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Speakers: Rachel and Jessica (bring notecards)

Run Power Point: Josh (bring computer)

Evaluators: James, Monroe (bring pencil and paper to take notes)

Explain Brochure: Will, Bryan

Explain Posterboard: Will, Bryan

**If you have any questions or concerns let me know!

Speakers will orally present the power point and answer any additionally questions.

Running Power Point will just set up the power point and change the slides and also click the website if the person wants to learn more about Diigo.

Evaluators will walk around and evaluate other showcases, take notes, and then report back to me (Rachel).

To explain the brochure just read over it and then mention the major points while holding up the brochure pointing to the points, ask them if they have any other questions, then ask the person if they would like to take one to learn additional information about Diigo.

To explain the posterboard just know the information on it and then explain the important points and answer any additional infomation.  Also ask them if they would like a borchure for additional information.

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