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a- The title of the application is Scribblar. Scribblar is the best real time white board application I have ever seen. Stefan Rixhler built the scribblar.

b- The purpose of Scribblar are:

1-online training and tutoring

2-Revising artwork and images

3-Creative brainstorming

4-Sales and product demos

5- Interviews and tests

6- It makes student collaboration really easy.

7- To keep every body on the same page, so scribblar has a chat window so, collaborators can communicate.

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  1. Unknown User (ekerns)

    1. Unknown User (abdelwah)

      Hey, I found that Scribblar is useful for online traing and tutoring and revisining artwork and Images, beside this it creates brain storming and interviews and tests.

  2. Unknown User (mzedalis)

    Hey I found out that scribblar is a project of muchosmedia. They are a software provider and they developed it in 2007

    found at

  3. Unknown User (ekerns)

    I found out that the founder of Scribblar is Stefan Richter.

  4. Unknown User (mzedalis)

    Just a brief review of what Scribblar is: it is a online whiteboard that allows a "student and teacher to simultaneously work together on the same surface and it means that each can see what the other is doing." You don't need an account or anything. It is free and it doesn't require any other applications.

    found at:

  5. Unknown User (ekerns)

    I found out that scribblar is free to users for the basic items, however if you would want to true it into a website or a blog you can do that for $99 a month.

  6. Unknown User (hornd)

    Hey I found out that scribblar has a broad range of clients across 5 continents.

  7. Unknown User (cnunan)

    Scribblar is like a chat room with a drawing board, the founder says " is not meant to be a fully featured web conference solution, but more aimed at integration with existing online tutoring services"

  8. Unknown User (hornd)

    Scribblar can be a "chat" room where anyone can have conferences with other people using media or audio.

  9. Unknown User (mzedalis)

    I decided to see online what kind of lesson plans were constructed using this application and I found a few ideas for 5ht and 6th graders, like "creating their own 12 days of christmas" or "writing a letter to the new president."

    This could help with making lesson plans

    found at:

  10. Unknown User (nhendric)

    Scribblar is a free, online web tool that allows you to create a unique web room, upload designs and make changes, chat with visitors you invite, and more.


  11. Unknown User (nhendric)

    Each room that scribblar creates has userlists, text chat, and white boards


  12. Unknown User (hornd)

    Hey I found out that Scribblar is on Twitter.

  13. Unknown User (nhendric)

    Scribblar is a Flash-based hosted collaboration platform that is ideal for real-time tutoring and web collaboration


  14. Unknown User (cnunan)

    The application requires no large downloads. It can work with your existing user database or our slick admin panel. And it has a clear, user-friendly interface so it’s easy to get up and running quickly.

  15. Unknown User (echaney)

    There is another wiki out there called Dabbleboard very similar to Scribblar, here a user compares and contrasts the two:


    • Dabbleboard allows you to use a URL to upload an image, whereas with Scribblar you need to save it to your harddrive and then upload.
    • Scribblar is more intuitive with moving images or objects around.  This is difficult to describe, so I suggest you play around with both and you’ll see what I mean.
    • Scribblar allows you to embed the room in your blog, but as far as I can see this is just a hyperlink to your particular whiteboard (see button below) and I guess you can do this with Dabbleboard because Dabbleboard also gives you a specific URL to your whiteboard."

  16. Unknown User (echaney)

    "Scribblarallows you to see in real time what font needs to change, where your client wants the sign up bar to go, and whatever nit-picky things that could cause a designer to go crazy. Visitors can chat via audio or the minifeed to communicate what changes they’re trying to make."

  17. Unknown User (echaney)


    Features include

    • A powerful, multi-user whiteboard
    • Text chat and userlist
    • Crystal clear audio
    • Freehand drawing tools
    • Powerful editing and text tools
    • Image upload, with instant preview
    • A range of privilege and access levels
    • PRO version to integrate seamlessly into existing sites"

  18. Unknown User (echaney)

    There is also a Scribblar Pro version that has even more features.

  19. Unknown User (echaney)

    On your personal scribblar account, you can either make your chat room public or private.

  20. Unknown User (hornd)

    Hey I found that is now working with Scribblar.  Slicpo is a Social Learning Network for people continuing their education.

  21. Unknown User (abdelwah)

    Hey, I found that scribblar is a website where you can collaborate with a real-time multiuser whiteboard. The students can add images easily as well either by uploading photos or inserting snapshots of websites.

  22. Unknown User (abdelwah)

    Hey I fond that scribblar is a disposable room that you can set up without needing to make an account or have email or have passwords which is a real advantage when working with young students.

  23. Unknown User (abdelwah)

    Hey I found that Scribblar is a cool tool.\\

  24. Unknown User (casselma)

    i learned that the creator is looking to integrate Scribblar with moodle to give teachers more tools to work with on the site.

  25. Unknown User (casselma)

    I just found that its most visited in the US, India, Italy, and the UK.

  26. Unknown User (casselma)

    I found that Scribblar has been valued at $60.

  27. Unknown User (cnunan)

    scribblar was built with simplicity in mind

  28. Unknown User (echaney)

    I went on scribblar and developed a room to test it out. It reminds me of the paint feature that comes with your computer. I drew pictures, filled in autoshapes, but I haven't tried to upload a picture yet.

  29. Hey, I found that scribblar is using twitter.