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What is Scribblar?


What is the Purpose of Scribblar?


How does Scribblar Work?
Who Can Use Scribblar?


What are other Applications you can use Scribblar with?


Looking at Scribblar from a Global Perspective
Functions and how to use Scribblar
Getting Started
Adding someone to a room


Unique Ways of Using it
What is available in the Free Demo?


Lesson Plans using Scribblar
Strengths of Scribblar
Weaknesses of Scribblar


Business Application


Examples of how Scribblar is being used for Education


Our International Partners



 What is Scribblar?

Scribblar is the best real time white board application I have ever seen. Stefan Richter built Scribblar. The purpose of Scribblar are online training and tutoring, revising artwork and images, creative brainstorming, sales and product demos, interviews and tests, and makes students collaboration really easy. Beside all of this it keeps everybody on the same page and collaborators can communicate easily.

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What is the purpose of Scribblar?


Scribblar is a Flash-based platform that is used for tutoring and web collaboration. It’s a free service designed for real-time work with other people. Scribblar users work together to create and edit images and drawings. All you have to do is upload the picture to the whiteboard and anyone that you invite can edit or comment on it. Users can comment on the whiteboard or in one of the chat options. Since, Scribblar is an online whiteboard, there is no limit to the amount of space you can use. In a classroom, there is only a certain amount of space that can be used before one would have to erase information to make room for new information. That is not an effective way to learn because everyone learns new information at a different rate and if new information is being removed, some students would not be learning as good as others. Scribblar not only eliminates this problem by having unlimited space to record information, but allows the information to be stored on the internet forever in a cloud that allows the information to be opened at any location in the world. Features include:

·       A powerful, multi-user whiteboard

·       Text chat and user list

·       Crystal clear audio

·       Freehand drawing tools

·       Powerful editing and text tools

·       Image uploads, with instant preview

·       A range of privilege and access levels

·       PRO version to integrate seamlessly into existing sites1

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How does Scribblar work?

Scribblar is very easy to use. All you do is go to From there you make an account. Once you have done that you can create as many rooms as you want, making them public or private, and invite whoever you want too. You can upload your own pictures, add shapes and text, highlight areas, chat, and many other things. If you would like to get advanced, there is a Scriiblar Pro that has a monthly fee.

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Who could use Scribblar?

Scribblar can be used by a variety of different professionals. It can be most effective by teachers, having Scribblar incorporated into the classroom allowing the teacher to give assignments on the internet and control who is allowed in to the room and be able to effectively monitor their work. It can also be used by business men, allowing them the ability to advertise earnings, markets, etc. to bosses, co-workers and investors at any location in the world and be able to control who is allowed to view the information.

What are other applications you can use Scribblar with?

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Many teachers are blogging about Scribblar. They like the fact that it is free and easy for any age of student to use. Many teachers use it for group projects or notes and keeping the students interested. One teacher even used Scribblar to do a presentation over the 12 Days of Christmas. One application that would work well with Scribblar is Dropbox. This application is an internet cloud that allows you to store your documents into a file that is synched with the internet allowing access to the file from any computer in any location. This would be helpful because while Scribblar is also a cloud, this would allow you to transport your documents with ease and be able to import it to Scribblar.

There are some ideas that can be used to possibly enhance the program with outside programs. For example, since Scribblar has an audio and text chat options, a person could use a video chat instead, which would be separate from Scribblar for a possibly more efficient working area. Another example of an outside program being used with Scribblar is an image capturing program to get an image that will then be uploaded to the Scribblar workspace that originally could not have without the image capturing program.

Looking at Scribblar from a Global Perspective:

Scribblar is a wonderful resource that can be used in any location around the world. With its universal features and icons, this website helps cross the language barrier. Along with its great universal features, Scribblar's amazing applications of dialog, text chat, and audio chat make it easy for people in separate parts of the world to converse easily with one another. Scribblar is a great website for global students wishing to learn other languages or participate in courses that could perhaps be offered abroad. It is also a great site for businessmen who wish to save on travel time to hold meetings with other global partners. Scribblar is opening doors to communication worldwide. By using this program you can study abroad and conduct work without ever having to leave your home.
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Functions and how to use Scribblar

The way Scribblar works is very similar to other computer programs and all the buttons have little icons that can be helpful in determining the function of the tool. Scribblar has a unique setup when inside of a room, the chat box is located on the bottom right while the list of participants is located just above the chat box in the upper right hand corner. If you notice the icons on the right of the Scribblar page, there are many options for different varieties of shapes as well as a highlighter tool, stamp tool, text-box tool and cursor tool. If you notice the icons on the top of the Scribblar page, this is where you will find majority of the tools used to help organize and create the Scribblar room. Some of these tools are: copy, paste, cut, undo, redo, delete, flip horizontally, flip vertically, clear page, clear all pages, snapshot and many more. If you are having trouble finding the right tool, highlighting your cursor over the tools icon gives you a brief description on the purpose of that particular tool. In the top right, you have your room controls where you can invite new participants, change the language or logout of your account.

Getting Started

 Type into the address bar at the top of your internet page. This will lead you to the homepage, where you can create an account. Steps to sign up are seen in the images below.

 Click on "Create Account". You will be redirected to the "Sign Up" page, where you fill in your information, such as name, e-mail and desired username. Once that is completed, you will be asked to confirm your information by clicking on the link you will receive in an "Activation" e-mail. After you've activated your account, you can get started creating a room. Select your room settings, and you're ready to go!


Adding People to a Room

Adding someone to a room is as easy as sending an e-mail.Once in a room, click the "Room Options" dropdown menu. Click on "Send Invite". A screen will pop up within the room, in which you can insert your name, e-mail address and the recipient's e-mail address.
 Once you click "Send Invite", an e-mail will be sent to the recipient selected. The recipient just needs to click on the link in the message and they will be added to the room.

Unique Ways of using it

It is an “online web tool that allows you to create a unique web room, upload designs and make changes, chat with visitors you invite, and more.”  It allows for users to customize their view to however they feel comfortable with. Visitors can chat via audio or the mini-feed to communicate what changes they’re trying to make.” It allows people to chat and edit sites at the same time. Scribblar is a simple yet effective online collaboration tool. Create a collaboration room, and you have access to a multiuser whiteboard, a chat room, a place to upload documents, and a place to vocally give an online presentation to your students” This allows for people far apart to meet in a central room and allow for unprecedented collaboration where before companies would have to increase travel expenses to do what is now easily done online. It provides to different styles of learning methods through its diverse set up of functions through auditory and visual manners. An example of how this could be used in education setting would be for an online class for students to access scribblar and have that interactive white board experience through this online web tool. Along with being used in an education setting it is also easily incorporated into a business, club/organization, brainstorming, training methods, and many other uses.


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What is available in the Free Demo?

 In the Free Demo of Scribblar, you are able to test out all the features of the site before you sign up for an account. Make sure the program is right for you with the Free Demo.

Lesson Plans using Scribblar


Healthy Breakfast Lesson Plan

Healthy Breakfast Lesson Plan (Word)

Local Geography Lesson Plan 

Local Geography Lesson Plan (Word) 

Lesson Plan on Identifying Animals

Lesson Plan on Identifying Animals(Word)

From Fossils to Living Organisms

Daily Life Skills

The 12 Days of Christmas


Classification of Biomes (Word)

Classification of Biomes (PDF)

Autobiographical Poetry

Creating an Ecosystem

HTML Links and Images


Building Balsa Wood Bridges


Cloning and Blotting

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Strengths of Scribblar


-Similar setup to most other web applications

-Icons/graphics are used for tools

-Chat box

-Many languages are available

-Make important things visible easily with arrows and stars


-icons display their functions when you run your mouse over them

-Record your voice

-Simple to use

-Could be used for any subject and grade level

-Can change roles of other group members without hacking

-Can save font transcript; no need to copy and paste entire conversation!

-Doesn't take up memory space

-Multiple pages within the room

-Automatically saves

Weaknesses of Scribblar

-Not well advertised

-Not unique in setup

-Function tool confusing

-Have to make an account and remember another new password

Business Application

Some clients use Scribblar for remote training situations,  
presentations or demonstrations. In terms of training, a lot of  
materials these days are prepared as PowerPoint files which can be  
exported as images and uploaded to Scribblar. They can then be added  
to the whiteboard, marked up and discussed. Some users use phone based  
conferencing alongside Scribblar, others use the built-in audio.
It's also handy for sales and marketing calls where the presenter can  
quickly give the online audience an overview about a particular product.

(Direct quote from Stefan Richter, Founder of Scribblar)
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Examples of how Scribblar is being used for Education

Scribblar is a great application. It can easily be used in the education setting, as it can work at any grade level for almost any subject area. Teachers can assist students with the application in small groups, as a full class or even individually. One specific example is a teacher using Scribblar for a math lesson. Teachers can post math problems and the students can work through them individually. Teachers can then look more into the thought process of the students and how the students specifically solved the problems. The teacher can then give feedback and offer support that will cater to the students specific needs. Overall, this is a great application to use to be able to help students in a collaboration setting.

Many teachers are blogging about Scribblar.  They like the fact that it is free and easy for any age of student to use.  Many teachers use it for group projects or notes.  One teacher even used Scribblar to do a presentation over the 12 Days of Christmas.

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Our International Partners

Over the course of this project we worked with a group of women from Korea. They put together a manual, a video, as well as a survey about Scribblar.

Survey Results

Scribblar Video

Scribblar Manual

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Scribblar Handout

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