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While facebook can be a safe and good educational tool, it  can also be a security issue with some teachers,students, and parents.

Schools, colleges, and universities can create networks that only their students and faculty can access. Therefore there is no longer a security issue. No one who is not a student or faculty member can become the students friends without the student approving them. How many students go out and add people they don't know as their friends on facebook? The answer is, not many! Most students are very cautious about who they add as their friends on facebook. So facebook and facebook chat is a very safe educational tool.

There is still the risk that students will loan their personal information out to other students, but facebook has given them blunt instructions and warnings that they are not suppose to do this. Even though most of the security issues that occur on facebook are caused by the lack of common sense on the users part, there are some problems that are caused by facebook itself, such as once you belong to a network, you are able to see the pages of other people that belong to that network, wether you are friends on there or not. In the privacy settings for everyone's profile, they can change their privacy settings to not allow anyone in their network to see their profiles yet alone their pictures. However, most people choose not to change their privacy settings or do not know how to. This is how most security problems arise. 

"To show just how easy it is to access information off of facebook, two MIT students were able to download over 70,000 Facebook profiles from four schools (MIT, NYU, the University of Oklahoma, and Harvard) as part of a research project on the privacy of facebook." ( That being said, facebook does have privacy settings that can be used to protect your profile from being seen by unwanted people.  You can set it were only the people you have become facebook friends with can see your profile, status, personal information, etc._

Based on a study done by, they has found that 41% of facebook users will give out there email address and other personal information to complete strangers   © 1997-2008 Sophos Plc. All rights reserved

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  1. Unknown User (kmccallu)

    Should we add a video to show how easy it is to make your facebook profile more safe. if so how long should it be? Like what length of time should it not exceed?