indicated for that service” 
    •       “Termination. Sauropol may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.” 
    •         “If you believe that material located on or linked to by Website violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify Sauropol.”
  16. Unknown User (hpost)

    *"With Saurus CMS you can easily set up any public website, extranet or intranet, manage user access and configure integration with 3rd party systems."

    *" Site administrator’s environment in Saurus CMS web content management system is separated from content editor’s interface, so that both can focus on their specific tasks."

    *"Saurus CMS commercial license grants the holder a right to use the software for one website and installation. License does not limit the number of users, content volume or transferred data amounts."

  17. Unknown User (stplatt)

    • Saurus has global partners in:
      • Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latin-America, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
    • Saurus has 10 employees
    • "The software is used by over 500 corporate websites and intranets worldwide." from
    • Their top ten clients are:
      1. Parliament of Estonia
      2. Government of Estonia
      3. Estonian Air
      4. Estonian Post
      5. OMX Baltic Market - Baltic stock exchange
      6. Danske Bank
      7. Tallinn University of Technology
      8.  MicroLink
        - Estonian largest IT company
      9. ID-card
        - New generation domestic identification document
      10. Avis

  18. Unknown User (lgodsey)

    • Sauropol has its own face book site: On here you can become a friend and everything you can do own your own face book site.
    • On Sauropol's facebook site their are photos posted by friends of Sauropol that have posted image captions showing how it works.
    • Jaal Uddin KHan, a fan on facebook of Sauropol, posted "I am using it and keep it alive"

    All information was taken from

  19. Unknown User (cgbates)

    Sauropol users must be thirteen years old or older.

    You can connect with Sauropol through such mediums of Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

    Rene Lasseron runs the Twitter account and the website blog