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----Shareflow (Click link to return to main WIKI page)

*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. Background Information

The title of this photo sharing application is called Shareflow. Shareflow is a part of Zenbe and Zenbe was created in 2008 by Alan Chung and Peter Stern and is based in New York City at the moment. Both of them were successful entrepreneurs. Alan co-founded Lighthouse Design, Ltd. and iAmaze Inc. The iAmaze team build the first widely deployed AJAX webmail client for AOL. Peter Stern were the co-founder of Datek Online, a company that was a pioneer in online finance services. Alan Chung had an degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and Peter had an degree in Electrical Enginering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon.

[kristine] Zenbe started up the summer of 2008. Zenbe offers products, such as Shareflow, that are geared toward eliminating unnecessary email overload. Their goal is to provide solutions to email overload without the subscriber to change their existing email address because current email applications are "frozen in time". (

[kristine] Shareflow is a safe application that provides up to 1 GB free space. The only people who see what is posted can be set through control settings and who you invite in. Shareflow also takes the personal of its' subscribers seriously and does not share any of it's data with anyone. (shareflow website)

[Kierstin] in thier annual Reader's Choice Awards, rated Shareflow as the "Best Email Innovation of 2009" ( email)

II. Purpose of Shareflow

Shareflow is a little bit more of a formal community of Facebook where you can work with email, enabling teams and businesses to collaborate on important topics in a shared communication space. It’s a place where you and your colleagues and more can share information and such. A Flow lets you post ideas, comments, email and files and anyone in your Flow can add comments, email, files or anything else they want to share. You can also invite people to view and participate in your flow (user) and you may as well create events and such for your colleagues.

[Kierstin] Here is the youtube video from the site explaning what Shareflow is about . It is an introduction video from the website that give a brief overview and tour of the site. It is well done and give some insight into what Shareflow is all about.

[Will]  Shareflow is considered an SaaS, or 'Software as a Service'.  This means users can utilize Shareflow via the internet and all processes are run through a 'remote server' controlled by the site administrators.  This generally leads to little, if any, cost to the user in addition for the lack of requirement of storage space (

III. How does Shareflow work

You sign up on Shareflow with the intentions of creating an account for you and your colleagues where you can use an email, chat, making of events among others. Everything to somehow make your communication work smoother at your company.

There are certain steps:

-          Create a zenbe-mail

-          Insert your  name

-          Provide your email in case of forgetten password etc.

-          Create and confirm password

-          Press “create my account”

From here you can work with you presentation, insert a picture, add friends and much more.

[Kierstin] from
Shareflow allows the following:

  • control of who is part of the conversation;
  • ability to invite anyone to join the conversation at any time;
  • sharing of files of any size, beyond the firewall;
  • viewing of a document with a built-in document viewer, meaning you don’t have to have expensive applications loaded on your desktop to view the document someone wants to share with you;
  • listening to audio files and videos (just add a link to YouTube or LinkedIn, for example and you can see it directly within Shareflow;
  • search;
  • real-time or non real-time notification, so htat participants can interact at their own pace, on the web, or tools like email or newsfeeds (in other words, you can choose to get updates from the flow in ways other than relying on your web browser);
  • moving of messages from flow to flow.


        Shareflow lets you have private conversations with people in your specific group. You can share all sorts of files in a way that makes it easier to communicate within a group. The best part is that its private!

  • IV. Similar Web 2.0 Applications

What is it?

Unique features.


It is one of the fastest growing social networks and communities where there is a great opportunity to keep in touch with family, friends and associates. It also provides an opportunity to participate in various kinds of discussions and publish important information to their surroundings.

The community gives you the opportunity to a large social network that has many different uses. As soon as you get online it only takes a couple of minutes before you can get involved in discussions, both private and official. You have the possibility to join and support groups as well as create and participate in events. It is a great way to use and to reach out with information to the right audience.

There is an official network and it’s very hard to keep confidential things in private. The procedure to remove your user account is a very complicated process and takes a lot of work. All uploaded information, such as pictures and messages, on the networks website, gives the community the right to use them in whatever purpose they choose to.

Google Wave

Google Wave is an application that individuals can use, online, to communicate and share information.  Users are able to exchange everything from simple text to photos, videos and maps all on a live setting.

Google Wave shares many similar features as Shareflow, but one stand-out feature is the ability to incorporate 'gadgets' on a wave.  Gadgets range from informational (such as the ability to search the web for information, pictures and weather forecasts), to video conferencing.  Users can even include games on their wave if they wish.

A couple negatives have to do with accessability.  Currently, Google Wave does not incorporate email in any way, which can be a downside as no notifications of posts or invites are made aware to the user.  Another is the fact that anybody can invite or be invited to a wave: this opens up the possiblity for the existence of SPAM.

MySpace is a free social networking service that allows users to create “profile” pages that allow the user to upload photographs, music, videos and also to link to other people’s profiles. The site can also be used to “meet” new friends and also stay in touch with others.

People use MySpace as an online networking system. Networking is a system that supports the sharing of information and services among individuals and groups sharing a common interest. Thus, a social networking site allows individuals to connect with friends and strangers alike from across the world.  

Appropriate or inappropriate pictures of yourself or your children are not given approval to be added through the network without your knowledge. By using a so called “tag” will add your name to the pictures.  All the images are posted on these pages is owned by internet companies and can thus show up in completely different aspects/purpose.

V. Unique Features of Shareflow?

  • · One thing that is special about Shareflow is that you can create “Flows” and you can determine the content and specify who can see what is written and what things are placed. This makes it possible to have personal conversations on a flow while you may have a more open dialogue on a different “Flow”
  • · You can create as many flows as you want to use. They may vary depending on the subject, containing that, or the participants that you invite into your flow.
  • · In your flow you can upload files with any size or format whatsoever. Eg Pictures, documents or links to different pages. You can directly choose from your own desktop and drag a file into your flow. Though, the more pictures etc you want, the more likely you will have to pay.
  • · You can also simply upload a map of an address or just a city. This will be popped up on your Flow and fellow participants may view your map. Participants can then choose to explore the map themselves if they want to find something else, or comment on the location on the map that you have chosen to outsource in the precise Flow
  • · The history of your Flow will always be saved and whenever you log on to your Flow you may see what other participants have been up to lately
  • · There is also a menu where you can find things that you may be more interested in a, particular document you want to find quickly and such. Then just select to view documents in the menu, then all documents in the flow you have selected forward.    
  • [Kierstin] Unlike Facebook, Shareflow's flows, like facebook's threads, are private and the postings are only available to the people you are working with or your team. It is not publically posted in such a way like via news feed. The information only appears in that one thread and you are emailed about updates to it that other team members have made.(from Shareflow website)
  • [Kierstin] Shareflow allows for things like youtube videos or google maps to be shown right in the application with just the post of a link, so there is no need to click a link and be taken off site. This keeps everything contained within the flow and so all of the information stays together in one convientent place. (from Shareflow website)
  • [Ashley]* *One of the unique features of shareflow is that you can share files in the middle of your conversation with someone. This works much better than being in the middle of a conversation and then stopping and having to email that person and then get back into the conversation.    
  • [Ashley]* *Shareflow is accessible on any device that has web browsing, which is really conveniant because for the everyday busy person, they will always have access to this application.

[Will]  (tried to post this in 'Similar Applications')  Shareflow, apparently, shares some distinct similarities with Google Wave.  Google Wave is another application geared toward social communication.  Similarities between the two are mainly structural, dealing with the actual tools used to create 'flows'.  The differences are fairly superficial, pertaining mainly to accessibility.  

A couple differences:

  • Shareflow is closed and intended for 'commercial' use while Google Wave is 'open'.
  • Shareflow integrates existing email applications while Google Wave is intended to replace email.

Above info from:

  • VI. Lesson plan

Overview: The purpose of our lessons/project is to use Shareflow to document different kind of activity. The students are suppose to follow up their work and we think they can use Shareflow to communicate with each other and share information about how they have worked out. The student are suppose to learn how use the internet and learn about excercice from the internet through each other. We will try to motivate the youngsters to have a future active life. It will also be an introduction of how to live a healthy life. They should learn a little bit of the body and what to eat to each reach their targets.

Objective: The kids are suppose keep diary of their activity, what they have done throughout the week. They can write down what they have eaten and try to keep with a healthy lifestyle. Through their Flow they can keep up with each other with their practise and they are suppose to give each other tips about food and what to eat and drink. They are all suppose to post at least one healthy recepie once a week but are of course free to post much more then one. How much to they rest? What do they do in their way of living a healthy life? It's not necessary to just write down their practices but they should also keep diary of the regular activity. If the take the bike to school, if they are going out for a walk and such.

Standards: THe student are suppose to have one meeting each week with their teacther to discuss their progress and what they can do better. They are also suppose to meet once a week on Shareflow with the purpose of getting tips from the teacher. Once a week they also will have a class with physical education where all will be active. Once a day every member will post their activity in purpose of giving each other tips and motivate everyone to work out.

Materials: A computer to follow up their work on the internet and keep their diary. A pulsrate will help the student of controlling calories and how much they burn everyday but is not very necessary . Clothes and such are of course very important.

Procedure: The student are suppose to meet with their teacher and set targets and how to reach them. How much are they suppose to run how much are they suppose to eat. There will be a discussion of which needs to be satisfied to reach a certain grade. They will also make some kind of planning of the workouts.

Evaluation: The student and the teacher will meet, evaluate and will together follow up the students work. Discuss what went wrong and what could get better and somehow motivate the student to continue to make progress and a future active live.

VII. Buisness and Industry Applications of Shareflow

The purpose of Shareflow is that you can keep it pretty small and at the same time use it in a bigger sense. Small buisness may create Flows where only employes may comment, upload pictures and write pretty much anything they want. They can create a flow in purpose of having a formal discussions, decide events as well as a flow, only used in purpose of having any kind of discussion for fun.

Instead of putting up different kinds of schedules that will inform employes of the daily agenda or perhaps the schedule for the next month they can upload these schedules on their Flow. The manager can easly inform employes of changes, regular information and in case of emergencies it will show on buisness Flow.

Larger buisness may use Shareflow in the same way. In case they don't want a huge amount of participants in one Flow they may devide different work units and create Flows for each unit.

[Kierstin] Shareflow creates "flows" to manage a team or project. It allows for posting and sharing of documents, emails, comments, videos etc in one place. Everything is contained on one flow for specific topic, project, or team of people. A business would use it to connect with multiple people at the same time and have all of a project's info in one place. It would be used in most cases in place of regular email because it would allow for everyone to contact everyone else in the group with new ideas and info rather than one person emailing one other person about one topic. (Shareflow website)

[kristine] Shareflow has been incorporated into everyday office use making internal office communication easier and better organized. (shareflow website)

VIII. Other Educational Applications of Shareflow

Shareflow can be used for posting exercises, homework and school projects. From an educational standpoint, you can create smaller groups within the class in order to easily connect  with each other without necessarily being in the same place.

By being active on this kind of website, such as Shareflow, will make you more flexible. That will not tie us to the same place and teachers can post their lessons through the Internet. Students may thus be able to learn to take more responsibility and easily share their homework, projects etc.

[Will]  Shareflow could be used as a very unique way for teachers to stay in contact with students, especially on college campuses.  Students could pose questions, which could be answered by the teacher or other students invited to take part in the 'flow'.  In addition to answering questions, maybe a student would like to expand upon another peer's question or answer, Shareflow would make this easy to do.

IX. International Applications

It could be difficult to attain international friends but if you can create a contact you may together create a Flow and each person can invite people to their Flow and from there have a conversation, share picture and such. Because of this application you can share maps, share culture experiences, compare different experinces between cultures. From a business standpoint you can create a contact over the mail and from there create a Flow for your businesses and perhaps a more friendly environment between companies. Share pictures and ideas etc.