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Similar Products 

  • There are many products similar to Google Notebook such as OneNote and Zoho Notebook.  Zoho Notebook, like Google Notebook is also a free program on the internet, but OneNote, a branch of Microsoft Office 2007, is only available at a cost of $99.95.  As opposed to OneNote, which can only be accessed from a computer containing the expensive software, both Google Notebook and Zoho Notebook can be used on any computer with the internet. 
  • Another advantage of Google Notebook is that it is very simple to use.  Using Google Notebook, saving links or pictures from various websites is as simple as a click of the mouse.  It is also easy for the user to create sections, and to return to the notebook at a later time.  Google Notebook automatically saves any changes to prevent loss of information. 
  • The competing products also have advantages.  Users of Zoho Notebook and OneNote are able to save videos and sounds in addition to pictures and links; Google Notebook is not able to save videos or sounds.  Also, due to other available Google Applications, Google Notebook does not include a calendar feature, whereas the other programs do. 


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