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                                             *Group 43 Team: Jess Weaver, Kheira Adda, Sarah Birdsall, Ian Faulkner, Christopher Felts, Justin Mull, Ryan Stitt, Damien Wrench*


      -What is this application?

      -Who developed it?

      -What is the purpose of Scriblink?

  • Scriblink is an Web 2.0 application developed in 2006 by Jordan Adler. Shortly after its creation, Adler was joined by Leo Efstahiou in his efforts to further develop the site. The name of the application, Scriblink, was created by combining the words "scribble" and "link" because it allows people to connect in real-time by drawing, or scribbling.
  • Scriblink is a digital whiteboard. It allows users to connect and share with one another in real-time, for free. It can be used for schoolwork, businesses or just for fun.  Scriblink is primarily used by teachers and tutors. Scriblink has all the features of a normal whiteboard, and allows the user to be almost anywhere when using or sharing the application. Whether at home, at an office, or in a computer lab at school, Scriblink can be a useful and effective way of communicating.

          About Scriblink

          Scriblink FAQ

          Efstahiou, Leo. Personal interview. 2 April 2009.

Table of Contents

      -How exactly does it work?

      -What do I have to do to start using it?

  • When using your Scriblink whiteboard, you are provided with numerous features:
    •  Tools: use shapes, hundreds of colors, a size bar, a text feature, and a grid to help guide your drawings.
    •  File Options: gives you the ability to print, save, and email your work.
    •  Image Uploader: upload an image onto the whiteboard as the background, allowing you to share it or highlight key elements.
    •  In-Screen Chat: when working with others, there is no need to sign in to third party software, simply use the in-screen chat.
    •  VOIP (voice-over internet protocol) Conferencing: if you have a microphone for your computer, you can automatically connect with your collaborators and talk for free for as long as you like.
    •  File transfer: when emailing is too much of a hassle, simply transfer files directly to anyone you're working with.

  • Scriblink Business Solutions (SBS) offers services for businesses that can be customized by choosing a color scheme, inserting a business logo, or add important company links. These business options can be purchased directly from the Scriblink site.

  • Scriblink also offers business owners a more advanced verison of Scriblink at a small fee.  Price packages range from $9 per month to $29 per month. 

  • Scriblink business accounts can be easily managed, downgraded or upgraded, re-customized, and paid for through an easy to use control panel.


  • A more basic version of Scriblink is offered when first accessing the website at NO CHARGE. 

          Scriblink's Company Profile with Tradevibes

          Scriblink's Bussiness Solutions

Table of Contents

      -Can I use Scriblink in conjunction with other applications?

      -What are some unique ways to use Scriblink?

  • Scriblink is connected with a variety of sites that perform other functions which can be useful in an educational or business setting.
  • Scriblink is collaborated with, which includes equation editors for online tutors. The editor allows math tutors, for example, to include functions and equations into their lessons and practice sessions with students.
  • The site also uses phone conferencing provided by and PhoneFromHere. "If you (and your collaborator(s)) have a computer microphone, Scriblink will automatically drop you into your own private conference call. Best thing about it: it works straight from the browser and doesn't require software. It's free, it's simple, and you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for as long as you like." (
  • The unique ways to utilize Scriblink are endless. This application is cutting-edge because it allows companies as well as individuals to collaborate without being at the same place. Scriblink has proven to be especially useful to those who are being tutored/tutoring in math, as the whiteboard allows for the entering of functions and symbols, all in real-time. It also allows its users to upload and draw/type on images, which can be very helpful in work and play situations.

Table of Contents

      -What are some examples of Scriblink being used in an educational situation, both elementary and secondary?

      -How can Scriblink be used in a post-secondary or business situation?

      -Where can I see Scriblink demonstrating its educational value?

  • There is an infinite number of ways to use Scriblink in a classroom or business setting.  Scriblink provides the classroom with an unlimited medium for conveying information. Rather than wasting countless amounts of paper for diagrams, explanations, and charts, teachers can utilize the online white board, Scriblink, for their lesson plans. Scriblink also provides the classroom with a way for students and teachers to collaborate with one another even if they (the participants) are in different locations. Below are some examples of how Scriblink can be used in the classroom.
    Table of Contents


After completing this lesson, students will be able to identify similarities and differences between real and mythical creatures.


In this lesson, students will pool ideas as a group, involving real and mythical creatures, and discuss how they are the same and different.


ISTE Standard 2 A


  • Visual aids (pictures of the two subjects)
  • Computer access


1. As a group, students will discuss all that they know about the two different subjects the teacher has selected. One real, one mythical.
2. The teacher will write all of the brainstormed ideas onto the board, for the students to distinguish into one of three categories.
3. Students will use Scriblink to create a Venn diagram, showing the unique characteristics of the subjects, as well as simlilarities (see example below).


Based on class participation and the completed diagram, this assignment can be worth up to 5 points.

Ven Diagram Lesson Plan.doc
Ven Diagram Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


Following this lesson, students will be able to identify, create, and complete a food web.


After completing an in-class lesson about the food chain and survival of the fittest, students will create their own food web.


ISTE Standard 3 C


  • Science textbook
  • Computer Access


1. The teacher will explain the food chain to students in class.
 2. Students will select at least 7 specimens to place on their own food web.
 3. Using the Scriblink whiteboard, students will create a unique food web showing the order of the food chain.


This assignment will be graded as a homework assignment, worth up to 10 points.

Food Web Lesson Plan.doc
Food Web Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


After completing this lesson, students will be able to understand and demonstrate use of the order of operations.


This completely online lesson will teach students the order of operations, and how to use them to complete a math problem.


ISTE Standard 3 C


  • Computer Access


1. Teacher will introduce the order of operations on the real-time whiteboard, using the Sitmo application to incorporate symbols.
2. Using the whiteboard, teacher will show many examples of how to use the order of operations to complete an equation.
3. Students will be given a certain amount of problems to complete, in order to demonstrate their grasp on the concept.


This assignment will graded for daily class participation.

Order of Operations Lesson Plan.doc
Order of Operations Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


After completing this lesson, students will have an understanding of animal adaptations and how adaptations aid in the lives of all
creatures including humans.


This lesson will teach students about what adaptations are and will cause students to critically think by thinking about other adaptations
found in other animals and in humans. Students will also learn to use the Scriblink page to create their own animal adaptation page.


ISTE Standard 2 A


  • Computer and Internet Access
  • Science Text Book


1. Teacher will explain the concept of adaptations base on the text book's definition and explain several common adaptations.
2. Using the whiteboard, the teacher will explain some of the adaptations of a duck.
3. Students will then be assigned four questions about adaptations that will be answered on paper.
4. Students will then create their own whiteboard page with the same format as the duck, except they will be using a different animal.
5. Once the student has completed their own whiteboard page, they will email the teacher their page link.


The assignment will be worth 18 points in total. Each question that the student is assigned is worth 2 points and will be graded based on correctness and creativity.
The whiteboard post the students will be worth 10 points and will be graded based on completeness and proper format.


Animal Adaptations Lesson Plan.doc
Animal Adaptations Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


After completing this lesson, students will have a better understanding of how letters come together to form words.


In this lesson, students will be given the opportunity to match names of animals to a picture of the animal. Not only will the students be learning about reading and writing but will
also be given the chance to work on the computer.


ISTE Standard 1 D


  • Computer and Internet Access


1. The teacher will explain to students how each letter makes a different sound and when put together with other letters they create words. The teacher will then give several examples
with simple words.
2. The teacher will show the students how to draw a line on the whiteboard and then will have each student attempt to match the names of the animal to a picture of the animal. 


Grading will be based on the student's participation and effort. Assignment will be worth 5 points.

Matching Animals Lesson Plan.doc
Matching Animals Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


After completing this interactive lesson on Scriblink, students will be able to identify specific regions of France on a blank map of the country.


In this lesson, students will gain information about the regions of France and thier specific locations.


ISTE Standard 4 D


  • Computer with Internet Access


1. Students will begin a lesson in class about the regions of France and learn thier specific names and locations.
2. Students will go to a computer lab where they will access the pre-loaded Sciblink page.
3. Students will be asked to color-code the regions of France according to the key found on the page.
4. Upon completion, students will save and print their maps as reference for an upcoming quiz or exam.


This whiteboard lesson using Scriblink will be treated as a homework assignment and will be worth up to 10 points based on correct labeling.

Regions of France Lesson Plan.doc
Regions of France Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


Following this series of lessons, students will be able to :

  • Demonstrate their ability to identify a supply curve and a demand curve
  • Determine and explain what direction a curve would move depending on a change in demand or supply
  • Identify the equilibrium point of the curve


In this series of lessons, students will use Scriblink to work with a partner in dealing with the economic principles of supply and demand.


ISTE Standard 3 D


  • Computer with internet access (one per student)
      - This activity may best be accomplished in a computer lab at school, as this will ensure that students have the proper access to the materials that they need to complete this lesson


1. Before beginning the activity, students should have ample background knowledge in the idea of supply and demand.
 - Students should be aware that a supply curve has a positive slope while a demand curve has a negative slope.
 - Students should have been taught what direction a supply or demand curve should move when there is an increase or a decrease.
2. Have the students get a partner. This can be done by simply allowing them to choose who they wish to work with, or by assigning them random partners.
3. Separate the partners within the computer lab and hand out two separate worksheets, one for partner A and one for partner B.
4. Each worksheet (A and B) should contain sample supply and demand curves that the students need to draw for their partner on Scriblink.  After drawing the given curve, Partner A uses the instant messaging software that is built into Scriblink to tell Partner B that there has either been a shift in demand or supply, and that it has been positive or negative. Partner B needs to then draw the new curve and identify the new equilibrium point.
5. Partner A and B would then switch roles, with B feeding the information to A and having them ID the new curve and equilibrium point. The scenarios will become progressively harder, eventually dealing with curves that shift both the supply and the demand.


This is a participation activity, so students grades should be based on thier willingness to work with their partner in using both economic principles and Scriblink software.

Supply and Demand Lesson Plan.doc
Supply and Demand Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


Following this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Work with basic algebra problems to find the value of "x"
  • Discuss with their peers on what they think is the best way is to solve a given problem before attempting to complete it. (Problem Solving in Groups)


In this lesson, students will use Scriblink to work on Algebra problems with students at partner schools. This will allow students to receive help and instruction from their peers who may not be on site, thus strengthening both their math skills, as well as their communication skills. This will also enforce typing, as they will have to dialogue over Scriblink's instant messenger to solve problems.


ISTE Standard 1 D


  • Computer with internet access
     - As with the previous lesson, this may be easier to do in a computer lab to make sure that every student has access to a computer for at least 45 or 50 minutes a day


1. Two or more teachers need to get together to discuss this lesson. They need to ensure that their students are able to be on Scriblink at the same time to work on the problems and to assign students to their partners. Also, the teachers need to make sure that the students are at the same general place in their knowledge of the subject material, and that they are working on the same problems.
2. Students will be assigned a partner in another class, at another school that meets at the same time as them, by their teacher.
3. Using Scriblink, students can work on their given problems. The chat application will allow them to talk about how they are solving the problem and Sciblink's real time white board will allow them to see what is going on while they are working on the problems.
4. Upon completion of the problems, they can check with their teachers for the solutions.
5. After they have corrected their problems, they will be finished.


While these math problems will have right and wrong answers, it is believed that it is more important for students to learn how to communicate with their partner than it is to get the right answer. Also, because it is partner based, it is hard to grade them on correct answers as they will be answering as a team. Thus, this activity should be used as classroom participation points rather than an actual score.

Algebra 1 Lesson Plan.doc
Algebra 1 Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents

Causes of World War II lesson plan.doc
Causes of World War II lesson plan.pdf

Causes of World War II

World History-Grades 9-12


Students review the previous assignments regarding the Causes of World War II.  They will be asked to break into groups of 2 and create a flow chart of events using the Scriblink application.


After this activity, students should be able to correctly identify the main causes of World War II.


WH. 8.4 Identify and analyze the causes, events and consequences of World War II.


Every two students will need a computer with internet access and materials used in previous lessons about the Causes of World War II.


-          Based on previous lessons, students will create a flow chart that contains the causes of World War II.
-          Students will then be given a quick introduction on how to use Scriblink and its' basic features.
-          The groups will then be asked to turn their flow chart into a Scriblink flow chart.* The chart should be interesting in color and design as well as accurate in terms of events leading up to World War II.


Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their content and the visual appeal of their chart.  The chart should be useable to the students for the rest of the unit on World War II.  It will be worth 10 points.


Following this series of lessons, students will be able to :

  • Draw Mechanics Physics problems.
  • Use their drawings to formulate answers to those problems


In this lesson students will use Scriblink to draw mechanics physics problems and then use those drawings to find answers to those problems.


  • Computer Lab with internet access and a projector.
  • Physics TA with knowledge of Scriblink.
  • Sheet of Mechanics Physics problems.


1.  The TA will first explain how drawing a mechanics physics problem can help someone devise a formula to solve the problem.
2.  The TA will then hand out a sheet of problems and do the first problem as an example on the projector to demonstrate the process as well as introduce the students to Scriblink.
3.  The students will then work out the rest of the problems using the TA for guidance as little as possible.


This activity is based off of 5 points for participation and 5 points for correct answers. 10 points total.

Mechanics Physics Lesson Plan.doc
Mechanics Physics Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents


Following this series of lessons, students will be able to :

  • Draw Organic Mechanisms
  • Be able to explain the reason that these mechanisms happen.


In this lesson students will use Scriblink to draw mechanisms for organic chemsitry reactions and be able to explain them.


  • Computer Lab with internet access.
  • Organic TA with knowledge of Scriblink.
  • Sheet of Organic Reactions to draw mechanisms for.


1.  The TA will first explain how drawing Orgainic mechanisms is performed such as electron movement and arrow's meaning.
2.  The TA will then hand out a sheet of problems and do the first problem as an example on the projector to demonstrate the process as well as introduce the students to Scriblink.
3.  The students will then work out the rest of the problems using the TA for guidance as little as possible.


This activity is participation based and worth 10 points. Following the lesson a graded sheet will be handed out to take home.

Organic Mechanisms Lesson Plan.doc
Organic Mechanisms Lesson Plan.pdf
Table of Contents


Students will be able to work in groups from different locations on a poster covering the reasons why breakfast is important for a college student.


In this lesson, students will gain information about their topic (Why breakfast is important for a college student) and then collaborate with one another over Scriblink to plan out and draw a basic outline for the poster, as well as collaborate on who will eventually create and present the poster.


  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Research of Topic


1. Students will begin by setting up a specific time that they can all collaborate on the poster and access Scriblink.
2. Students will use their instant messenger to compare notes over their topic.
3. After main points have been established, they can then organize their thoughts.
4. Students will then use Scriblink to plan out their poster and assign roles to complete the project.


The Scriblink collaboration will be worth 10 points of the final grade (150 points).  Proof of the collaboration must be presented (print off of whiteboard planning or screenshot).

Food and Nutrition Lesson Plan.doc
Food and Nutrition Lesson Plan.pdf

Table of Contents

  • Scriblink can also be extremely useful in business settings. Because the program allows people connect in real-time it can be extrememly useful for many types of business meetings. As stated above, Scriblink allows businesses to use a number of unique features available in different plans, and at different monthly rates.
  • Scriblink could be very useful to businesses with partners or collaborators in other cities and other countries. Using Scriblink, business partners could discuss plans, view images, and interact with one another in real-time.

  1. Allows communication with people not present, such as international business partners who cannot be present for meetings.
  2. Allows you to easily upload graphs and charts.
  3. Graphs and charts can be drawn on, to add points of emphasis for people in the meeting.
  4. Less paper is wasted because the objectives and the itinerary of the meeting can be put on the page. This is also beneficial to those not physically present because they still can see the objectives and itinerary without having a hard copy.


This example is designed to teach and assimilate professionals with Scriblink and what it is capable of doing. After going through orientation, these professionals should feel comfortable with the program and ready to use it in everyday situations.


In this example, an expert on Scriblink will come in and give hands on training on how to use the application, touching on both the pros and cons of Scriblink.


  • Computer with internet access for each individual
  • Projector for the instructor


1. The trainer will quickly introduce Scriblink, what it is and is not, and will then allow the professionals to experience Scriblink for themselves (10-15 minutes).
2. After allowing the professionals time to play with Scriblink, the instructor will then go through a brief set of exercises designed to cover all the points of Scriblink.
3. Once Scriblink has been debriefed and explained, the instructor will assign the professionals into groups of 3 and ask them to complete a short exercise where their only means of communication can be via Scriblink's chat feature.
4. The trainer will assist the different groups with their assignment as well as field any questions at the end. 


This lesson is simply set up to assimilate working professionals with Scriblink. The only evaluation will be to ensure that they are capable of working with others via Scriblink and the chat feature that it provides.

Teaching Working Professionals to use Scriblink.doc
Teaching Working Professionals to use Scriblink.pdf

Table of Contents


This example is designed to help two or more professionals who need to meet to discuss various problems or issues, and find themselves in separate areas. This could be as small as across a city, or the other side of the world. By using Scriblink, both money and time can be saved by meeting online and making the new distance equal to a one or two second delay.


In this example, two professionals are using Scriblink to conduct a business meeting from two different locations.


  • Computer with internet access
  • A professional and pre-paid Scriblink account


1. Log onto Scriblink and create a professional account. This will allow you to save your session as well as to give you further control of the online whiteboard.
2. Using Scriblink and its chat feature, conduct the meeting as if you were in the room with the individual.
3. When finished for the day or for good, you can save your session and then log out.
4. The next time that you log in, you can resume where you left off or start over from scratch, depending on what is needed.

International Meeting using Scriblink.doc
International Meeting using Scriblink.pdf

Table of Contents


In this example, Scriblink is used as a public forum within a business to brainstorm ideas for a new product. Because of the nature of Scriblink, people can access it throughout the day and check the new ideas that have been posted.


In this example, Scriblink is being used much like a message board online, except that Scriblink has the advantage of being all condensed onto one page and allows for others to edit material that has already been posted.


  • Computer with internet access for each person involved with the brainstorming activity
  • A professional and pre-paid Scriblink account


1. Have each person involved in the brainstorming activity log on to the business section of Scriblink.
2. Once logged on, have them to begin to brainstorm on the given topic, whether that is ways to make a product more appealing, or ways to improve morale in the workplace.
3. Throughout the day, ask that they keep checking back to the whiteboard and critiquing the ideas that have been left there.
 - As the admin of this Scriblink, it will be your responsibility to keep tabs on the brainstorming to insure that good ideas aren't being deleted before others look at them and respond.
4. This activity can last as long as you would like, though it is recommended that it go no longer than 2 days, as it will cut into the efficiency of the people involved in it.

Using Scriblink as a forum for brainstorming in the business world.doc
Using Scriblink as a forum for brainstorming in the business world.pdf

Table of Contents

      - How is Scriblink being used in Australia?

      - Are there features of Scriblink that are more relevant to those outside the US?

  • As in the U.S., Scriblink can be a very useful application. Scriblink can also be used in many of the same ways. Australian businesses can use Scriblink to brainstorm and form ideas while communicating with partners from across the country and even the world.
  • With most of the population in Australia based around the coast line, there are many small schools inland of Australia that do not have the ability to use the same resources that schools get in the more populated areas of the country. Scriblink provides them with the ability to have online collaboration with teachers many hours away and also, to use the resources that teachers have on the coast line.
  • However, the use of Scriblink in schools appears to be limited. Limits on programs like Scriblink arise from the concern that students will have access to inappropriate material or use the application in an inappropriate way. Concerns similar to this have caused many government schools to block certain Web 2.0 tools in Australia. With the limitations of Web 2.0 tools, the government is looking at improving internet capabilities throughout 98% of Australia by 2015.
  • Allowing up-and-coming educators in Australia the chance to use Web 2.0 tools and technologies would be extremely helpful for teachers. These tools, like Scriblink, provide Australian educators the ability to contact teachers from around the world and share teaching methods, as well as lesson plans.
  • In addition to being a useful tool in the U.S. and some places in Australia, Scriblink has also been used in many other countries. The main use for Scriblink remains the same whether it is used in the U.S. or abroad. Both business and schools have realized what a useful tool Scriblink can be.
  • According to Leo Efstahiou, Scriblink's private chat feature has become a very popular tool in a number of countries, including India. Efstahiou explained that the feature allows users to chat in a private setting without allowing others to access the sharing of information. This private chat feature is also available and used in the U.S., but it may be more popular or relevant in countries that do not easily have access to private areas designated to share ideas.

          Efstahiou, Leo. Personal interview. 2 April 2009.

Table of Contents

I. Background Information:

Efstahiou, Leo. Personal interview. 2 April 2009.

II. How does Scriblink work?:

III. How can I use Scriblink?:

IV. How can I use Scriblink in a classroom or business setting?:

V. International Perspective:

Efstahiou, Leo. Personal interview. 2 April 2009.

Table of Contents

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  1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hello group.  I hope you have taken the chance to check out Scriblink a little bit and if not please do so! We are going to be working together a a team for this project but each of us needs to start thinking about a role you are willing to take in order to come up with a finished project! Some of the roles may include reseachers, writers, developers, artists, evaluators, and presenters. Some of us may take on a large role and other may take on a number of smaller roles. Please let me know how things are going and if you have any questions!


    March 23 Week 1- Have all roles assigned

    March 30 Week 2- Online discusions and research

    April 6 Week 3- Initial drafts completed and chapter presentation

    April 13 Week 4- Drafts completed, videos, handouts, posters completed and presentation practice

    April 20 Week 5- Final versions complete

    April 21- 6-9 PM Showcase

    1. Please note that the week 2 (March 30) - assignments have been updated to include the first draft of this wiki page to be completed.  By Sunday evening (US time), we need this first draft to be completed (not perfect -- but a good look at what the end result will contain).

  2. Hi team,

    Damien Wrench here, i'm a second year Senior Education student majoring Maths.

    Don't really know what sort of role i'm willing to take with the group just yet and just had trouble accessing the Scriblink site. Sat there loading for ages. I wonder if its because im on the uni lab's computers.

    Anyways, looking forward to getting the work done!

    1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

      Great to hear from one of our IP's! Can you e-mail me and let me know a good time that we can meet up on Skype or Facbook or something like that! Thanks!


      1. Hi Jessica,

        I dont have skype but i do have facebook.

        This time tomorrow night would suit. Or the night after. Its 11pm here, but isnt there a time of difference of 16 hours?

        I guess that would make it around 7am your time...maybe a bit early. Let me know...

        Hopefully more people will decide to grace us with their presence on here between now and then.

  3. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    So far I have one person taking the role or writer and one as an artist/designer. I really would like to let you decide what role you would be comfortable doing because you know your talents and abilites much better than I do. Please think this over and let me know!

  4. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Assigned Roles:

    • Sarah Birdsall- writer (will be taking information from research and using it to write our wiki chapter)
    • Kheira Adda- artist/designer (making things look nice, creating brochures/posters/etc. for showcase)

    As stated before I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DECIDE what you would like to do for our project. You know your abilities and likes! Pick something that interests you and that you could have fun with! This really needs to be done soon, thanks!

  5. Unknown User (jmmull)

    Hello Everyone,

    I've had one of the most terrible last week in the history of weeks but I should now be able to contribute to the team much more.  I've checked my schedule and found out that I have an exam the same evening as the presentation.  (I'll be contacting Dr. Newby with that information this week).  Under those circumstances as much as I would like to present I may not be able to but I would be interested in especially developing, evaluating, or wherever else we need someone to help.

  6. Unknown User (cfelts)

    Hey guys sorry it took me so long to get posting, I had a lot of exams this week.  I found a lot though, and I'm still looking for lesson plans.  So far this website is very good at explaining a great deal about sciblink.  this website answers several of the questions, and I will show which ones they are in the actual research page .  So go there for the rest of my comment.

    Chris Felts

  7. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hey guys... I have been talking to Leo Efstahiou, who has been working with Jordan Adler on Scriblink since shortly after its creation. He has been really willing to help us out with the project and we are going to be talking Thursday on the phone about some ways he can help. I sent him a list of the things we need to have answered but if you can think of anything else I should speak with him about please comment and let me know! Thanks!

  8. Hi team,

    I'm afraid i am not too familiar with the designing of websites and macking things look pretty. I think the best way i could contribute is to continue researching the questions and perhaps think of more to add.

    I'm wondering where the rest of the Australian students in our group are too.

    I dont think the university computers will work with Skype so talking to us down here might have to remain via this wall.

    1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

      Wrench Damien-

      You could work as a researcher/writer and work with the research we already have and start fitting it in and answer the questions on the Questions to Answer in Research page.

      Also, if you have facebook, gmail, or instant messenger we could set up a time to talk using one of those.

      - Jess

  9. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Assigned Roles:

    • Sarah Birdsall- writer (will be taking information from research and using it to write our wiki chapter)
    • Kheira Adda- artist/designer (making things look nice, creating brochures/posters/etc. for showcase)
    • Wrench Damien Roy- researcher/ writer

    Unassigned Roles:

    • Developers- work on lesson plan development
    • Evaluators- make sure things run smoothly, edit working, etc.
    • Presenters- present at Showcase (this role should be taken with additional help to others working in another area)

    Thanks to those of you who have taken a role and started working. Those of you without a role, please pick one TODAY or I will be forced to pick a role for you and I would rather not, again you know what you are good at much better than I do (smile)

    Also, if you can think of any other roles that you think could help, please let me know!

  10. Hi again guys,

    Looks like my research on Scriblink is gonna have to come from external sources. I can't even load the whiteboard, no matter what computer i go on.

    I'll give it my best go anyway, I have facebook too, try searching for "Damien Wrench". I get on there a lot.


  11. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hey guys! I moved the rough draft of our chapter out to the home page. We need to start adding things, moving things around. Writers, please start using our research to answer the questions. Make sure you are citing where that ifo is coming from and shoot me an e-mail or message and let me know what parts you are writing. We also need to start some of the designing and decide how we want this page to look.

    I spoke with Leo this morning for a while and he gave me some further info that answered some of our questions. I will be typing up some of the answers later today. Also he told me that he was going to try and track down some posters and other things for us (smile)

  12. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    *Justin- Ryan- Christopher-*I would like you guys to please start working on, developing some lesson plans. The development of the wiki chapter is starting to come along but we really need to work on that part.

    *Kheira-*We should probably start coming up with some ideas for what we like to do as far as brochures/flyers/posters. If you have any ideas going let me know. We could always meet on campus if you've got time and talk about it/get some ideas going.

    Sarah- We already touched based about getting the info into the wiki chapter. Anything else, let me know (smile)

  13. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    Hi everyone,

    As you can see I've started putting together the chapter into its final form. For now, I've only included very basic information, but will be working on getting it more detailed/longer today and the rest of this week. I indicated where the lesson plans should be placed, so when you have them done, just go ahead and insert them. I noticed some other groups entered them in table form, and it looked really nice and put together. So try to do that, even if it takes a little longer.

    Also, Damien if you could just quickly jot some answers for the two international perspective questions, it would help us to get flowing with that section. We can always elaborate on it later!

    Hope everyone likes the way its coming along!

    PS: Does anyone know how to link the table of contents so that when you click on a section it takes you to that part of the page?? I tried using the hyperlink thing... but I can't quite figure it out...

  14. Unknown User (jmmull)

    I inserted a small lesson about water to demonostrate the educational value but I can add more complex ones later and maybe even a simpler one for elementary kids.  Please let me know if this is the type of thing we are wanting in that section or if I'm completely off track.  Also if we all have facebooks I think that it could be much easier to all join a group and post on that group's wall so that we can keep tabs on each other easier.  Let me know what you think.



  15. Unknown User (rstitt)

    I just put up a couple of examples of how scriblink can be used in the classroom. I constructed several simple charts(ven diagram) and a food web to show how scriblink can be used in saving paper and allowing students to be more creative by not giving them a preformatted templete for creating diagrams. Also i put up a screen shot of a possible math lesson because i felt like it's important for people to see how useful scriblink's math tool bar is. I would be more than happy to create more of these simple examples or if we wanted a more complex lesson i would be willing to come up with something. I am open to suggestions and would be more than willing to both edit what i've already done or create some more lessons.


    Ryan Stitt

  16. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

    Hey guys, sorry for the late start to the game. My name is Ian and I'm the last (and missing) group member.  I just fixed the internal links that you were talking about Jessica, so those are good to go. I'll probably add more later once we have all four types of lesson plans up and running so that they can quickly jump to whatever type of lesson plan they wish to see. Is there any more coding that you guys are having trouble with that I can help on? Also, eventualy do we want a header at the top like a lot of the other wiki sites that shows the basics of Sciblink, like year founded and what not? If so, I can draw one up and throw it in there. Thanks.


  17. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    I think we are doing well so far guys. We do need to keep working on lesson plans. Kheira and I have a meeting on Thursday to dicuss the materials (posters, brochures, etc.) for the presentation. If anyone has any ideas that they would like to explore for the presentation, let me know! Ian has volunteered to be a presenter for the showcase. So far, he is really the only one. I would like to see a few more people volunteer for that soon. We also need to continue looking at the wiki and decide what else needs to be added. Our next draft is due Sunday, April 12th at 10:30pm!


  18. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    I've worked on editing all of the entries, moved some things around, etc. Ryan your additions are fantastic! I made your descriptions a little bigger, hope that's ok! I'm trying to think of some secondary or business lesson plans to add... anyone have any ideas?? Jess if you need me to, I can definitely be a presenter. I'm coming down from Chicago for it, so I may as well be as involved as possible! If anyone has anything they'd like me to add, go ahead and let me know, I'll be elaborating on all of the information in the chapter during the course of this week. Looks great everybody!

  19. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Things are looking good guys (smile) Sarah, if you would like to present that would be great. In addition to working on the wiki itself we should all be playing around with the actual Scriblink website so we are comfortable with it. Anything else, let me know!

  20. Unknown User (cfelts)

    Hey guys,  I am so sorry i havent been as helpful as our other team members this past week.  I've had a really rough week with a lot of family issues.  So i'm a little behind from everyone else and i really apologize for all the slacking i've been doing.  Please let me know anything i could do.  Thanks a lot guys.


  21. Unknown User (cfelts)

    Hey Jessica, I'd really like to present at the showcase, I really like public speaking.  Let me know if thats ok, or if someone already wants to then thats fine too.


  22. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Chris- If you would like to present, that would be great!

    We have Sarah, Ian, and Chris presenting. If the three of you would like to start thinking about the presentation and what you would like it to include, that would be good. Kheira and I are meeting sometime tomorrow to talk about posters, etc.

    We should also start setting up our lessons plans. I know we have some examples but we need to have them set up totally (see lesson plans for Qik for an example). Would anyone be comfortable with doing that?

  23. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hey guys! Kheira and I met today and went over some plans for our display at the showcase. I am working on a brochure this weekend with some important info about Scriblink and once that is finished Kheira will be putting together some flyers for our area at the showcase.

    Our second draft of the wiki is due Sunday. We need to add in the info we are missing, set up our full lesson plans, and make sure that everything has been cited correctly. Thanks guys! Let me know if you need anything.

  24. Unknown User (cfelts)

    Hey guys, I've been compiling some things I'm planning to present, but just to be sure, leave a comment and let me know everything YOU think i should put in the presentation.  Thanks a lot guys.  Looking forward to all your input.


  25. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Chris- Shoot me a quick e-mail on BB and just let me know what you will be talking about for the presentation. Ian will be presenting with you so maybe e-mail him as well.

    We really need to get those finished lessons plans up guys! I have part of the brochure finished and will probably have it done by tomorrow if anyone would like to see it please let me know.

    1. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

      Jessica, I have a couple of lesson plans that I am putting the finishing touches on and will have posted by 10:30, compleate with internal links from our menu at the top.

      1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

        Good deal Ian, thank you!

  26. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Sarah and Ian- the high scool lesson plans look great. Ian were you going to add visuals?

    Ryan and Justin- please put your lesson plans into a more finished format like Sarah and Ian's! Thanks.

    Kheira- I am putting the finishing touches on the brochure and will have it to you tomorrow!

    1. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

      Yeup, visual aids are on there way. Also need to add some of the forms that I referenced in my lesson plan as attachments. I'm working on them.

  27. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Leo Efstahiou set us up with a Scriblink Business account today. I am playing around with the way it looks and once it is ready I will post the info so you guys can log in and check it out. This will be nice for the showcase. We can have our own Purdue Scriblink page up (smile)

    I also added a few things to the wiki and will try and get some more of that done later today.

  28. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Ok I finished messing with the personalized Scriblink board. Take a look at it and let me know what you think about the colors and the Purdue logo. If anyone thinks it needs to be changed, I can do that, just give me some feedback on what you guys think. Find our board at

  29. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    ELEMENTARY LESSON PLANS: Ryan and Justin- We really need to get the finished lesson plans that go along with your diagrams up soon please!

    We also need to go through and see if there is anything else that we need to add to the other sections, check spelling, check that everything is cited.

    We will have one computer provided to us by itap but we will probably want to have at least two or three. Does anyone have a laptop that they wouldn't mind bringing?

  30. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    Jess- I'll be adding another secondary lesson plan and screenshot soon, as soon as I can think of one. If I can, I'll try to add two!

    Everyone- when you add to the wiki, try to look for spelling and punctuation errors. I know as a writer it's my job to correct them, but if Dr. Newby gets to the page before I do, it really makes the chapter look bad. I know it's easier to type in things quickly.. but take the time to proof read.

    It takes an effort as a team to get this right.. this is a 70 point project, let's step it up guys!!

  31. Unknown User (jmweaver)


    I need some help. I can't figure it out so can you please add to our table to contents a little bit. Maybe just add links directly to the different types plans (elementary, secondary, and business). Also, can you add links at the bottom of each section that will take people back up to the top of the page where the table of contents is? Thanks!


    1. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

      Yeah, I'm actually in the lab right now talking to one of the T.A.'s for 270. I probably wont edit the wiki from here, but it will be done by tonight.

  32. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

    Jessica, I just finished talking to one of the 270 TA's. You probably know all of this stuff, but before today I was unaware of some of these things so I thought I would throw them up here to tell the other group members.

    - Make sure that you are adding BOTH PDF's and Word attachements of your lesson plans that a teacher could print out if they wanted to.

    - We need to get our lesson plans in table form, so as we are adding them make sure to do that.

    - Also, we need to include standards in our lesson plans.

    - We still need to more links in our table at the begginning. One needs to be for our references (not really sure what they are, besides our contact with Leo and what we have found off of his site) and the other one needs to be for our handouts. (As an aside, can I get a overview of what those are going to look like Jessica? I want to make sure that I am ready to talk about them and incorporate them in our presentation.)

    - Also got a lot more info about the presentation on Tuesday, so I'm not sure who else is doing that with me, but if I could get their names that would be great.

    1. Unknown User (jmweaver)


      Chris will be presenting with you. He is working on a powerpoint for the presentation. I finished a brochure with basic info. last night. I can e-mail it to you later tonight when I get to campus.

      I didn't know about the PDF's and word attachments but we can get those up. Justin and Ryan's lesson plans are not yet in table format, so yes we need to change that.

      As for the links for our table of contents... could you set up a link for references? I will pet them at the bottom of the page. Right now they are at the bottom of each section as well. When I e-mail you the brochure you can also put that on as a link. I can't seem to figure out how to do it, sorry. Thank you Ian!


  33. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    I just added the tables for the elementary lesson plans, and filled them in as best I could. I know they weren't mine originally, so if anyone wants to change anything, go ahead! We just really needed to get something tangible for the elementary section up there.

    1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

      Awesome job Sarah! I just updated the references. Tomorrow I am going to take them off of the bottoms of each of the answer sections. Also, we should probably stick in the standards that we covered. I am going to draw up some better business plans tomorrow also. I have a huge chunk of the day to play with things.

  34. Hey guys,

    What did you guys want us Aussies to do for the presentation? Anything?

    Also, is there anything else needed here on the Wiki. I havent contributed in a while and am feeling pretty lazy. Cheers.


  35. Unknown User (rstitt)

    I just added 2 more elementary lesson plans and added to our the business application  of scriblink section. I hope you like the lesson plans and the business display i added if you want me to change anything feel free to say so. 

    -Ryan Stitt

  36. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Things are really coming along guys! Nice job!

    Chris- let me know as soon as you have a powerpoint thrown together

    Everyone- We have one iTap computer but we could really use maybe two more laptops... can anyone swing that? We also should add PDFs/word docs of our lesson plans to the wiki in case teachers would like copies!

    Keep on w/ the hard work guys!

    1. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

      Jessica, I can bring my labtop, as well as an external screen if you want me to. Just let me know about the screen but I will def. bring the computer.

  37. Unknown User (jmmull)

    I've been added two post secondary lesson plans and I'm getting ready to add the third here after a bit.  Let me know if anything is off or needs improved.  Also I have an exam this tuesday at 8:30 so I will probably leave for it around 8:10 or so.  Does this interfere with our presentation at all? If so I may not be able to help in the presentation.


    Justin Mull

  38. Unknown User (rstitt)


    Do you think we should add more lesson plans? or add more to our business section? I would be happy to create more if the group thinks so.


    Ryan Stitt

  39. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    I think our lesson plans look good. Right now maybe just focus on the business plans and set them up like the lesson plans.

    We do need to get PDFs and word copies of the lessons up and we should probably include standards on the lesson plans.

    We also need to go in and make sure that after each lesson plan we have a Table of Contents link. Right now some say home and some have nothing so we need to go in and fix that. Unfortunately, that is not my strong point so if someone wouldn't mind fixing that I would really appreciate it!

  40. Unknown User (cfelts)

    Hey guys, I was just checking the sources and all of them look very good.  They all match up.  Jessica, I've almost got the power point finished.  It isn't very big, I think the best way is to put the basic info on the power point and elaborate on it in person.  It should look very good, i just sent you a e mail on blackboard.


  41. Hi guys,

    I noticed the other Australian names were taken off on the top of the page. I guess that means i'm the only Australian in the group. Haha.

    I need to play a part in the final presentation, and i was aked to research the International Perspective so how would you like me to send you a pic and a voice clip to incorporate into your powerpoint presentation?

    I realise i havent really done enough for a good mark in this assignment so i'm hoping that idea above is suitable. Thanks


  42. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Hello.  I am the project manager for Skrbl.  I added our peer evaluation for your page as an attachment. 

  43. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    Hey everyone-

    I will be going over the wiki one last time LATE Sunday night for typos, grammar problems, etc. So please please have everything posted by then. I don't want to have to go back anymore after that.

    I think that some of the comments on the peer review were from before... because we obviously have made the elementary lesson tables, business plans, etc., and I went in and corrected a lot of the typos about 2 days ago.

    I also took off the other 2 IPs names since we never heard from them, they never contributed, etc... is everyone OK with this? Or is that too mean? I just figured we shouldn't give credit where it isn't deserved.

    Things are really coming along guys, great job!! I'll be keeping a lookout for spelling errors and stuff!! Thanks!

  44. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hey team... few things. We need to get things cleaned up. PDFs and Word docs up, Chris- please put a link to the powerpoint on the Table of Contents, and links to the Table of Contents on the bottoms of everything. I will be going through and adding/checking spelling etc. tomorrow. I also need to know a few things...

    1.) Who is brining laptops?

    2.) What time is everyone showing up to the Stew Center on Tuesday? 

    We have one iTap computer to use that we can check out when we setup. Setup starts at 3 and we need to be ready to go by 5:30. I can be there a little after 3. Please list in a comment when you will be there. Thanks


    1. Unknown User (jmmull)

      I can be at there at 3:30 to help set up.

  45. On what time on which day are you guys doing the presentation?

  46. On what time on which day are you guys doing the presentation?

  47. On what time on which day are you guys doing the presentation? im

    1. Unknown User (jmweaver)

      The presentation is Tuesday at 6pm.

  48. Unknown User (jmmull)

    Hey guys,

    I'm almost done with creating all of the doc versions of the lesson plans but I don't know how to create pdf ones.  If anyone can help me with that it would be much appreciated.

  49. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Ok as of right now we have an iTap computer and Ian's laptop. I was thinking we should probably have Scriblink open for people to try it, play with it. We should also have the Powerpoint up and the wiki as well. Does anyone else have a laptop that they can bring to have one of these things up? Thanks.


  50. Unknown User (ifaulkne)

    Hey Jessica, when you see this if you could check your blackboard e-mail and get back to me that would be sweet.

  51. Unknown User (sbirdsal)

    Hi Everyone! Looks like everything is almost done! I'll do one more spelling/grammar check late tonight, and after that I think we're good to go! Yay!

    Jess- If we absolutely need, I can bring my laptop down with me from home... I'd love to leave it here, but if no one else can bring one, I'll suck it up and bring mine down! Just text me and let me know tomorrow morning!

    See you all tomorrow!

  52. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Hey guys. Here is a link to the map for the showcase tomorrow. Showcase Map

    Also, Sarah, I just sent you a message on BB... we are good for the computers, Chris is bringing his.

    I will be there a little after 3 tomorrow guys, see you then!

  53. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    Yesterday I picked up some letters to use as a heading for our board as well as glue, paper for backgrounds, pushpins, and some candy to set out at our table (smile) Can't wait to see everyone tonight!