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ScreenToaster (Click link to return to main WIKI page)

*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

"ScreenToaster is a free web-based screen recorder designed to capture screen activity in real-time to rapidly create and share tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more."

What are the uses of ScreenToaster?

ScreenToaster is a great way to help out those that want to get involved with the trend of video screening online. While using ScreenToaster, you are able to record, add subtitles, and embed videos. You are then able to upload these videos anywhere on the internet, even the ever-popular YouTube. ScreenToaster is a great way for educators or tech-savvy individuals to put videos online without many complicated steps. (Laura)

Laura does a great job explaining the overall concept of ScreenToaster, I have a couple things to add. ScreenToaster may be used with simple browser and a internet connection, no installation of applications is needed. It is free and very easy to use. When you watch and upload to ScreenToaster or YouTube, you can then edit your recording. However, for more advanced editing options, you are also able to download video (in avi. format) so you can edit offline, if you wish. ScreenToaster keeps it simple for any user, but may also be used to develop a good base and then expand if desired.(Bryan Clouse)

Screen Toaster is a free online resource that can be used anywhere, anytime on most operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). Like Bryan stated above you can purchase a subscription of Screen Toaster for more advanced editing options. (Melissa Webb)

You can now "toast your iphone, Android, and Blackberry"!! (Melissa Webb) 

Page Contents:

I. Why was this application developed?

ScreenToaster was released to the public in 2009 by a small company in Paris. The main goal of the company is to allow for an easier way to upload, embed, create, and stream videos.  There was a general consensus among the developers that many individuals who were not particularly tech-savvy are not able to use video technology on the internet. Their goal was to make the process much easier and faster. In order to make the process more efficient, the developers have several user-friendly software items that are used to create videos. (Laura)

Marco Fucci is the founder and CEO of SceenToaster. Marco graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, which is a French engineering school. Marco spent four years working on projects involving technologies with great reputation( Flex, Java, Ajax, and php). He created ScreenToaster so people could access a single click screencast service. Advantages of Marco's creation is it doesn't require download, it may be used anytime and anywhere. Screencasts can be streamed on the internet in a flash player, Windows, Mac OS or Linux platform.(Bryan Clouse)

In researching Marco Fucci, I found an interesting interview for ScreenToaster involving Marco done by Robin Good. It's about a 7 minute interview about why Marco wanted to create ScreenToaster and his ideas behind it. I thought it would be good for our team to view it, as it explains ScreenToaster and you get to see what the man behind the scenes looks like. Go to .(Bryan Clouse)

II. How does this application compare to the competitors?

ScreenToaster feels that they are as established as Camtasia, which is a similar system. They differ in the respect that Camtasia users are often very knowledgeable about the process of video screening.  ScreenToaster is much easier to use, but perhaps a better product for only new video screening users. You simply sign up and then record your work. When compared to Jing, ScreenToaster is a much more efficient route to take when using video tools.  While ScreenToaster may not be as adequate as Camtasia, it is free. Neither of the other common products are free, which sets ScreenToaster apart from the competition. (Laura)

ScreenToaster as yet to gain popularity like some other streaming web applications such as JING. However, users have described their experience using ScreenToaster as smooth and easy to work with.  (Melissa Webb)

III. Real World Application

Educational Lesson Plans

ScreenToaster is a relatively new application, however it is a great learning tool for students. ScreenToaster can be used in a variety of settings including the classroom. Teachers can use ScreenToaster as a way of introducing a new topic, showing students new techniques, the possibilities are endless! ScreenToaster gives students a new way of learning, one they probably have never experienced until now!  

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 

How can ScreenToaster be used in a Business/Industry Setting?

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value


V. How is ScreenToaster used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.


VI. References

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  1. Unknown User (llink)

    Even though it is not as widely known as some of the other online video resources ScreenToaster allows for someone to review things such as software and computer programs with relative ease and safety for their computer.(Logan)