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What are the uses of Seesmic?

With Seesmic, you can post any video that you would like to, and on any topic. It can be just to say hello to a friend or to post your opinion on the 2008 Presidential Race. This website has a lot of great videos that cover a large range of topics. All you have to do is just search for them. Once you begin to explore Seesmic you will find more and more videos. You will see videos that talk about the most serious topics, like the Presidential Race, to people just playing around and posting jokes. Some users post questions for other users to discuss such as what is your favorite activity to do in the morning, and then users proceed to discuss with each other. One blogger, Freida Wolden, often discusses a topic every day over coffee with other users.
This website was developed to allow people to share their thoughts and opinions freely. The creator of Seesmic (Loïc Le Meur) made this site available for everyone in the world to use. Seesmic allows people from different parts of the world to communicate with each other freely.

Who uses Seesmic?

This website is open to any person of any age and any nationality: Seesmic welcomes anyone and everyone. As you can see from the picture below Seesmic's audience ranges from young to old and from male to female. The picture below also demonstrates how many different nationalities are using Seesmic. Our group of researchers posted a video and had replies to the video within a couple days. The people who replied to our video come from all over the country and even from Canada.

I. History

Seesmic was developed by French serial entrepreneur Loïc Le Meur in early 2008. Le Meur wanted to make video uploading easier for those with webcams. He also plans on having more interaction between professional and user-created material. He originally wanted to have this be almost like a video Twitter. As the program grows, users will hopefully be able to record Skype conversations and connect to RSS feeds like Facebook.

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II. How Seesmic Works

Getting an account is simple. All you have to do is click the Sign Up Button. After clicking the Sign Up button you will need to enter a user name, your e-mail, and a password. Once you have created a user name and password you can set your profile settings. You can do this by clicking the settings tab. There you can enter your name, where you live, your URL, a description of yourself, your social networks, and change your password.2
On the left side of the screen is a list of the newest uploaded videos. All you have to do is scroll through them using the arrows at the bottom of the thread list and once you find the video you want all you have to do is click the picture. To find a certain person's video click the search user tab and type in the name of the person and scroll through their videos and click on the video you want to see.3

How to Use Seesmic

These are links to different instructional videos that will give a step by step process in how to use the Seesmic Application.

 Video Tutorial (1 of 3)

 Video Tutorial (2 of 3)

Video Tutorial (3 of 3)

How to Use Seesmic to Manage Facebook and Twitter

How to Use Seesmic - In American Sign Language 

Getting More Out of Seesmic

After you have created an account, click the red record button at the top of the page. Then you will need to choose your camera and microphone settings and then click record again and you can record your video. Another way to record a video is to click the post a video tab. There you can choose to record a live video upload a previously recorded video, or post a URL to another site, such as YouTube.
The inbox tab is actually your inbox. The replies to your videos and also videos that were posted directly to one of your videos are shown here. The sent tab is all the videos you have uploaded. Only your videos will appear there. They are shown from the most recent to the oldest video you have sent. You can also delete your videos from you sent tab. If you decide you have made a mistake or just do not like your video you can click the red X that appears next to that video and it will delete the video.4

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III. How Seesmic Relates to Other Applications

Seesmic is very similar to websites that allow its users to upload any video on to the site, like YouTube for example. It is also similar to blogging only it is through video instead of written. It is also similar to different websites that communicate with each other because people can comment on different videos and communicate back and forth to each other this way. Yet with this said, the time limit on videos keeps the conversation short as compared to an application like Youtube. 9
You can link Seesmic to your Facebook and Twitter in order to stay in touch with your friends. Instead of using Facebook Chat or Twitter to communicate you can connect with your friends to video chat. (The old video-blog version of Seesmic is still offered at a different web address.)

Comparison to Competitors

Seesmic is often called the "video Twitter" because it can be seen as the video version of Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that allows its users to post updates of what they are currently doing. This is similar to Seesmic because many users post what they are doing through video. That is why Seesmic is known as the "video twitter" because its very similar just used with video instead of text. Seesmic has just recently added a third party application called Twhirl where users can access Twitter directly from their desktops. 8

Unique Uses

Seesmic is geared towards making it easier to upload videos using a webcam. It also has three episodic features, Seesmic Du Jour, Seesmix, and Seesmic Cafe. Seesmic Du Jour talks about recent changes and notes of interest. Seesmic is a review of notable topics discussed recently in the Seesmic community. Seesmic Cafe is comparable to a comedic talk show, where hot topics are discussed. Seesmic is also a way to communicate with other people who have posted videos. On most websites where you can upload videos you can comment on the video through text but hardly ever through another video. Seesmic has been quoted as being an "in your face communication" because people can now make friends that live thousands of miles away from each other. 10

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IV. Real World Applications

Seesmic has found its way into classrooms, workplace and homes. More people are finding that Seesmic is the application for them due to its multiple functions.

Educational Lesson Plans

Seesmic had a variety of uses in the classroom at all levels of instruction. The following are examples of how seismic can be incorporated into a variety of lesson plans.

i. Elementary

Kara Hoffman
Habitat Lesson Plan (Word Document)
Habitat Lesson Plan (PDF)

lesson plan.doc Sara Solomon
lesson plan.pdf Sara Solomon

 lesson plan Seesmic.pdf McKenzie Schmitz

lesson plan Seesmic.docx Mckenzie Schmitz

Butterfly Life Cycle- Word Document
Butterfly Life Cycle- PDF
^Lesson Plans- Seesmic_Elem_NonSTEM.doc
^Lesson Plans- Seesmic_Elem_NonSTEM.pdf

ii. Secondary
^Lesson Plans-Seesmic_Sec_STEM.doc
^Lesson Plans-Seesmic_Sec_STEM.pdf
Wuthering Heights- Discussion Groups- Word Document
Wuthering Heights- Discussion Groups- PDF
Hola, Marhaba, Hello, Bonjour, Konnichi wa!- Word Document
Hola, Marhaba, Hello, Bonjour, Konnichi wa!- PDF

 Art Education Lesson Plan PDF Format - Rachel Hill

Art Education Lesson Plan in (.docx) Word Format - Rachel Hill

iii. Post-Secondary
^Lesson Plans-Seesmic_Post_STEM.doc
What's the buzz on Obama?- Word Document
What's the buzz on Obama?- PDF

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For starting or already established businesses, Seesmic is available to offer data transportation and social networking between companies. Also, in an article by BusinessWeek, Jennifer Schenker defines the availability of a "business model" as lucrative for business investors; "But what really sets Seesmic apart is its business model, which gives a whole new meaning to "building a company online." Every day since setting the company up in October, Le Meur has filmed himself talking about what he needs to do next. He posts the videos on a site,, whose 5,000 viewers serve as an ad hoc advisory board. "It really is the first time an entrepreneur is using a daily video show to build a company with community on the Web".6
Seesmic operates by allowing users to share information and experience through video sharing, which is an enterprise similar to YouTube. It lets users join video "chats" and give feedback information on started video discussions.7
Seesmic can be used by businesses to exchange information in a visual way which cannot be explicated via e-mail. Also, Seesmic can be used by businesses to reenact "conference calls"(important to any business with need for fast information exchange), detailed visual explanations of graphs or other visual statistics, things that may lead to better decisions.7

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V. How Seesmic is Used Internationally

Seesmic is a very easy way to communicate internationally. Once an account is created, users can determine which language they would like to use to navigate with. This is convenient for those who can not speak another language fluently, but do not want to be conversations to be limited. Users of Seesmic can converse freely with people from different countries through videos and posts. Seesmic is a free web application, the only cost is the internet connection.
Teachers can use Seesmic as an international tool in their classrooms. Through Seesmic, students can interact with students from different countries. This could open up several opportunities for teachers in the way of international video pals and learning about another country (through video). Teachers can also introduce international guest speakers through Seesmic. International speakers can post their videos on Seesmic, and the teacher can show the class the video. This is much cheaper than having a guest speaker from Australia fly into the United States for a lesson. Seesmic is a free alternative to teachers who are looking to expand their realm of guest speakers.
Since Seesmic is web-based, it can only work where a good internet connection is readily available. This limits the people who can access this tool. Another limitation of this technology is the fact that the internet is not free. While many Americans see the internet as a relatively inexpensive tool that is easily taken advantage of, it is an extra cost that may not be considered a necessity to many other people.

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VI. Frequently Asked Questions

Why does FireFox 4.0 crash every time I go to Seesmic’s webpage?

This is a common issue and can be fixed quickly and easily.  Simply clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and history.  This should fix the problem.

Will there be a version of Seesmic Desktop that works for Linux?

As of right now, Seesmic Desktop does not run on Silverlight, but it does run across all Mac and PC platforms.  Try bringing this issue up to the Silverlight program directly.  We do, however, have a web page that works with every browser and can be used in place of Seesmic Desktop.  You can access this here:

Why do I get an error message when I try to open links?

Seesmic runs according to your computer’s browser settings.  Simply try to reset your default browser and if this does not help, clear your browser cache, cookies, and history.  If none of this helps, contact us directly.

How do I change the font in Seesmic Desktop?

Contact us directly and include your running platform as well as details about your system.  Our IT team is looking into this problem and we will get back to you when a solution is found.

What phones is Seesmic Social compatible with?

Seesmic Social is compatible with the Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

What system does Seesmic work on?

Seesmic Desktop is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.  It can be customizable to fit your needs and your computer.

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VII. References

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      The main tasks are search information  and write your personal reflection about Seesmic's application in educational settings:
      think about the following questions. (just a reminder. Please use your imagination to bring more ideas)
      *users' needs( teacher, students, parents, administrative, researcher, instructional designer...),,
      * goals/purposes,
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      As to the 10 questions list by Dr. Newby, they are not written in stone. So your team can base on your web 2.0 to add in or trim some of the questions to make it more meaningful to your application.

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