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If anyone has any showcase ideas put them here...

This includes if we want to dress as a group, media ideas, poster ideas, handout ideas, or anyhting else we can think of

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  1. Unknown User (nadunn)

    Please go to the attatchments under the add button in the top right corner to look at our basic poster layout. We plan on adding a lot more information as other groups post.  Please let us know if you have any other ideas for the poster. Obviously it is a work in progress. Please do your work so we can make progress. 

    1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

      I really like the design so far! 

      I would say maybe use the GoogleNotebook logo as the main middle heading, we are working on getting permission to use it but we dont think it will be a problem

      I really like how its simple, this is going to be out main LARGE presentation board on our table so we dont want to fill it with information, jsut the basics and some eye catchers.  Great work so far

  2. Unknown User (tfoor)

    I think that we should get little notebooks with the Google logo on them to give out. We could probably get them donated, and everbody wwill love the presenation because they get free stuff!

  3. Unknown User (agoldsmi)

    I really liked Katelyn's idea she used on the handouts.  She took the colors from the Google Notebook logo so that all the colors on her handouts would match. 

    That may be something you guys might want to try to do on the presentation board as well.  That way all of our handouts and the board match the colors in the logo!

  4. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I like the idea of the notebooks because if they are given out at the beginning, the audience will automatically be thinking about notebooks and their purpose before we begin our presentation.  (Meaning we have a head start on explaining the program....) However, I am just curious as to how many notebooks we would need and how we would get them. 

  5. Unknown User (ekasch)

    I think it would be awesome if we could get anything from google to pass out.  They should want to help since we are promoting their application.  Plus, i really like the notebook idea and it is a great way to attract an audience.

  6. Unknown User (cthofer)

    I was working on getting Google Notebook t shirts for everyone. I emailed Dr. Newby about it and he is going to contact itap and they itap will contact google about it. Hopefuly it goes through!

  7. Unknown User (nadunn)

    I posted the new poster layout.  This is basically what the poster is going to look like, but we are also planning on adding some google notebook examples to it. Let me know what you think.

  8. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I like the new poster a lot better!  When you actually make the poster, you might be able to put colored paper sheets behind the writing to make the information pop more!  But besides that, i like the design.

  9. Unknown User (jruegg)

    We have a final design for the board up. SMILES-it looks pretty awesome. <3 Tara and Jill !!!