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Scribd Team: Joel Reinhard, Jeff Cobb, Grant Henry, Brandon Kresca, Katie Lutz, Sarah Schutter, Drew Sheppard, Cathy Billingham, Erin Bliesner, Adam Burton, Asher Burton


To provide an effective and useful web tool for writers to learn and be inspired by other works.   

What does Scribd do?      

Scribd gives users a free, online platform where written work can be viewed and uploaded. Users can publish, discover, and discuss original writings and documents. Everyday, people identify and share documents on Scribd. Accessing this content is as easy as going to Scribd's website and signing in with an existing Facebook account or simply creating a new user profile. Scribd's document reader is so popular that it is used by tens of thousands of other websites.
Scribd's document reader is called iPaper. iPaper allows users to upload and share works on Scribd easily with very little time and effort.  By transforming PDF, Word, PowerPoint and multiple other file formats, documents can be displayed on the Scribd website. By uploading writings, people can have their work looked at, discussed and shared by possibly every member of Scribd's community. Not only just Scribd readers but everyone on the internet can find your work as it is indexed for search engine optimization, which makes it easier to find on Yahoo and other search engines. (2)

Who uses Scribd?   

 Everyday more than 50,000 documents are uploaded to the Scribd website where they are then read and discussed by the 50 million Scribd readers each month. Scribd is growing so large and so diverse that it includes users that speak over 90 different languages.  Scribd is becoming more popular now that important organizations and people such as The New York Times, World Economic Forum, Environmental Health Perspectives, and even President Barrack Obama use this web tool. (1)



Table of Contents:


1.1 How scribd works


How scribd relates to other applictions:
2.1 Comparison to competitors
2.2 Unique uses


Demonstration of Educational Value


Real world application-lesson plans:
I. elementary
II. Secondary
III. post secondary
4.2 Business/Industry


How Scribd is used internationally



frequently asked questions

1. History

1.1 How Scribd works

It is not necessary to be a member of Scribd in order to read documents that have been uploaded. However, if you wish to upload documents, download eBooks, make a comment on someone else's documents, or get technical support, you must first create an account. While other places require you to pay for their service, signing up with Scribd is free and easy. All you need to have is a valid email address and create a nickname that you will use for your Scribd account, and then you're good to go. To login, you can use either your email or your username and then your password. (3) (4)


Uploading documents is just as easy; you click the yellow upload button that is at the top of every page, choose your file, and then click the blue upload docs button. You also have the option of re-naming your document, sharing it publicly or privately, and can also post it to social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Stumble Upon.

Scribd has made files easy to download as well. They are available in PDF or plain text format, with the user being able to choose which they prefer. You have two options when downloading: Download by clicking the 'Download' button at the top of the document, or by saving the document through iPaper. However, there is a limit to how many documents you can download in a day. This limit varies based on your account's downloading habits and Scribd's network resource availability at the time. (5) (6)

The iPaper feature can also be used for emailing purposes. One issue with emailing attachments to people is that you may not be able to open attachments between different email services. Using the iPaper application, you can send your email recipients a link to a private iPaper document only viewable to the recipients. This eliminates the issue of incompatibility between various email programs and makes document size limits a thing of the past.  The following is an example found on Youtube explaining the importance and simplicity of Scribd iPaper.

Directions on how to use Scribd for this email purpose is listed below: (7)

2. How is it related to other applications?

2.1 Comparison to Competitors

   Scribd is a website that, in many ways, resembles one of the most popular sites known among teens today--YouTube. According to, "Scribd is the text version of YouTube." This site allows a subscriber to upload his or her own work onto the page to share with others throughout the world. Also like YouTube, this website contains a wide variety of work to appeal to nearly all users. The two websites have similarities in the basic design principles as well. Common traits nearly all authors desire in websites such as these are the ability to see reviews, responses, and the number of people who have viewed his or her document. Because of this, Scribd implemented a nearly identical system to YouTube that allows a user the opportunity to receive all of these characteristics, making for a more efficient, interesting, and successful application.

Scribd is also very much related to the application Google Docs. Google Docs, like Scribd, is a free web-based application that allows users to create and edit documents online such as word documents, powerpoints, and spreadsheets. Scribd and Google Docs application upload process is very similar. Users upload their work directly onto the web page and then viewers can share, view, edit, and comment on their work. Many professional authors post their work on both Scribd and Google Docs, however, neither program has restrictions about what can be placed on their website. Both applications are completely free and open to the public to view, post, edit, and blog. As Scribd is so similar to Google Docs, there are now two major applications for the public to be able to post their original work online and receive feedback from around the world. Below are two links and some information related to information pertaining to Google Docs allowing you to compare the two applications on your own.

Another similar application to Scribd is Gahzoo. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing company, while Gahzoo is an online marketplace for documents and files. Unlike Scribd, Gahzoo lets you buy or sell any type of document you like. Both websites are useful, in the fact that they let you upload documents that can be looked at by the public. The only difference is Gahzoo, you can buy or sell documents. Neither Scribd nor Gahzoo have restrictions on what can be posted.

One other application that is similar to Scribd is Calameo. Calameo offers you a new publishing method that has an incredibly wide variety of options and is simple to use. From a PDF file, you create magazines, brochures, sales catalogs, annual reports, presentation brochures. Unlike Scribd, Calameo is used mostly by businesses, associations, and agencies who want offer a dynamic and innovative medium that meets the new communication standards.

  • Google Docs:

    • One can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

    • Free 1GB storage (cost if more than 1GB is used. For 20GB it costs $5/year, and for 80GB it costs $20/year).

    • Multiple people can edit a document at once.

  • Scribd:

    • Sells eBooks.

    • All major document types can be formatted into ipaper.

    • free to use.

    • has been considered the "youtube of written documents."  (8)   (9)

2.2 What are some unique ways of using Scribd?


  • Upload documents to the web:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Scribd is a social publishing site where people are able to create word documents or powerpoints and post them on the internet. Scribd is essentially a huge online library where anyone can post their work. It is unique because it provides a way to post and even publish a paper, a powerpoint, or a lesson plan while allowing it to be viewed by the public. Example: Teachers can post lectures on Scribd for students who missed class or weren't able to follow the lesson as fast as others.


  • Upload more than just word documents:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The items that can be posted on Scribd include: books, puzzles, games, brochures, catalogs, business and law documents, creative writings, manuals, illustrations, maps, magazines, newspapers, spreadsheets, presentations, recipes, menus, research, resumes and CVs, sheet music, and lyrics. As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless. Example: Teachers can upload study guides for tests and quizzes.


  • Lesson Plans:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Teachers can upload lesson plans for other teachers to view and utilize in their own classrooms. Students can view uploaded notes and lesson plans. 


  • Blogging and peer review:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Scribd also has a blog correlating to each individual item posted, allowing people to make comments. This form of blogging is a good way to communicate with people around the world and find out what others think about the particular work that has been posted. Example: Teachers can have students post their papers on Scribd and have them review other students papers.


  • Creating a community of like minded writers:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Scribd allows for the development of communities pertaining to a particular topic by utilizing Scribd's group feature. There are three options a user can choose when using the group feature. The groups can be public, which allows everyone to be able to access the documents and join the group as they please, they can be slightly selective where everyone is still able to read the documents, but only invited individuals are able to become a member, or they can be very selective with only invited members allowed  to read and comment on the documents. These communities allow a group with similar types of writings and posts to join together.

  • Read books and book excerpts from authors:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    With books that are published on Scribd, the public has the chance to read excerpts of a book, or in some cases the entire book, depending on how much of the book has actually been posted. Through reading just a portion of the book, readers gain a general idea of the book contents which helps them to determine whether or not they want to actually buy or read the book. Example: Teachers can ask students to read the excerpts of a few books on Scribd and then vote on which one they would like to read the most.

  • Access all documents with iPaper:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With Scribd's iPaper feature, documents on Scribd can be viewed directly without having to download separate software just to view the documents.  This allows any file to clearly and easily be viewed.

  • Post updates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Some businesses have even used Scribd to post schedules within groups to allow attendees of a meeting to know the details and have a chance to read any documents that might be relevant or required as preparation for the business meeting. From a educational perspective, instructors can post updates concerning various classroom business such as a change in the syllabus, assignment information, test or quiz solutions, and online readings. Example: Teachers can post a schedule for when all assignments are due, when tests and quizzes will be held, and when projects are due.

  • Readcast:Allows for automatic sharing of documents on Facebook and Twitter. Once the documents are posted on scribd they will immediately and automatically be uploaded to the social media sites of the users' choice.

  • Phones:As of February 2010 Scribd has been available for eReaders and smart phones. (Here is a video version of how Scribd works.) (10)

3. Demonstration of Educational Value

  • For Teachers and Students                                                                                                                                                                                           Scribd has definite potential for use by both teachers and students alike. However, it must be recognized that Scribd is a document sharing program and therefore in the public domain. Teachers must be mindful of copyright laws and perhaps more importantly, privacy issues. Students must also be made aware of the risk of disclosing personal information that could in any way endanger them.
  • Uploading Students' Works                                                                                                                                                                                           Before launching into any lesson plans that will conclude with the uploading of students' works onto Scribd, the teacher will need to establish that all students are familiar with the required formats for this program. (Disadvantaged communities, especially, may present a challenge in this area so it is important for the teacher to incorporate the necessary content into earlier lessons before attempting any project in Scribd.)
  • Group Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                               Scribd lends itself well to collaborative projects (such as group assignments) where an entire class effort will produce an interesting and varied document. The pride in seeing their work 'published' should inspire students to excel, and this sentiment should be wholeheartedly exploited by the teacher. The success of the initial Scribd assignment will motivate students as the teacher can always do a final 'year presentation' of best works that were produced within each individual class.
  • Access to Classroom Content                                                                                                                                                                                           From the teacher's perspective, the uploading of the year's basic lesson plans would result in an accessible document from any location by both teacher and student and would allow for resource sharing amongst educators. Important basic knowledge, such as scientific and mathematic formulas can be made available through this site for use by students. In this way, teachers can ensure that the information shared with the students is correct and "up to date."
  • Access to School Wide Content                                                                                                                                                                                          At a school level, the yearbook could become accessible to everyone involved including extended and distant families as well as prospective students (and their parents) with the intent on researching the activities and achievements of different schools.

Further uses for this program include: 

  • Showcasing works art or school work

Scribd would allow teachers and students to showcase their work throughout the year and let others see the progress they have all been making.

  • Replacing textbooks

Scribd would allow teachers to put textbooks online to help save money. Also, it would be convenient if a student say forgot there book and needed to finish an assignment. They would just need to go on to Scribd, and use the online version of the book.

  • Distance education applications

Scribd would allow teachers to put assignments online, where students would then have a certain amount of days to complete the assignment and turn it in.

  • Specific subject content such as readings and various forms of information

Scribd would allow teachers to put articles or documents online that deal with a certain subject matter. This would give their students the opportunity to learn and understand more about a certain concept that may be difficult for them to grasp.

  • Handbooks

Scribd would allow both teachers and schools to put up their rules and handbooks online for the students and parents to have access to.

  • Documents pertaining to the various aspects of school administration (e.g. Enrollment, absentee, permission slips for activities)

Scribd would allow teachers to put permission slips for field trips, watching certain movies in class, etc.. online for parents to print off, sign, and turn in.

Scribd isn't currently popular in the education field, however, more and more teachers are starting to incorporate Scribd in the classroom.  Teachers are becoming comfortable with the idea of turning to Scibd for posting lesson plans, powerpoints, class notes or in-class readings.  Not only are teachers turning to Scribd but students are as well.  Students are using Scribd to research information for a research paper or finding a good book they want to read for fun.

Scribd's future is bright and filled with potential.  In a recent interview with the CEO of Scribd, Trip Adler, he stated that "Scribd is three times the size of Wikipedia."  Today, students often turn to wikipedia, however once the name of Scibd becomes more popular, students can turn to it for most of their research needs.  Scibd had over 50 million people visit the website last month and it continues to grow.  With the recent signing of major publishers, Scribd is going to become more useful in the educational society. (11)


4. Real World Application - Lesson Plans 



 [Picture 4]

Lesson Plan #1

Blind Contour Project.doc

Blind Contour Project.pdf

Lesson Plan #2 

3-D Animal Project.doc

3-D Animal Project.pdf

Lesson Plan #3

What to do when boredom strikes.doc

What To Do When Boredom Strikes.pdf

Lesson plan #4

smell lesson plan.docx

smell lesson plan.pdf

Additional Lesson Plan Ideas

Additional Lesson Plan #1 - "Exchanging Lesson Plans on Scribd"

For teachers who would like to incorporate various information, activities or assignments into their own everyday schedule, lesson plans can be exchanged via Scribd. For example, an English teacher wants to incorporate spelling words and grammar that had been taught on a previous day by another teacher, but s/he wants the other teacher to know that s/he is doing this without having to e-mail him/her or physically notify him/her. If teachers created a daily schedule of activities and post them onto the Scribd website, other teachers would then be able to view the material and incorporate it into their own curriculum. Students could also be allowed to access this information, and could prepare ahead of class for the day's lesson plan.

Additional Lesson Plan #2 - "Blogging on Scribd" 

Students in a sixth grade music class will be asked to make a Scribd account. The teacher will have already made a Scribd group for the students to join. They will all be asked to research a different musical composer  and make posts on the groups Scribd webpage about what information they have gathered. Then the whole class will be asked to read  two posts from other students, comment on what they have learned, and be asked to write a brief paper on the information that they have gathered.  Not only will they learn about various composers, but they will also gain useful knowledge in accessing and using the internet and Scribd.

Additional Lesson Plan #3 - "Under the Sea" 



 This lesson plan could be used for any elementary grade. You simply assign each student a sea creature. They then have to write a short story on what it would be like to be that sea creature. The students need to include facts about their sea creature such as where it lives, what it eats, and who they are constantly running from (who eats them). They need to be creative. These things should not just be in a list in sentence form. They need to have a creative story behind it. They will then put their stories on Scribd and review each other’s. This process allows the students to all learn and grow together as a group by sharing their thoughts and ideas with each other.


[Picture 5] 

Lesson Plan #1

^The Fountainhead Reflection.docx

The Fountainhead Reflection.pdf

Lesson Plan #2

5 Components of Fitness.doc

5 Components of Fitness.pdf

 Lesson Plan #3

 Former President .doc

 Former President.pdf

Unit Circle Lesson Plan

The Unit Circle Lesson Plan.docx

The Unit Circle Lesson Plan.pdf

Additional Lesson Plan Ideas

Additional Lesson Plan #1 - "Using Scribd in a Foreign Language Class"

A lesson plan for using Scribd in a foreign language setting could be to create a partner classroom in the foreign country whose language you are studying. Then have the students write an essay about American culture and explain some things about American culture, values, and ideas, and the students in the partner classroom will do the same about their own culture. Next they would have to upload their document onto Scribd and read some essays that the partner classroom overseas have written. They can then comment on the essays and improve their fluency in the language.

Additional Lesson Plan #2 - "Using Scribd in a Mathematics Class"

Scribd could be used for a senior mathematics class. Students would be given a mock exam ranging in various components of mathematics. Using scribd, students would have to produce a 1-2 page rules sheet covering all the areas of the exam then produce it as an iPaper on scribd. This could be altered to suit an exam students are about to complete and could be manipulated to become a revision tool.

Additional Lesson Plan #3- "Using Scribd in Writing and Penpaling"

Pinpal Communication.docx

Pinpal Communication.pdf

This lesson plan is very simple and could be implemented in various grade levels. Each student is given a name and the information to a student overseas. The students will write an introductory letter, introducing themselves to the other student. Then each student will get acquainted with Scribd and post there letters. The overseas student will then reply and the communication process begins. The students routinely respond back and forth with their pen pal. Other students can also interact among other conversations, giving all the students an opportunity to meet one another. This lesson will teach the students about the Wiki and also heighten writing and social skills. Penpals are a great experience and the students can also stay connected even after the project is complete.



[Picture 6]

Lesson Plan #1

Poetry Readings.doc

Poetry Reading.pdf                                                                                                   

Lesson Plan #2

 Battle of the Bulge .doc

 Battle of the Bulge.pdf                                                                                                                            

Lesson Plan #3

A Magazine for Economics Class.doc

A Magazine for Economics Class.pdf                                                                                                                                

Lesson Plan #4

Microbial Fuel Cells Lesson Plan.docx


Additional Lesson Plan Ideas

Additional Lesson Plan #1 - "Using Scribd for Nutrition/Health"

Students enrolled in Nutrition 202 are currently learning about ways to diet and control their appetite. After they read the chapter in the book corresponding with dieting they will then be asked to read Feed Me by Harriet Brown which provides examples of real people's thoughts about their own health. Students can then see what kinds of effects obesity can have on a person's self-esteem. Then students will be asked to write a brief 1-2 page reflection on what they thought of the article and about its content and then post the paper on Scribd.



[Picture 7]

Lesson Plan #1

Essentials of Personal Finance.doc

Essentials of Personal Finance.pdf                                                                                                                           

Lesson Plan #2

Orientation for New Employees.doc

Orientation for New Employees.pdf


Lesson Plan #3

Accessible User Manuals.doc

Accessible User Manuals.pdf

Additional Lesson Plan Ideas:

Additional Lesson Plan #1 - "Posting Job Applications Online"

Using Scribd it is possible for employers to post job applications online. It would be simple, easy, and convient if employers did this. The applicant could simply go online to Scribd and print off the application then fill it out and turn it in. It would eliminate the hassle of going into the busy workplace and asking for one. Then if the employer chose the applicant could even fill out the application online. Maybe the applicant could answer all of the questions on the application on a word document then post the document on the Scribd page and the employer could view that online.

Scribd takes Copyright very seriously. In fact, Scribd created a copyright management system which they considered being "the best of the best."  It is important that Scribd has a great copyright management system considering Scribd is three times the size of wikipedia and larger than many other online libraries.  Scribd recently received some heat from a paper in London about copyright issues.  However, Scribd quickly cleared the facts up and released a public announcement concerning their position on copyright laws.  On their blog Scribd states,

"Every time Scribd receives an official take down request from an author, publisher, or copyright holder, we remove the copyrighted document and add the reference file to our copyright database. If someone tries to upload a document that our system identifies as one of the tens of thousands of works in our copyright database, the document is automatically removed from Scribd." (17)

Scribd is a site where you can post and share anything from cooking recipes to scholarly writings. Scribd strongly encourages their users to be familiar with copyright laws to prevent any copyright infringement that may occur. (18)

5. International Uses

Scribd is a very valuable and flexible tool not only to the Unites States, but also to individuals outside of America. Due to the huge variety of documents and types of texts uploaded to Scribd, individuals and even countries can find a use for it. Governments and tourism agencies can use it to promote destinations. All kinds of schools and learning institutions can post research or notes for students. A writer from Spain, for instance, could have his or her work reviewed and discussed by the entire world. 

In an educational context, Scribd is just as useful for a school outside the United States as it is inside.  Instructors can post their lectures and lesson plans for students and other teachers to look through.  Scribd can even be used as part of an in-class assessment.  For example, students could use Scribd to upload material while discussing their own work, the work of other students, and relevant work from outside the school or even outside the country.  In all, Scribd gives students and teachers exposure to ideas from around the world that can be discussed, understood, and comprehended in a new way.

An example of Scribd being used outside the US and Australia, is the group '**0001 A GREAT GREECE - UNIVERSALITY (HELLAS)'.  This group is set up to promote Greek awareness and includes information about the country of Greece as well as information about the Greek population in other countries. (12)

International users can Publish, Promote, and Profit through use of the iPaper feature, just as a site motto states. The following link is an iPaper PDF file that contains a list of international hotels and travel agencies that are all members of the Jupiters franchise. By publishing this list, a viewer could plan a world holiday based on the various location included in the list.  (13)

The State Government of Victoria, Australia has used Scribd as the platform for publishing their 2009 edition of their Environment Yearbook.  This is an astute move, and should please both the environmentally aware as well as the budget-conscious.  (14)

There does appear to be a growing awareness of the usefulness of this facility in Australia, with a diverse range of documents being currently available.  For example, Caravanning Australia has used Scribd for publishing their magazine, and the Petratherm submission to the Adelaide Solar Cities Congress 2008 has been made accessible through Scribd.  Cultural studies, with clear international relevance, are also readily available on this site. (15) (16)


Scribd allows a person to do three main things when posting their document on the site. They are the application's three P's: Publish, Promote, and Profit. The individual has the chance to publish their work by way of their post through Scribd and Scribd's recent signing with big-name publishers. By way of promotion, users have the chance to promote their work through being indexed by search engines and reaching millions of people. Then in correlation to profit, users have the chance draw in the interest of readers by way of Scribd, and then have them buy the book or particular work on the user's own site. Ford used Scribd when all the other automakers were asking for a bailout. Ford uploaded a restructuring plan so that everyone could see what there plan of action was, and how they were going to follow through with it. By taking there plan to the people, Ford was able to survive without borrowing money from the government and raising there sales to second in the US, behind Chevrolet. Another company that uses Scribd is The New York Times. The New York Times uploads their articles to Scribd, which gives them an even wider range of followers and marketing opportunities.    (19)



Scribd allows for the formation of groups with a specific interest to select documents for sharing within the particular group. There are 3 levels of groups, each with progressively more privacy/discretion, and it would be up to the user to decide which level is most appropriate for their particular requirements. Through these groups, members are allowed to collect documents/articles that are relevant to their needs or interests, and it is expected that documents presented therein are deemed of value by the members themselves. The two higher group levels require that a document be suggested for addition to the collection, the scrutinizing of which is done by the Administrators of the group. This allows for greater control over content.

Groups are formed on three levels. A Public group would cater to people with similar interests and welcome anyone to join.  Upon becoming a member, one can add documents of your choosing to the collection. This serves a broad interest. This level is the least monitored, and can attract undesirable material and or members. A Managed Public group has a smaller focus and is able to select new members at the discretion of the Administrator. The addition of articles to the group is more controlled, indicating that the articles selected are of a high standard. From an educational perspective, this may be the preferred group. Any and all submissions can be reviewed prior to adding to the collection and membership can also be monitored.  The final community is a Private group. A Private group is very discreetly managed. The information regarding private groups is not available to the general public. Membership is by the Administrators' approval, or invitation only. This level could suit use at an administrative level in a school or institution for the controlled access of student records, for example, amongst other applications.  (20)

6. References

Text References



















[19] (PressRelease)



Picture References [Picture 1]    [Picture 2] [3] [Picture 3] [Picture 4] [Picture 5] [Picture 6][Picture 7]

6.1 Frequently asked Questions: 

1. What is Scribd?

Answer: The largest website for social reading and publishing.

2. What dos scribd have to offer for people:

Answer: there's something for everyone like: Twilight fan fiction, reports on global warming, 2.0 slideshow, original flute compositions and so much more!

3. Just how popular is Scribd?

Answer: There are over 60 million month readers that are continuously on Scribd whether it be uploading docs, following, readcasting, commenting, embedding, rating or even rating on the go. 

4. Can you connect with people you like?

Answer: Yes! you can follow your favorite readers and publishers, you can also see when they are rating, publishing, or recasting. If you want to share your writings post etc... you will find people on Scribd that care. 

5. Can u get updates on your phone?

Answer: Yes! they can be read on your mobile phone or eReaders.Your docs will be easily discover by all major search engines. 

Related Links to Scribd

Scribd Poster

Scribd Poster.pdf

Scribd Brochure

Scribd Brochure.pdf


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  3. Hello,

    I agree with Asher, and am ready to get stuck in.  However (and excuse me for this), I do not know where or what the sections are that we are going to be electing to do, so a little help to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


    Cathy Billingham

  4. Unknown User (smschutt)

    Hi, Im Sarah. I am an Art Education major. Ready to get started on this project, and hopefully all goes well with everthing.


  5. Unknown User (kelutz)


    My name is Katie Lutz.  I'm a senior at Purdue University and my major is Japanese. That's a picture of me and my twin (she's the goofy looking one)

    I'm excited to do this project well, and maybe not have to take the final! 

  6. Unknown User (jacobb)

    Hello Scribd Team,

    I definitely am not ready for school to start back after my fun spring break and it's Wednesday. But hey, I'm ready to finish more than anything and be done with the semester so I can go back home and play with my doggies. I heard this was actually a cool project. We have to outdo everyone elses (no offense). So let's go ahead and focus. I've looked up what Scribd is or at least skimmed through it. I think breaking into certain sections would be great. That's always a faster, more efficient way. How are we going about choosing them???

    Respond ASAP,

    Jeff Cobb

  7. Unknown User (bkresca)

    Hey Team

    I am actually pretty excited to work on this project. Scribd seems like a pretty interesting site and I think we can do some cool things with the site. I have skimmed through Scribd just a little bit but I am definetly interested in exploring more. This year has went very fast for me and I am thinking that this last part of the year will go just as fast which is great, and nothing would go faster than us not having to be here Saturday for our final. So lets get going.

    (This is a picture of my family and I minus my other brother whose baseball game we were at.)

  8. Unknown User (kasheppa)

    Hey guys,

    My name is Drew Sheppard. I am a freshman here at Purdue, and my major is English Education. I am excited for this project, a little overwhelmed too as I am sure most of us are, but we seem to have a group that is willing to put in the effort that it takes to do well so it should be fun (smile)

  9. Unknown User (ghenry)

    Hey All,

    My name is Grant Henry, and I am a Junior considering Elementary Education.  I am really excited to work with all of you for this project, and I think it will be such a great opportunity to learn so much about wiki sites and espeially about our awesome site, Scribd!  And a personal Welcome to the Australians!

    Here is a picture of me before my mom's wedding with two of my sisters, Karis and Polly.

  10. Hey Team,

    I had a look at the criteria for our task.  We essentialy have to make a chapter in wiki about scribed.  To develop this chapter we have to answer the following questions:

    What is the title of the application? Who developed it?
    What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)?
    How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?
    How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?
    What are some unique ways of using this application?
    How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?
    elementary/secondary/post secondary/business/industry
    What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?
    What are some example lesson plans that would illustrate the integration of this application within various classroom levels?
    For those teams with international partners, how is the application used in their countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?

    Now I think we more or less agreed to each tackling one or two questions and then combining them all before next week when the draft is due.  So if people could start by picking at least 1 (hopefully 2) questions to answer.  I don't mind doing the harder questions so I will let you guys pick first.  I know I sound very up myself but please make sure you get good references and at least 1-2 paragraphs per questions and depending on the question some images, figures etc.  For help make sure to check out last years effort by another team on this website.

    Carpe Diam,

    Asher Burton 

  11. Hello everyone,

    We all seem a little reluctant to take a question someone else may be keen on, but since the clock is ticking, I will take "How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? (Elementary, secondary, post secondary, business, industry.)  If it is something you wanted, please let me know asap so I can tackle something else.



    1. Unknown User (cyork)


      This is really a "Big" topic since it is the main point of the wiki. You might want to take just a piece of it. Or start it off by creating the outline for it and filling in some of the blanks. Everyone will be creating lesson plans within each of those sections as well.

      Thanks for taking the initiative to get started!!

      Cindy (Purdue Instructor)

  12. Unknown User (kelutz)

    I've added stuff to the first draft page, we wanted to have this done by wednesday so i think some of the writers need to begin thinking about what they're filling in. 

  13. Hey okay if noone else wants to do it I will get started on the first two questions:

    What is the title of the application? Who developed it?
    What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)?

    I really hope anyone else who has not picked sections get started.  Any problems just email me at

    I have other assignments but I should be submitting my bit on late monday or tuesday.

    1. Unknown User (cyork)

      Great. Add it into the draft page.

  14. Just posted my two questions.  If anyone needs help please let me know.  Also i am not sure I can catch you overseas guys on thursday as I have not yet got access to skype. 

  15. Unknown User (kelutz)

    i've been moving some of the relevant research finds into the proper sections to help people with filling them in. feel free to move your own, or add more websites that are helpful.  Also as we use research items, we should probably keep a list of what sources were used for each section instead of just deleting them

  16. I just installed skype.  Let me know what time suits you.

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Australian,


  17. Unknown User (reinhaja)

    Asher and our friendly neighbourhood Australian partners

    That is great news about Skype. When would work best for you guys. Let us know and hopefully we can link up.

    I cant wait!

    Joel (smile)

  18. Will get my husband to download Skype to give this a go (I am slightly technologically challenged - need to find me an ten year old).  So since we haven't heard from the others on our side, I hope you will left me off for not being ready this morning.  I do think they may have headed home for the Easter holidays so I will attempt to contact them over the next few days and we can try this again.


    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Yeah lets try and get some skype messaging in next week. Thanks guy. Have you checked the roles and responsabilities page. You will find some jobs to do. If you can think of anything else, feel free to add it. Again, if you have any questions. just let me know.


      1. If people just give me their skype detials I can hook up asap.

        Pretty Prince of Parties,

        Asher Burton

  19. Can someone please help me - I have added my contribution called 'Community', and it has appeared as a child.  I have no idea how to get it onto the actual draft, so if some kind soul can do it for me, or tell me how, I would be very appreciative.


    1. Unknown User (kelutz)

      All you have to do is copy what you've written, go to this main page, click edit at the top and then paste it into where it belongs.  If you still have trouble let us know!

    2. Unknown User (cyork)

      Cathy, I moved it and deleted the child.

      From now on, just look at the homepage, and click edit at the top. Then edit the homepage directly with your information.



  20. Thanks for moving my paragraph to the right place.  I think I have it all under control now.  My next question:  is it safe to assume that our lesson plans can be informal as those already on the site are?  Are we just giving a very basic idea of how the lesson would go?  Should we just place ours beneath whatever may already be there?  Do we need to identify our work, and if so, how would be the best way to do so?  Thanks for your patience,


    1. Unknown User (cyork)

      I asked for lesson plan ideas by this coming Wednesday. These will be turned into formal lesson plans with objectives, materials needed, procedures, evaluation, etc. They will also all be in the same format and posted as word documents, pdf, and in a table in the body of the page. If there are ideas up there that aren't really lesson plans, but just ideas and can't be turned into a lesson plan, that probably should be written as bullets under the paragraph describing the use in education. If by identify your work, you mean give yourself credit, you can if you want, I dont require it. If you mean give credit to another website where you found it, yes, references must be included and if you adapted the lesson plan from something you found, it should say "adapted from ....." with the appropriate reference.

      References - I like the way wikipedia does it where they put a number next to the paragraph - like a footnote number - and then down below in the references list - the number comes before the reference. That way it doesnt muddy the paragraph.

      Hope this helps everyone!


  21. Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the late intro, i have been having trouble getting into the website and bust with other assessment. I have downloaded Skype and just need to see if it works, so fingers crossed. Since i have come into this project late, i'm willing to do whatever task is handed to me. Please let me know what i can do to be apart of the team

    Cheers Erin.

    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Hey Erin,

      Great to have you apart of the team. Hopefully you are not too overwhelmed with everything going on. On the page labeled Roles and Responsibilites, you will find that we did assign you some work. Also, if you would like to help with other stuff, that would be great. It is great to have you on the Scribd Team!


  22. Unknown User (cyork)

    Asher, I think I accidentally deleted your question about lesson plans. I thought I hit reply. Sorry about that.

    I required my students to each post 3 lesson plan ideas. These will then be turned into lesson plans if possible.

    But no, the four of you were not required to post these. If you have some you would like to contribute, that would be great.

    I'd like to see under business/industry some "training" ideas - so you dont "teach" people who are already in the workforce using lesson plans. You have short training sessions. I'd like some ideas in that area if you have some.



  23. Hi everyone,

    Finally after almost a month i have been given a working username and password so i can now access our page. I sincerely apologize for my lack of contact but this is the first time i have been able to log on i reassure you. I am well aware that i am behind in terms of our schedule and in terms of contribution to the task. I am more then willing to make up for this by taking on any task put forward to me.

    Finally looking forward to working with all of you,


    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Hey Adam

      Great to finally have you as apart of this team. Hope that everything is working out for you. There is a child page with your roles and responsibilities. We were unsure if you would ever be joing the team so you do not have a lot of roles but you are more than welcome to assist on G and especially H. Also, if you are talented with technology and have any ideas of how the page should look, feel free to throw them out there. Once again, great to have you on the Scribd team.

      Joel Reinhard

  24. Unknown User (kelutz)

    alright guys, it took me awhile but i finally got the toc to work correctly. Turns out the heading colors were making things not jive with eachother. So please please please do not change the headings back to the colors (which were awesome) because then the toc will screw up all over again and i just spent hour and a half doing it. 

  25. Unknown User (kelutz)

    Also our Australian counterparts need to think about what they want to put into the 'uses for outside of the usa' section

  26. Unknown User (kelutz)

    !! I just learned how to do a neat thing! I made it so that at each section, the browser has the option to go back to the top of the wiki.  If you guys don't like that, just let me know and I can delete it

    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Hey Katie...definately keep the back to top of page. We definately need that. I was goign to do that but you beat me to it. Thanks though for the great work

  27. For How It Mgiht Be SUed Outside The US:

    This is easy to answer.  Scribed is not soley aimed at just US users.  It appeals to all users.  Whatever can be done in the US can be done outside of the US including, posting lecutre notes, peopel novels, puzzles to solve or even comics.  I will try to elaborate later.

    1. Unknown User (bkresca)

      Hey Asher thanks for tackling that part of the wiki page. Ya if you could just write some things up there under that section that would be great!!!

  28. Hi,

    Have had a few minutes to add to the How it is used outside the US topic.  Can't work out how to match the font, so can someone indulge me and sort it out please?  Also, if this is not what is needed, please don't hesitate to DELETE!  Feel free to edit and reword if you like.  Will try to add more tonight, but have a busy day ahead.  Ta.

    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Hey Cathy, I am not sure what happened to your text. It was all coded but Sarah some how fixed the problem. So props to her. Thanks for getting that research done.   Joel

  29. Hey everyone,

    Anyone from australia knows that our lecturer petrea redmond loves to use youtube clips in her lectures. I found this clip that explains how scribd can be used to make the emailing process easier and more professional. Do you think this would be a good attachment to the question about the use outside of the united states? Also there is a 4 minute clip that briefly explains scribd. I belive this would be a good attachment to the questions relating to the workings of scribd

    Scribd and emailing
    Scribd tutorial video

    Just let me know where you would like these videos linked to the webpage and i will add them.

    Adam Burton

  30. Unknown User (bkresca)

    Hey Adam if you know how to embed those youtube vidoes onto the wiki please feel free to do that. Just put the one about the ipaper i guess under the last paragraph in HOW DOES IT WORK and if you do that add a little to the paragraph about ipaper and include how it is used in e-mailing. And you can put the tutorial under HOW DOES IT WORK also or you could put it under WHAR ARE SOME UNIQUE WAYS OF USING SCRIBD. If you know how to do this stuff go ahead and do it real fast, if not no big deal.

  31. Unknown User (lkashman)

    Hi Scribd,

    We evaluated your group. We found your content and media to be very relevant, as well as a useful inclusion of international tools. However, your page seems a bit lesson plan heavy. Other than that, we found your work to be very effective, attractive, and easily navigable.  

  32. Hello Everyone,

    Sorry i haven't added anything, i have been out camping and pig shooting. I wasn't able to find where topics had been given out to certain people on the website, can someone please direct me in the right direction or just let me know what i need to do. The presentation of the information looks amazing already, great work to everyone who has worked on it. It may be coming into Summer over there, but in Australia we are coming into Winter. Winter in Toowoomba is freezing, not snowing but very cold. I live in Western Queensland on a sheep and cattle property and love the heat, not the biggest fan of the cold. Talk to everyone later.

    Cheers Erin.

    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      Hey Erin,

      Well the page is pretty covered. However if you can come up wtih another lesson plan over how Scribd could be used...then feel free to add that. Also, you can go through and proofread. I did some proofreading today but i am sure that there is still some mistakes on the page. Thanks Erin.


  33. Unknown User (kelutz)

    Hey I know you guys had said you had wanted that table of info next to the table of contents, but it kept messing up.  I moved it to the top of the page, does that work for you? If not I can put it back where it was originally.  Also I went and proof read everything, fixed all the awkward sentences the there/their mixups etc.  English majors, maybe go back and reread to make sure that I caught everything. Also also I ended up doing a lot of verbal cleanup on some of the lesson plans, but I'm too tired to fix the document attachments and the pdf files.  Whoever was doing lesson plans, could you just add the changes to make sure all of our information is the same? Its just a matter of copy and paste, and then resaving.  Also you can read what changes I made and if you don't like them, change it back. 

  34. Unknown User (kelutz)

    I also just realized it might help if I gave you guys an idea of which lesson plans I altered, so you didn't have to look at every single one.

    All the elementary plans-extensive

    Post secondary fitness plan - very minor changes

    Post secondary former presidents-very minor changes

    Post secondary poetry reading- very minor changes

    Business Essentials of Personal finance- very minor changes

    Accessible User Manuals- minor changes

    by minor changes I mean changing scribd to Scribd, fixing plural discrepancies etc.

  35. Unknown User (kelutz)

    sorry me again. Grant and I were talking about how cool we thought the arrows on the other groups wiki were, so I added some images with arrows to see if you guys liked the effect.  If so I can change the other pictures to have arrows when it is relevant as well.  Let me know!

    1. Unknown User (reinhaja)

      I liked the arrows too and I like how they look on our page...I like it...I think we should keep it. Thanks Katie

  36. Hi everyone,

    I just added another lesson scenario for secondary. Im not the greatest with english and grammer so feel free to edit or remove it.


  37. Hello everyone,

    Ok then, i'm happy to proofread the document. Will edit it if i need to, shall use american english.

    Cheers Erin.