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Created byGroup 42- Megan Lerch*,* Demetrius Lopez*,* Peter Standard*,* Jennifer Critser*,* Catherine Bowyer*,* Amanda Powers*,* Esther Wearmouth*,* Julianne Siderys*,* and Kim Wolff


Table of Contents

Skrbl Development

Web 2.0 Application


Year Developed




Application Website

Company E-mail

Skrbl was developed in 2006 by the privately owned company Ruveka.  Ruveka, which is located in Irving, Texas, focuses on developing new Web 2.0 technologies. 

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Purpose of Skrbl

Skrbl is an easy to use share online whiteboard application that allows the user to draw, type, upload pictures, and share files. It allows users to express their imagination and let their imagination flow. Skrbl can be used personally, as a public sharing space, or can be used as a meeting whiteboard. It is free of charge to use and there is no downloading required and nothing to install. Skrbl is used by 445,000 people and they have created 141,000 Skrbl boards. There is however, a limit on how many photos a person is able to upload. There is a max of 2mb per file and 10mb of storage.

Here is a screen shot of the free Skrbl whiteboard: 

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How Skrbl Works

How to Use Skrbl 

To access Skrbl, go to  From there, a person can click on, Start Skrbl Now for Free.  This will lead the user to a Skrbl whiteboard.  However, if a user wants, he or she can register for Skrbl. Registering allows for the user to share files with others.

This is the sign on page.

If using the free Skrbl application, a user can type on the whiteboard, draw pictures, and even upload pictures.  They can save their whiteboards for later retrieval or even publish their whiteboard for others to view via the internet.

If the user decides to register, they can also others to see what the user has created on the whiteboard. This tool is great for collaboration. Once a user creates an account, he or she can set their whiteboard to private or public. A private Skrbl whiteboard allows users to have a place to keep notes, files or pictures that one wants to store online but not share. Several other viewing options can be created by the user. They can make their whiteboard password protected or make it visible to anyone on the internet. If they would like for others to see what they have developed, they can send others an e-mail, inviting them to their whiteboard. Those invited do not have to have registered to use Skrbl.

One of the newest editions to Skrbl is the team application. This edition is built around an enhanced whiteboard and has to new features to extend team collaboration. This is used just like the normal Skrbl, but users can browse the internet together and also have video conferences and is only open to the team members that are part of a specific group. This provides teams with a virtual meeting place and a place to express group ideas or goals. However, the Skrblteam edition costs about $10 a month, but currently the creators of Skrbl are evaluating the Teams page.  There is no charge for the first month, and you can terminate your Skrbl page whenever without a fee.

                                                                                                               Screen shot of Team Edition vs. Free Addition


Here is a variety of screen shots from the Skrbl Teams page:

The Dashboard application allows the team access to its resources.  These resources may include files, pictures, and different tasks that can be uploaded to the whiteboard.  You can also open previously saved Skrbl boards and add users to your team.

On this shareable whiteboard, team members can collaborate using the same board.  Not only can team members collaborate via the whiteboard, but Team Skrbl also offers a video phone application.  Members of a team can collaborate using this phone.

Another application available in Team Skrbl is the Bulletin Board.  Here, team members can post reminders and notices for other team members to see. 

To sign up for a free Skrbl Whiteboard or Team Whiteboard, please visit the following links:
Sign up for a free Skrbl whiteboard or Sign up for a Skbrl Teams whiteboard

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Skrbl in Relation to Other Applications

You can embed some of the applications onto your own website. This allows users to keep everything in one place but also incorporate other applications.

When using the Skrbl whiteboard, you can import other documents from your computer, such as a file or picture.  To do so, click on the File tab, and select what item you would like to upload on your Skrbl pad.  You can then select that item, such as a picture or file, from your computer.  The following is a screen shot of what your Skrbl pad would look like when selecting a file.

Another application that can be used along with Skrbl is Skrbl Graffiti.  The Skrbl whiteboard allows you to embed a Graffiti board onto your Skrbl pad.  When using the Graffiti application, others can interact with you on your Graffiti board.

Here is an example of the embedded application.

Check out Skrbl's graffiti board.

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Unique Ways to Use Skrbl

There are also a variety of different applications that are available on Skrbl that will help an individual or teams stays organized and stay in touch. First is the Skrbl white board application. This works just like a real whiteboard and is a great way to brainstorm. Say that a group of people from a company are working on a project. However, they cannot be in the same room together. The whiteboard application allows you to write down and change ideas and at the same time allows other members to look at and contribute their ideas as well.

Another very handy application is called the Meeting Notes application. Within this application, a group and/or person can record observations, list items that need to be done, and assign specific tasks for people in their group. Since everybody is watching it, everyone can take their own notes at the same time and make corrections. This helps saves time and allows for few complications at the end.

Next is the clipboard application. With this particular application on Skrbl, one can write down telephone numbers, reminders, or something that you have to pencil into your agenda. You can even mark it as "private" so that way nobody else will be able to access the information.

Another application that Skrbl offers is called Graffiti. This fun application is where a person can use their imagination and create anything they want. Also, if you love what you have created that much and want to share it with the world, a person can embed it into their individual web pages at absolutely no cost.

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Skrbl & Education: Lesson Plans

  • Elementary

  Learning About Planets

  Lesson Plan


After students learn how to use Skrbl computer application and the different characteristics of each planet, they will be able to draw 6 planets so that they are distinguishable from the rest of the planets in shape, size, rings, and color.


2.1.6 Use tools to investigate, observe, measure, design, and build things.


A brief description of the planets or a photograph from a science book, Computer Access, Skrbl Application


Using Skrbl, have students "draw" the nine planets using the shapes on the tool panel. Students should try to adjust the sizes of each planet in relation to the others (i.e. Pluto should be the smallest). The students should then go back and add the special characteristics unique to each planet. For example, Mars should be red and have two moons above it. Mercury should have smaller circles on it to represent its craters. Each planet can then be labeled.


The students will complete a project and be able to draw the planets close enough to what the actual planet looks like, so that the planets attributes are distinguishable. Students will also show good communication with others when discussing others work on the Skrbl program.


Pumpkin Math

Lesson Plan


Students will solve and give 5 number sentences each. Students will solve three number sentences and give three number sentences to another students correctly on the computer.


1.2.1 Show the meaning of addition (putting together, increasing) using objects.
1.2.3 Show equivalent forms of the same number (up to 20) using objects, diagrams, and numbers.


Computer, Skrbl


Tools: Skrbl
1. In this program have the students use the pencil tool to make a pumpkin shape.
2. Use the text button to have the student type their name.
3. Use the pencil to write a number.
5. Have the student make the sum of the number written next to the pumpkin using different drawings. (ex. 3 fish + 2 dogs =5 things)
6. The students can work in pairs to take turns giving and solving 5 number sentences each.


Students will be evaluated on correct giving and solving of responses (3 of each) to get 100%.

  • Secondary

Impressionism & Beyond

Lesson Plan


Students will show understanding of important facts about Impressionism, including artistic styles and techniques, by describing the style and technique of the Impressionist painting by posting it on Skrbl. Students will also show understanding by posting one comment to answer each of the discussion questions and responding to two other students comments. Comments must be at least three sentences and use proper grammar.


H.3 Students use appropriate terminology to analyze effectiveness of works of art based on established criteria. They utilize problem solving and critical inquiry in constructing insightful and well-supported interpretations.
TBC.7.1.3 Use computer networks (e.g., communicating computers, Internet, or online databases?) to facilitate collaborative or individual learning and communicating.


Discovering the Arts: Impressionism and Beyond video, Computer with Internet access, Knowledge of how  to use Skrbl


1.       After watching the video, remind students that Impressionism was an artistic movement that began in Paris in the 1860s. For discussion in class, ask students to think about the paintings featured in the video and describe the typical style of these works. What did students notice about the palette and the brushstrokes? How was light important to the Impressionists? Would students describe these works as realistic? Why or why not?
2.       Talk about the subject matter. Were the paintings typically illustrating aristocracy? What was the typical setting of these paintings, inside or outdoors? How were these paintings like photographs? How were they like still images within a movie?
3.       Remind the class that although there were basic similarities among the Impressionists, there were also important differences. Tell the class that they're going to create a classroom Impressionist exhibition to compare and contrast some of the major artists of the movement. Divide the class into small groups and explain that each group is going to create a mini-exhibit about one Impressionist. Assign or let each group choose one of the following artists:

  • Mary Cassatt
  • Edgar Degas
  • Edouard Manet
  • Claude Monet
  • Berthe Morisot
  • Camille Pissarro
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Alfred Sisley
    4.       Have groups work together to explore the works of their assigned artist. Have each group use Skrbl to upload one painting considered a good representation of Impressionism. Many works for each painter are at the following sites:
  • Impressionism
  • Impressionism
    5.       On Skrbl have each group create a label for a selected work, including the artist name, title, date, and a description, which should address the following:
  • Describe the subject: What does the artist show in this picture? What details or symbols give clues to its meaning? Where is the scene supposed to take place?
  • Describe the technique: How would you describe the artist's use of color and light? How would you describe the brushstroke?
    6. Post a link to each groups Skrbl website. Have groups view each website and create a new Skrbl session and have a class discussion comparing and contrasting these artists. Have them give their response to each questions and respond to two of their classmates responses. What makes each artist unique? What similarities do they see? How are they different?


Students will post picture and answer all questions on Skrbl. Students will also comment to discussion questions and respond to two other students comments on Skrbl.

Human Genome Project

Lesson Plan


Students will show they have learned the goals or the Human Genome Project (HGP) and the scientific and ethical implications of the HGP by using Skrbl to show their research findings on the whiteboard by including information and illustrations. They will also show this through a class discussion using Skrbl at the end of the lesson.


B.1.25 Explain that gene mutation in a cell can result in uncontrolled cell division, called cancer. Also know that exposure of cells to certain chemicals and radiation increases mutations and thus increases the chance of cancer.


Computer with internet access, know how to use Skrbl application, Newspapers, magazines, and other resources about the Human Genome Project





1. Begin the lesson by asking students what they know about genes. Explain to students what genes are made up of.
2. Tell students that the HGP is a complex project and has scientific, ethical, and medical ramifications. During this lesson, students will work in small groups to research the project. Before students divide into groups, provide them with an overview of the HGP. The following web sites will be useful in describing its goals and current status:
      - [
      - [
3. Divide the class into three groups to research different facets of the HGP. Have them use the web sites listed below to research the following areas:
   Group 1 : Scientific Findings. The number of genes discovered and their sequence, as well as definitions of key scientific terms such as chromosome, DNA, gene, and protein.
   Group 2: Potential Apllications. The tools used to deteect genes carrying disease and how this information can be applied to individual treatment plans.
   Group 3: Ethical Implications. The ethical issues involved with screening adults and fetuses for genetic diseases, using technology to treat diseases, and other issues associated   with managing the human genome
4. Give students time in class to research their topic. Groups can record their findings on Skrbl. The scientific findings on display through Skrbl could include a labeled diagram showing the relationships among DNA, genes, chromosomes, and proteins. The potential applications display could present a case study showing how the genes responsible for an illness were identified and how that informaiton was used to develop treatment.The ethical implications display could present a list of issues that have emerged from this new knowledge. Tell students that they can use illustrations to depict some of their findings, such as the structure of DNA or the shape of a chromosome. Students could also hand draw in pictures of DNA if they go over the limit of pictures allowed on Skrbl.
6. Give each group an opportunity to present its findings. Then allow students to bring up their Skrbl whiteboard in class and provide their findings.
7. Concude the lesson by discussing the students' overall reaction to the HGP. Do this by starting a class discussion on Skrbl.
       A. Suppose a genertic disease runs in your family. Scientists have just identified the gene responsible for the disease and have developed a way to test for it. Would you have the  test done to see whether you carry that gene? Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of having this information.
       B. Decribe how the treatment for serrious diseases will improve as a result of information from the HGP. For example, think about how the drug therapy might improve and how gene therapy could be used. (For example, drugs could be developed to target a specific disease, and possibly the genes could be modified.)
       C. Do you think that most people are in favor of the HGP? If so, explain why. If not, identify who might be opposed to it and explain why.




Students will provide 4 illustrations (drawing or picture) and provide 2 pages worth of information. Also students will answer the three discussion questions on Skrbl and respond to two other students' discussion answers. Students will use proper grammar and citation when appropriate for 100%.

Human Genome Project

Lesson Plan: PDF   Word 2003

World Literature
Homer's Odyssey
10th Grade Intro to Great Works


As the students work through Homer's Odyssey they will be able to ask questions on see other students posting, add artwork and comment on the creations of their classmates


Students will be able to effectively research the history behind a given story and utilize creative outlets to tell the story in a new way

Learning Environment

Students will work on this project in small groups to identify things about the story and important stops along the way


~Computer with internet access

~Homer's Odyssey


As students read through the adventures of the Odyssey they will create a white board where they can add pictures, drawings, text, or links to tell the story of the Odyssey in a new and different way, allowing them to create a scrapbook for Odysseus and his sailors of the journey they went on.


Students will be graded based on participation, their work on, as well as their interaction with other students sites and the appropriateness of their comments, and how they adjust their whiteboard and those of their classmates to reflect changes in the story. They will also have to objectively dissect another classmates site and grade it, this will be used to evaluate both students.

  • Post Secondary

Lesson Document

How to Make the World a Better Place:  Research and Collaboration Project


After students learn how to use Skrbl computer application, they will research and present ideas on how to make the world a better place focusing on environmental issue in assigned groups.


1a-d. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity


Library, computer, and internet access.


Students will decide within their assigned groups on a topic. Research will be done in library first, and further information will be done on the internet.  The students will collaborate through Skrbl for one or more hours outside of class to organize ideas.  The students will then created another Skrbl session to present their research.  Pictures, text, links, and one file will be included in the Skrbl site.  The single file will be a document advertisment of their environmental issue and how to help make the world a better place.  Skrbl will allow them to communticate instantly, exchange files and exchange research information.


The teacher will have given out URLs to each group, and will check progress and participation on Skrbl.  The presentation of information on the second session will be the final evaulation.

Raising A Child: Single Parent vs. Two Parent

Lesson Plan


Students will show learning by typing an essay in MLA format debating having a child as a single parent and having a child when in a relationship or married to a significant other that lives in the same household.


CDP.3.3 Examine parenting roles, expectations, and responsibilities across the life span.
CDP.6.3 Access community resources, services, and opportunities, that support parenting and nurturing.


List of budgeted items needed to run a household, Paper, Computer with Internet access


1.      Students review what is necessary to maintain a house with a family and alone as a single parent. When they act as a single parent they are given $800.00/month for a salary and they must include all living expenses for themselves and their child. When they are older and have a better job they are given $1500/month for three people: two adults and a child and figure out all the expenses for this family.
2.      Students must prepare a typed list of expenses, and explore such things as Food Stamps, TANF, etc., and be close to accurate for a good grade.
3.      Students must gather all information and hand it in essay format.         Students will discuss the obstacles with finances they ran into using Skrbl online whiteboard. Students will  need to respond twice during the discussion with another student.


The more creative and accurate they are and the closest they are to the truth for all expenses the better grade they will receive. Students also need to respond twice to receive full credit for the Skrbl whiteboard discussion.

  • Business & Industry

 Lesson Plan


For business partners to participate in financial meeting via the internet using Skrbl.


A small business firm will be able to collaborate via the internet through using Skrbl as a means to present information.


Computer, internet access


Before conducting the company's financial meeting, a participant of the company will create a financial report to present to a partner company that will be presented via Skrbl through the Team Skrbl Application.  At the start of the meeting, the company will upload their document.  This document can be uploaded and viewed by members who may be across the globe.  Discussion about the financial report can take place through using the whiteboard, or through the video phone.   


The following questions should be answered after completing the meeting:

1.  Were there any complications that were present while using this application in a meeting setting?
2.  Were members of the meeting who were collaborating via internet able to see all the information presented and able to collaborate?
3.  In what ways can this process be improved in the future?

Making A Whitepaper

Company Plan


For company associates to be able to plan a whitepaper.


Skrbl will allow associates to meet at their convenience, communicate with each other, and make numerous drafts of the whitepaper before completing it.


Computer with Internet access


Have company associates use Skrbl to outline and make drafts of the whitepaper by using different Skrbl tools. Such as: drawing, text box, inserting pictures, etc.


Did Skrbl provide enough tools to draft out the whitepaper?
Did Skrbl provide enough space to post illustrations on the page?
Did Skrbl provide flexible time for everyone to meet and to communicate online?

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Examples of Skrbl Being Used for Education

Skrbl can be used in many different ways to aid in education by allowing image uploading, different writing tools, and best of all, individuals can be on the same Skrbl session collaborating with one another. Skrbl allows students and teachers to use the Skrbl whiteboard at the same time during a Skrbl session. This way students and teachers can have discussions on certain topics and comment on posts other students have made. This would allow for students that may not speak up so much in class to feel more comfortable participating in activities. Skrbl can also be used by the teacher to conduct a lesson plan. Teachers can use the application on their computer and blow up their screen onto the bulletin board. This, for example, would allow an individual student to go up to the teacher's computer and answer a math question while other students watched the board.

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Skrbl Outside the US

In Australia, Skrbl is listed as a recommended technology for teachers in educational resource sites such as Education Queensland and EDNA. EDNA states Skbrl's usefulness as a brainstorming, drafting and note taking tool.

Given the online nature of Skrbl, its possibilities for use outside the US are very similar to how it is used inside the US, if not the same. It allows people to collaborate over distances and enables them to share ideas with people they cannot meet face-to-face with, in a whiteboard like environment.

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- Handout

 Skrbl Brochure

- Powerpoint

How to Use Skrbl

- Business Card

Business Card

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Elementary Lesson Plan

Secondary Leeson Plan +

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  1. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Hello!  My name is Megan Lerch and I am the project manager for SKRBL.  I am looking forward to working with everyone to develop our wiki.  Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I am a graduate student here at Purdue, focusing on Special Education.  This is my last academic semester, and then I get to student teach!  I received my bachelors also from Purdue in Speech and Hearing, and decided to continue on and get my masters.  I was born and raise in Lafayette.  So, yes, I am boring and stayed here to go to college!  I also work at a daycare and absolutely love it!  I hope that everyone will post a little bit about themselves, so we can all get to know a little bit more about each other!  If you ever have a question, please feel free to contact me at!  Thanks!

    Also, I would like all of you to start thinking about what roles you want to play in developing our wiki.  We are all going to work together on researching ideas for our wiki.  We will also need writers, developers, visual artists, internal/external evaluators, and presenters.  Please let me know what role you would like to play in developing our wiki.  I would like to have our roles decided by Sunday.

    The developers will develop what our wiki page should look like. 

    The writers will type out our information on our wiki page.

    The visual artists will add graphics to our page.

    The evaluators will evaluate our page and see what areas need to be improved.

    The presenters will present our presentation at the showcase.  Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any more questions!

    I also thought of another role.  If there is anyone who would be inerested in contacting the vendor for our application that would be great!  I think we could get some valuable information from them.

  2. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Hey there! My name is Jennie. I am a "townie" like Megan to. I actually think we went to Jeff together Megan. It's a small world right? (smile) My major is Youth, Adult, and Family Services. I hope to work at a day care or preschool when I graduate.

    As far as roles go could you explain them more in depth? I understand what the writers do of course. I'm pretty artsy and creative so maybe visual artist would be the way to go for me. I'm only taking three classes this semester so I am here for help whenever you need it.

    Also, has anyone thought about when we should introduce ourselves to our IPs? Do we do this as a group or alone or does it not matter?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Jennie, we did go to high school together!

  3. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Oh, I tried to add my email to my profile but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. It's

  4. Unknown User (akpowers)

    Hi!! I'm Amanda Powers and I am from Merrillville, Indiana, which is about an hour outside of Chicago. I am trying to CODO into Elementary Education major. When I graduate I want to teach kindergarden or first grade. My email is

    I am with Jennifer, I am a little confused about the roles and who gets assigned.

  5. Unknown User (pstandar)

    Hello. I'm from West Lafayette, Indiana. I've been here since elementary school. I'm a sophomore majoring in German secondary education and Japanese.

    I'm not sure what the different roles involve, but I think I might be comfortable with developing.

  6. Hi.

    I'm Esther Wearmouth. I come from Boonah, Queensland, Australia. I'm Studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) major in Maths and a minor in Junior Science at USQ Toowoomba. I'm not entirely sure what we are supposed to do in relation to this assessment as I have been concertrating on others, but hopefully I'll catch on quickly. I don't mind what job I do as long as I am told what the job entails so I can do it as best as I can. This is the first time I have used any web 2.0 application.

  7. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Do any of our IP's have a facebook account?  This might be a great way that we can be connected!

  8. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    Hello.  I'm Catherine Bowyer, and I'm from Rossville, IN, not too far from Lafayette.  I'm an Art Education major, minoring in Creative Writing.  I would like to take the role as visual artist or writer.  My email address is

  9. Unknown User (jcritser)

    I'd like to do developer or visual artist then, but any of the jobs are fine with me.

  10. What do you mean by IP Megan? I don't have a facebook account

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Sorry.  Our professor uses the abbreviation IP, meaning international partners.

  11. Unknown User (akpowers)

    I would be ok with being a writer but anything is fine with me if you need me in a different area.

  12. Unknown User (dclopez)

    Hello my name is Demetrius Lopez. Sorry it has taken me so long to introduce my self. First of all, I am a sophomore trying to CODO into elementary education. I am from the fort wayne area of indiana. I am comforatble with doing any of these jobs except the presentor. I guess you could say that i get nervous in front of big crowds. I am betting that there are many people in this gorup that are better then me at presenting. Like i said i am here to help our group get the best grade possible so that we do not have to take the final. So i will do any job that our group may need help in but i am most interested in evaluating our site. I am pretty good at never beign satisified. ha ha.

    Secondly, i remember Mr. Newby mentioning communication with our international group members. I know we get 4 bonus points for doign this so i am interested in doing so. however, i do not know if i have missed this face-to-face meeting or what. I would appreciate someone filling me in because i am a tad confused. Thanks for all of your time.

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      I am trying to set up a meeting with our international partners, but so far have not been successful.  Is there a time that would work best for everyone that we could all meet?  Also, I am going to work on assigning roles for everyone tomorrow.  If you have not posted what role you would like, please let me know.  I want everyone to have a role they feel comfortable doing.  The project managers have a meeting tomorrow.  I will let everyone know what information I got from the meeting.   

      1. Unknown User (jcritser)

        I'm free anytime except for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:00p for a class. Why don't we all add our available times here and then Megan may be able to see when we are all available. I'm really interested in including our IPs. That's what they are there for. Do they even have SKRBL in Australia? It is a different country so they may have never heard of it. I didn't even know about it. (smile)

        As for face-to-face contact...are we supposed to all meet them on a webcam? If so, is there a webcam system at one of the libraries? We could meet there and have our IPs on webcams at the same time. I'm not sure what the time difference is but this is just a suggestion.

        1. Unknown User (mlerch)


          Sounds like a good idea to add our available times.  I am free every afternoon and evening except Mondays and Thursdays.

          We can meet our IPs in whatever way we want.  Dr. Newby suggested a program called Adobe Connect, or said we could even chat through Facebook.  I have had on IP confirm me as a friend on Facebook, but have not been able to chat with them.  I will continue to try to make contact and set up a time we all can meet.

          Also, the time difference is 14 hours.

  13. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Ok group...I think I have a good grasp on assigning everyone a role.  Please let me know if the role I gave you is not what you want to do.

    I am also trying to make sure each role has two people assigned to it so not just one person is doing all the work.  There are still three people who have not been assigned roles.  Please let me know today what you want to do.  If I do not hear from you by tomorrow morning, I will go ahead and assign you a role.

    Writer- Amanda, Julianne. Kim 

    Developer- Peter, Jennie

    Artist- Esther, Catherine

    Evaluator- Demtrius, Megan

    Presenter- I thought we all could help in this area.

    We also need to create lesson plans for our page.  Please let me know if you would like to do this! 


    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      In regards to this I have a question... The writers will write all the info and give it to the developers? And the artists will get different media/graphics and give that to the developers? Then the developers pretty much put everything together and then we'll send the draft of the website to Megan and Demetrius right?

      I'm just trying to know exactly what I'm supposed to do and the order in which everything should get done...I ask a ton of questions when something is new to me. And I'm kind of a perfectionist just so Peter has a heads up! lol (smile)

      1. Unknown User (mlerch)

        Dr. Newby showed us an example in our meeting this morning.  If the developers would like, they can start posting the questions we must answer that are stated in our Project 2 guide posted on Blackboard.  Sections can be developed for each section.  The writers can then go in and start taking the research we have gathered and start writing the answers to those questions. 

        1. Unknown User (jcritser)

          I have posted the questions that we need to answer on our wiki page. When the writers are done writing the answers to the questions please let Peter and I know so we can start developing. My e-mail is Peter do you have yahoo or any other type of instant messenger so we can talk about developing the site?

          Thank you! Jennie

    2. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Catherine, would you rather be a writer or visual artist?  I thought then Julianne and Kim could help with writing if you would like to help with the visual art aspect, since you said earlier you might like to do that.  Let me know!  Thanks.  

      1. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

        Actually, yes if it is not too late.  Art is specific to my studies.  I think I could help develop this aspect well.

  14. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Also, I wanted to let everyone know a little bit about the set-up for our presentation.  Dr. Newby talked about this a little bit in our meeting this morning.  We need to either dress business casual (dress shirt and tie for boys, dress shirt or dress for girls) or we can make t-shirts that respresent our group.  Please let me know your opinion on this.  Each group will have a table set up to display information about our Web 2.0 technology.  As people walk by, we need to talk to them about our technology.  So, we do not give a formal presentation, just give infomation as people walk by our project.  itap will also bring in laptops.  We will probably be able to use one from them, but Dr. Newby says that each group usually uses 2.  One can be used to provide information, and one can be used for others to try our application.  Does anyone have a laptop they would be willing to bring the night of the showcase to use?  I don't have one, or I would.  Let me know.  If anyone has ANY questions, please let me know and I will try to help you out the best I can!

    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      I have a laptop I can bring if you would like. Also, I just thought of this...we all have to be there for the big conference, so will we all have to be at the booth? I didn't know if we had to evaluate others projects or not. 

      Also, the two videos I provided have examples of lesson plans...are we allowed to use these or take ideas as long as we reference, or do we actually have to get ahold of the group/individual who made the video?

    2. Unknown User (akpowers)

      I have a laptop that we can use for the night if you still need more people to bring them for the showcase. Also, as far as making our own shirts, would we have to pay for that out of pocket or would somebody provide us with the funes? I'm all for making a t-shirt so long as its not too much money.  I think it would look more uniform and we would stand out more.

  15. Unknown User (jsiderys)

    hey everyone!

    sorry im a little late in posting this...My name is Julianne Siderys and i'm from Indianapolis. I am a soph trying to CODO into el education.

    I am willing to do any of the positions! just let me know. 

  16. Hi all!!!

    I'm sooooo sorry that I haven't been more organised and posted anything until now. My name is Kim Wolff and I'm studying a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Secondary schooling, specialising in Visual Arts and English Literature, at USQ Toowoomba. I also live with Esther, which is great as we both have been able to discuss this assignment and try to understand things more clearly. I'm still a bit confused about what I'm expected to do with this assignment and I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers which makes everything even more confusing!!

    I am on facebook so I have no problems with arranging a time to chat through there. Also I don't mind what role I'm given, but like I mentioned before I'm pretty terrible when it comes to computers so can I please ask that I'm not allocated the Visual Arts- graphics role...

    I'm really looking forward to working with all of you!!

    Kim (big grin)

  17. I have been allocated the role of artist. You have said that Artists will add Graphics to the page. What kind of graphics and where do I get them from? I have looked at the sample that we have been given and it includes pictures of the Logo, the front page of the site, and pictures of children working on computers (in relevant sections about schooling). I thought we could have an image of a children using a phyiscal whiteboard as well to show the link as to what the site Srkl provides.

    If these are the type of images we need how do I get them without breaching copyright? Do we reference were we got the Logo and screen shoots (like they had done) and then for the other use pictures that are public domain or permission has been given to be used?

    Does anyone know of sites that have these type of images (children using computers and whiteboards) that we would be allowed use (I remember a previous course telling us about one we could use if for educational purposes but I can't remember what sites)

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)


        I don't think it really matters what types of graphics go on our page.  Whatever you think would look best, that will be great.  I am assigning another person to work with you, so you don't have to do it all by yourself.  As far as the copyright issue goes, I have asked my professor to e-mail a copy of a copyright chart he gave us earlier.  I will provide you with it once I receive it.

      1. Unknown User (mlerch)


          If you go to the tools menu at the top of the page and click on attachments, I add the copyright chart there.  Hope this helps!

        1. Thanks Megan. That clears up a few issues but I'll figure out what what clearly my outstanding questions are after reading the chart before I pose them.

          1. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

            Hey Esther,

            Megan has switched my role to work with you on the visuals for our project.  Do you have any sort of instant messaging where we can directly discuss ideas and such?

            AIM, online networking (facebook, myspace...)

            My instant user name is catherinemb16

            Hope to hear from you soon!

            1. I don't have any of those. My email address is on the Excel document 'collaborative project teams'. I will get yours off of that document and email you. What you have done so far looks great. but the sizing of things makes it hard to look at. Sorry I haven't been helping but I haven't had internet access for a while. Is there anything you would like me to do? As I can't see anything that is needed drastically.

              I made the screen shot slightly smaller so to fit on the screen when viewing. I hope you don't mind

  18. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Ok.  I think I have a role for everyone.  Please look at the post that lists the roles and double check.  If something doesn't work for you, please let me know as soon as possible because we onle have 4 more days to prepare our first draft.  Thanks!

  19. Unknown User (jcritser)

    I put up a table of contents on the Skrbl wiki page.

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Thanks Jennie!  It looks great!

  20. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Please make sure you have your part of our rough draft done by 10:30pm on Sunday!!!
  21. Unknown User (pstandar)

    I know I'm having a hard time keeping all this information organized, so I made a wiki page for contact info to facilitate the "face to face" communication that we need to do for extra credit. I hope it is helpful.

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)


        Thank you so much!  It is very helpful!

  22. Unknown User (mlerch)

    I added a new page, in which you can let the group know what you would like to wear for the presentation.  Please post your vote by Thrudsay, 5:00 pm.

  23. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Hello group!

    I moved our wiki page to the main page.  This is where it needs to be in the very end.  Please everyone doulbe check me and make sure I moved everything from our page to here.  From now one, we will edit and add to our wiki from this main page.  So, you can just ignore the child that says Skrbl wiki.

    Catherine, when I moved everything from the other page, for some reason the snapshot image you added is now very small.  Do you know how to make it bigger?  Thanks!

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Nevermind, Jennie fixed it for me.  Thanks!

  24. Unknown User (mlerch)

    If you go to this site, there are examples of wikis created last semester.

  25. Unknown User (mlerch)

    We also need to make sure we are citing pictures we are using on our page.  If you take a screen shot, as long as the URL is seen in the shot, that is fine.  Dr. Newby said that as long as we e-mail Revuka and ask permission to use their logo, that is fine even if we don't hear from them right away.

  26. Unknown User (dclopez)


      As i was looking over our wiki site i found on possible mistake. For out table of contents i assumed that i could click on a chapter and it would take me directly to that part of the site. However, when i click on it, it took me to some confluence page. Each one does that. Correct me if i am wrong, but is it supposed to be a link to that corresponding chapter? If not it needs to be fixed so that it is not a link. I will me more then willing to fix it, but i am not to sure how to make adjustments. Maybe someone could help me out with that. Other then that, the page is looking good so far.

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      I think that was my fault.  Dr. Newby said I could just copy and paste everything from old first page over to here.  I guess I didn't think about that not working right.  However, I am not sure either how to fix it.  Jennie, I think you are the one who had it working on the first page.  If you let me know how to fix it, I can.  Sorry!!!

    2. Unknown User (pstandar)

      I fixed the links to the chapters.

      1. Unknown User (mlerch)

  27. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Would anyone be able to meet tomorrow night around 7:30?  I know this is short notice, but thought I would give it a shot.  Also, do we want to meet on campus or somehow on-line?  We could also chat through Blackboard I think.

  28. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Please look at the presenation page for ideas about our presentation.  It is less than 2 weeks away.  Also PLEASE begin work on the second draft.  It is due by Sunday, April 12th.  Writers, could you please put info in the resources spot.  Artists, could you please add a few more graphics.  Thanks!

    Also, on the presentation page, post how you would like to contribute in making materials for our presentation.

  29. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Whoever posted the postsecondary lesson plan, could you please post it in the format used for the elementary one?  Thanks!

  30. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    Ok so I...

    • formated the postsecondary lesson plan
    • created 'Skrbl beta Wiki' title image just incase we can't get the copyright permission
      • I peeked at other groups wiki pages and they are all using their sites logo, too

               ? here is the one I created

    • added a graffiti link for viewers to play with under 'skrbl in relation to other applications'
      • I tried to embed it so we could have the actual skrbl link, but I could not get it to url hyperlink it is!

    as for more graphics...its going to take a while to get copyright permissions from owners of images so I'm going to be brainstorming other options.

    • take pictures myself of collaborating groups on skrbl
    • create graphics in photoshop or illustrator

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?


    1. Unknown User (mlerch)


        I think that you are fine using the logo.  However, Dr. Newby said that you still need to e-mail ruveka at to ask permission.  If they do not respond to you by the time our project is due, that is fine, he said.  Also long as you sent an e-mail.  I think that using screenshots, taking phots, and creating graphics is a great idea.


  31. Unknown User (mlerch)

    I am going to work on developing the business lesson plan tonight.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  Jennie is working on the secondary one.  Please remember that rough draft #2 is due tonight by 10:30 pm!

  32. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Group, there are still a few things that need to be done to our page.  We need to make sure we are providing resources for all of our information.  This has not been done.  There are also a few blank spots.  Please help in filling in all the gaps.  We only have about a week left to get everything finished.  Please work very hard in adding to and editing our page this last week.  Also, make sure to go to the page I created about presentation ideas.  We need to really start to focus on our presentation.  This week, we also need to get our materials made for the showcase.  We all must work together to get these things done!  Thanks for your help!

    Can anyone meet at 8:00 pm on either Wednesday or Thursday via Adobe Connect to make sure everyone is one the same page?  Please let me know!

    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      I work until 8 on Wednesday and I'm free on Thursday. If you do it on Wednesday I can try and be on around 8:15 probably.

  33. Unknown User (cmbowyer)



  34. Unknown User (jcritser)

    We still need to get Skrbl Outside the US done... I wasn't sure if the writers noticed this or not?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Writers, please make sure to fill this spot in.  If you are needing help finding information, please let everyone know so we can help you out.

    2. Unknown User (akpowers)

      Hey, no I didn't notice it! Thanks for letting me know. I'll take care of that as soon as I can!

  35. Unknown User (mlerch)

    On the Ideas for Presentation Page, I have created a sign-up.  Please sign up or state what you will do to contribute by Tuesday at 5:00pm.  I will make business cards.

    We will need a tri-fold poster, handouts, and anything else you can suggest.

  36. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Hi I copy and pasted my lesson plan on there and I can't figure out how to merge the two cells in the table. Peter do you?Anyone? lol sorry guys, i tried

    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      I figured it out on wiki markup. nevermind thanx

  37. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Just a suggestion, since we haven't really incorporated our IPs in the project yet, do you guys think it would be okay to ask them to write a little bit for the outside the us part?

    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      That is fine with me.  I have e-mailed them a few times and am not getting responses.

      1. Unknown User (jcritser)

        It may be to late to have them do this because our peer evaluations are do this week. The writers will still probably have to do it then.

  38. Unknown User (mlerch)

    As far as dress goes for the presentation, it looks like we will be wearing business casual.

  39. Unknown User (mlerch)

    We need to add more lesson plans.  Please help out in creating lesson plans!

  40. Hi

    I have added some information about how skbrl is reconmmended for use by Australian teachers but have been unable for find specific examples. I have posted what info i have found and will continue to search for info about Australia and other contries. Please edit if there is a better way of saying what I have said.

    I have put up the sites I found the info on in the resources section. One I have posted the link to the page on which skbrl is mentioned and the other i have posted the link to the home page because the direct link is very very long. Should the direct link be posted if so tell me and I will post it up instead.

    should the resources been in alphebetical order?



    1. Unknown User (jcritser)

      Hey Esther! Thanx chic!

  41. Unknown User (jcritser)

    Julianne, do you have an e-mail besides blackboard that I could reach you better at, or a messenger? I wanted to know when we could get together to work on the poster this week? I emailed you my schedule on blackboard.

  42. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    I added some Skrbl Team screen shot because sign up for Teams is free b/c of evaluation now.  I also added that into the text. 

    And, I added links for viewer to sign up with Skrbl.

  43. Unknown User (mosterda)

    Hello group 42. I'm Mitch from group 38 and we evaluated your site. I added a page called peer evaluation and attached our evaluation in that page because I was unsure of where to put the review. I hope you find our comments helpful!

  44. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Please look at our group-evaluation and help make the suggested changes.  Let's try to have everything completely done by Sunday night! 

  45. Unknown User (mlerch)

    Jennie, we need to provide the lesson plans we have created in a word document on our page.  Could you do that for the ones you created?  Thanks.

  46. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    I added a lesson document link to the Post Secondary lesson plan section.

    Clarified Skrbl Graffiti.

  47. Hi Megan and everybody

    I have atttached the powerpoint on how to use skrbl in attachments on the site

    It is called How to use Skrbl it is a pptx file in the attachments. I found I could find it if I went in to attatchments and searched files ending in pptx

    noteit is a vista or new file not 97-2003 compatiable. but if you open in the new version you could save to 97-2003 if nessecary. I didn't as i thought it might play havoc with the recording or something.


    1. Unknown User (mlerch)

      Thank you so much!

  48. Unknown User (mlerch)

    I am not sure who posted the links under "Skrbl Being Used for Education," but I can't get them to work.  Could you please fix them?  Thanks!

    Nevermind, I fixed it.

  49. Unknown User (akpowers)


    I added in the links within the page

  50. Unknown User (mlerch)

    I went through and double checked to make sure all of the links work.  Everything worked just fine!

  51. Unknown User (jcritser)

    I just finished all the lesson plans we needed.