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Skype in the Business World

Goals of Skype for Business   

According to the Skype website, Skype has three main goals for it's role in business:

  1. Make your money work harder.
  2. Help you work smarter.
  3. Let you work wherever.
Make your money work harder.

    Using Skype, you'll find that you are actually getting your money's worth. All Skype to Skype calls are free, so it would be to your advantage to encourage your customers to use Skype. If that is not possible, Skype offers affordable rates on all calls made to landlines or cell phones. Skype also has an application in which you can manage the Skype credit of all your employees. By using Business Control Panel, you can alter the settings to automatically transfer more Skype credit into an employees account when it drops below a certain number. It's also easy to print off expenditure reports to keep a close watch on budgeting.

Help you work smarter.

   Skype has many features and extras to help you run a smarter office. For example, through chat you are able to transfer any files or send a fax to an associate, client, or boss. Chats can also be saved so if there is confusion later, there is an actual text for an employee to refer to.

   There is also the option of using video call to interact with others. Skype has an extra that allows you to record video calls that way they can be referred to at a later time. Video conference calls are an efficient way to talk with others while saving money on transportation costs. Skype allows you to build a more personal relationship with your clients by dealing with them face to face even though they are miles away.

    Skype offers toolbars to incorporate Skype into programs that you use everyday, such as MS Outlook and MS Office.

Let you work wherever

    With Skype, it doesn't matter where you are, you can still do business. With Skype mobile, employees can go anywhere and still access Skype. WiFi compatible phones, special Skypephones, or even phones with Windows Mobile can connect to Skype. If your employees don't have any of these devices, Skype to Go is always a reliable option. By subscribing to Skype to Go, you will be given a special access number that allows you to make calls from any phone (land or mobile).  Your company also has the option to set up  monthly subscriptions for unlimited calls to landlines anytime by region. Country, or worldwide.

 To learn more about what Skype as a company aims to accomplish in the business environment, watch this video.
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